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Central Wisconsin, Chowishness in General

A favorite Wi town for dining is Appleton, and it's smoke free.

Feb 09, 2007
hville10pas in Great Lakes

Indian Quinoa Salad

this sounds great, especially since I am always looking for ways to use up the currants in my freezer that we pick in the summer, but then I realized they must have meant "dried" currants. Why are currants never listed as dried currants? Any other fruit would never be listed as such. I still want to try this though, sounds YUM.

Feb 09, 2007
hville10pas in Recipes

What's your potluck dish?

Stirred vanilla custard, made with part condensed milk for richness, either with fruit (bananas or blueberries) or raspberrie jelly roll cake.

tomato salad made with paper thin sliced onions and fresh basil

Sep 16, 2006
hville10pas in General Topics