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Hand Carved Serrano Ham

I love Spanish jamon and would like to celebrate my birthday with a hand carved Serrano ham.

The catch is...I would like the ability to try carving the ham. On my bucket list...don't ask.

I already inquired with Jose at Pimenton, but would also like to research other possibilities.

Anyone know of a person who is skilled in hand carving of Spanish ham?

2011 el bulli reservations

Ugh! I saw the same thing...I was waiting in anticipation on DEC 1st and saw the same message...then today...*fist shake* the "We regret" message. Foodie dream crumbles from disappointment!

Dec 02, 2010
pamplemoose78 in Spain/Portugal

King Street Pub Crawl - Any details?

I was interested in going to King Street West Pub Crawl tonight but all the links don't provide very much information.

Has anyone been before and how does it work?

Apparently, you have to pick up a passport?


Le Gourmand at Y & E closed down--due to non-payment of rent!!!!

I'm so disappointed! What am I going to do without the flourless chocolate cookie, called the nookie cookie.

It was my favourite treat to go with a yummy latte. Sigh.

Recommendation for a good date restaurant in Mississauga

Price range = mid price
Age group = early 30's
Area? Willing to go anywhere, but easily accessible by highway?

Recommendation for a good date restaurant in Mississauga

I'm looking for a good date restaurant in Mississauga that is not necessarily a franchise.

I was thinking West 50, but it gets quite loud and hard to hear the person you are with.

I was kind of thinking against your typical Moxies, Earls, etc.

Any suggestions?

The Olympic Thread - (Vancouver 2010)

Thanks for the consolidated list! Will make sure to add more to my Vancouver 2010 foodie list.

Recommendations for prix fixe meals in Vancouver?

Thanks for the list...but was kinda looking for options during Olympic games season in Feb.

Recommendations for prix fixe meals in Vancouver?

Can anyone recommend any restaurants that offer prix fixe menus during 2010 olympic season?

Vancouver Dinner Hot Spots

Will the long table series continue during Olympic Games season? I had emailed them directly to find out, but received no response.

Early Bird Prix Fixe at Raincity Grill

I will be visiting Vancouver next month during the Olympic Games season and came across Raincity Grill's early bird prix fixe deal.

What have been some of your experiences at Raincity Grill been like? 30 bucks for a 3 course seems like a good deal.


Reservations during Olympic season

I'm a chowhound from TO and was wondering if restaurants are taking reservations now during the Olympic season? If so, how far in advance are restaurants taking reservations?

Or are there special Olympic season stipulations?

Just wondering if I need to plan my chowhound Vancouver adventure now vs. later?

Thanks for your help in advance.

TO chowhound researching Vancouver chow during Vancouver 2010

How is deDutch for breakfast? Is it your run of the mill franchise kind of place?

TO chowhound researching Vancouver chow during Vancouver 2010

Viva Java looks intriguing. Is it close to any of the Olympic venues in Richmond?

Any coffee places in Burnaby by SFU. Cuz that's where I'm staying for the duration of my trip.

TO chowhound researching Vancouver chow during Vancouver 2010

Any brunch recommendations? Mon Bella looks intriguing with the Benny options.

TO chowhound researching Vancouver chow during Vancouver 2010

I've never tried to get it at Sen5es?! Humph...perhaps, I must go there this holiday season?!

Any places with Pierre Herme/Laudree equivalent macarons in Vancouver?

TO chowhound researching Vancouver chow during Vancouver 2010

I'm also planning to hit Thomas Haas. The originator of the "sparkle cookie"...we have the "nookie cookie" at Le Gourmand in TO (which is a knock off of the sparkle).

I am looking into one of the Guu restaurants. The owner is opening on in TO. But I would like to try Guu in Vancouver.

TO chowhound researching Vancouver chow during Vancouver 2010

I'll be visiting Vancouver during the Olympics and am looking for recommendations during my stay.

So far, I know that I would like to do a coffee tour that includes Cafe Artigiano and 49th Parallel. Any other must hit coffee shops?

I am also thinking of dining at Salt Tasting Room for some wine, cheese, and charcuterie.

Any recommendations for sushi or brunch?

I'm also looking for some great bars, pubs, or lounges to watch some of the olympic events?


Recommendations for independant cafes in Mississauga?

I'm looking for a recommendation for an independant cafe in Mississauga that serves great lattes and maybe even some desserts?

Suggestions for a "dive" restaurant close to a movie theatre

Oh...must have vegetarian options!

Suggestions for a "dive" restaurant close to a movie theatre

This year my friends and I have decided to choose "dive" restaurants with great food to celebrate our birthdays. I am looking for suggestions of a dive restaurant within walking distance or public transit to a movie theatre. I am not looking for any particular type of cuisine...anything goes!

Where can I buy raw Korean short ribs (kalbi)?

How does Galleria fair? Comparable to PAT?

Where can I buy raw Korean short ribs (kalbi)?

They are already marinated, right?

Dark Horse on Spadina

the brownie at Dark Horse is heavenly as well. Mmmm...fudgy! Goes well with a latte! The buttertarts are yummy too, but a little too runny though.

Where can I buy raw Korean short ribs (kalbi)?

Where can I purchase raw Korean short ribs (aka. kalbi) for a BBQ on Canada Day?

Somewhere in Mississauga, Brampton, or Etobicoke would be an easily accessible area for me.

good macarons, seriously.

The sales lady told me that the lady who bakes the macarons have in the past made chocolate passionfruit macarons. Perhaps, I need to call the store before heading down to see if they have them?! I don't think it's a regular flavour they carry?

good macarons, seriously.

I too tried both strawberry and lemon macarons. I too agree that they were great texture and crisp onthe outside and slightly chewy in the middle. The butter cream on the strawberry was excellent. I am not too sure how fresh they were and when they were delivered to the store? Perhaps it was a good day for freshness? They were 2 dollars each. Too bad I won't be in the area on Friday to celebrate Jour du Macaron on Friday, March 20th with a pretty close macaron match to the ones in Paris! I am not sure who bakes them for David's Tea? Go for the strawberry...not so much the lemon!

Mariage Freres Teas

I've seen them at Willams Sonoma, they even carry Eros. I haven't tried Marco Polo, but a lot of people seem to like it? What does it taste like?

Whose got the best NEW YEAR"S EVE dinner?

My friends and I were contemplating the Bier Markt for New Years, smaller venue, not a club...seemed like a winner?!

What were the reasons Novocuisine didn't enjoy it?

Smores Maker

I don't NEED a smores maker nor does anyone's kind of an inside joke x-mas present that I thought would be perfect and hilarious. Thanks for the tips...I'll check out linens 'n' things