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LEGAL TEST KITCHEN...great food, bad service


I have eaten at LTK a few times now. Love the food, but each time the service has been terrible. Last night was truly the worst though. Our waiter was clueless. Several small things really started to add up during the meal. Waited forever for the waiter to come to the table; spilled red wine on one of us; table of four was given 3 bread rolls; never cleared plates or filled water glasses; screwed up the food orders...and best of all, when the entrees were set down we explained to the waiter we needed silverware, he went and took another order from another table as we watched our food get cold!

Positives are the food is good and always is; the manager was wonderfully appropriate and understood the problem, and comped the entire meal!

Great spot for its food, fun atmosphere, but please work on training the staff!

Jul 21, 2008
tfun73 in Greater Boston Area


Hi...I love New Orleans, so we plan on celebrating my 50th there. What's important to us is excellent unpretentious food and service, and a fun cool New Orleans ambiance.

I'm thinking of Bayona or Stella for example...but I seem to love every place I eat in this town.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Mar 11, 2008
tfun73 in New Orleans

Highland Kitchen

Very good. Great vibe, tasty food. Worth a visit!

Feb 24, 2008
tfun73 in Greater Boston Area

The Tillerman Restaurant: any good?

Hi we just went and really enjoyed it. It's a bit of a 80's time wrap place, but in a good comforting way. Continental cuisine. We had their unique house salad (served on a lazy susan tray) and the filet, which was delicious. Nothing earth shattering, but solid. Very attentive and warm service. If you're in the mood to dine off the strip (it's a bit of a drive), it's a fun choice popular with locals.

Jan 21, 2008
tfun73 in Southwest

Advice about Grimaldi's

Hi my experience at Grimaldi's was not positive. The Pizza was just ok, DiFara's beats them by a long shot. Chewy crust, not too much flavor in the sauce, bland cheese. Atmosphere is great though with nice service, but this pizza is absolutely nothing special!

Dec 29, 2007
tfun73 in Outer Boroughs

Sage or Grotto for 2 person semi romantic bday.

We had three courses each and a half bottle of wine, $140. The quality was B range in our view. I wanted to love it based on the postings and it's a cute place atmosphere wise, fun location. Maybe it was an off night foodwise...

Nov 19, 2007
tfun73 in Greater Boston Area

House of Yum (?) Chang/Myers- opening?

Hi we have been there several times and think the food is unique and delicious. Love the cool atmosphere and laid back vibe.

Nov 19, 2007
tfun73 in Greater Boston Area

Sage or Grotto for 2 person semi romantic bday.

Hi just tried Grotto. Thought it was just OK. Also way too expensive!

Nov 13, 2007
tfun73 in Greater Boston Area

Geoffrey's is BACK!!! In Roslindale Village!!!

Hi went last night and was not impressed! Had the artichoke dip (wallpaper paste, unspeakable); sausage appetizer (mystery meat, lots of grit); steak tips (bland, not good meat). On the positive side, good drinks and outdoor seating, nice neighborhood vibe.

Aug 18, 2007
tfun73 in Greater Boston Area

Best Farm stand near Boston

Hi, it's getting to be harvest season and the local New England produce is excellent! What in everyone's opinion is the best farm stand? I love Wilson's in Lexington and Smolak Farm in Andover's good too. Any other choices I should check out?

Aug 18, 2007
tfun73 in Greater Boston Area

Washington Sq. Tavern, Ali's Roti, South End Buttery

Hi, based on the discussions, we went last night to WST. Nice place, good neighborhood feel. We tried the burger. It was good, not great for sure. The bun was barely toasted and too thick. Good quaity meat, but nothing special. The fries were terrific though. Not a destination burger place in our book, but OK. Also, I wasn't crazy about having to share your table with someone else and found that aspect claustrophobic. I still prefer Bartley's for the ultimate Boston burger!

Sep 16, 2006
tfun73 in Greater Boston Area