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The Food at Douglaston Manor

Hi! I'm plannning a wedding and have been to about every reception hall in the 5 boroughs. The one I liked the most was Douglaston Manor in Douglaston, Queens. It was a quaint old spanish styled villa. I have a tasting there next week but Im so scared to get excited because the food is everything at a reception. Has anyone been to or have a friend thats been to a wedding there that can tell me about the food?? Thanks a bunch. ~Laura

Nov 17, 2006
Autumn Wonders in Outer Boroughs

Has anyone tried the Water's Edge?

I was lookin up some restaurants and came across the Water's Edge. The one by Vernon Blvd in Queens. Looks like it has a great view of Manhattan. But hows the food and how pricy is it? ~Laura

Sep 16, 2006
Autumn Wonders in Outer Boroughs

Romantic Dinner for two in Astoria??

I've got an anniversary coming up and I'd like to have a candlelit dinner for two some place local in Astoria. Any ideas? I dont eat out often. Im willing to travel on the N train to if someone knows a restaurant in Manhattan thats a straight shot. I need reservations for next Sunday. HELP! ~Laura

Sep 15, 2006
Autumn Wonders in Outer Boroughs