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Pulled Pork in the 'chester

Wnt to Big W's (finally) on Sunday- I think it is the best pulled pork I've had outside the Carolinas, and it gives them a run for their money as well. Well-smoked, tender, and not doused with Kansas city style bbq sauce. They let the pork speak for itself, and I like what I hear. Ribs were great as well. I had a sample of three-meat chile, which incorporates their brisket, barbeque and ribs with about four beans (not types of beans, mind you, but number of beans) in the whole pot for a singular meaty experience. I've found Nirvana, I just wish Nirvana wasn't 50 miles away! Thank you Corky, Nick M and everybody else who have been singing their praises- it's the real deal!

Asian Temptation- White Plains

Tried it a second time- whole new ball game. Pork Bun (singular) for $4 was overpriced but excellent. Shu Mai was juicy, shrimpy, porky and delicious. Shark fin dumplings had a nice taste and texture, if a little dry.

Here's the thing: I asked the waitress if they had a seperate dim sum chef - expecting a blank stare in return- but instead I got an enthusiastic "yes." A-ha.

Nevertheless, looking forward to giving the entrees (if not the tuna tartare) a second try.

Italian takeout in lower Westchester

Think you are a little premature on the report of Papa Razzi's demise. I just called Papa Razzi and they are open for dinner tonight.

However... when I asked twice if they were closing, each time they did give the same, cryptic, "We have not heard anything from our parent company" statement.

I really hope they don't close. I haven't seen any deterioration in in quality at all. I think once they get more foot traffic, they'll be fine.

Rory Dolans... WHITE PLAINS!!!

I don't think Papa Razzi's closed at the end of the year- I just ate there Friday!?

Asian Temptation- White Plains

Great! I hope it was just a bad night. The more good places the better, and it was a wonderful space. Maybe I'll give it another try.

Italian Deli's in Lower Westchester???

I'm sorry about your past experiences, but are you referring to Apple Farms or Dante's when you say "they have sold me items as imported when domestic."? I've found that the Apple Farms Parma prociutto bears the Parma stamp and tastes dead-on. Often, delis will certain items sell at close to cost to attract business for other high-yield items. I've seen proscuitto di Parma similarly priced at very high-yield outer borough delis such as Corona Park deli in College Point, Queens.

Italian Deli's in Lower Westchester???

Just discovered Dante's myself. Wonderful so far- my favorite unless I'm buying prosciutto di Parma ($13 a lb!) or mozzarella, then I go to Apple Farms. Watch out for the small parking lot!

Asian Temptation- White Plains

On Mamaroneck Road, on ground level in the City Center Complex at Main Street.

Italian takeout in lower Westchester

I second MarkD's impression of Zanaro's. If you go for a chain Italian, you can't get better than Papa Razzi, just down the street on N Broadway and Main Street. It's better than most Mom and Pop Italians and the service is wonderfull. My only concern is that the location is so bad, they may not survive. It's not visible from Main Street, where most pedestrian traffic is.

Asian Temptation- White Plains

I went last week. I was impressed by the interior. It looked quite narrow from the street, but once you enter, it opens up into a two level space with a fish pond and a long sushi bar in the main dining room.

If only they applied the same care to the quality of the food. We ordered a standard appetizer, Tuna Tartar. What usually follows nowadays is a small mound of cubed or diced sushi-grade tuna, mixed with some combination of onions, avocado, scallion, sesame oil and vinegar.

The best way to describe the "Tuna Tartar" at Asian Temptation was a puree of tuna in a pineapple juice puddle. No contrasting flavors. Now "sour" to counteract the "sweet." No trace, discernable to the eye or the palate, of any other ingredient other than whipped tuna and pineapple juice. We couldn't bring ourselves to finish even half of it. A maki roll was standard, but not spectacular.

On to the entrees. A pad thai was serviceable, but nothing special. I got the Walnut Shrimp and Chicken combination upon a server's reccomendation. The tempura-battered shrimp was tasty, light and perfectly cooked. The accompanying crispy chicken, however, tasted like it was battered with the bottom of the previous day's greasetrap. And overdone to boot. Which is peculiar, because the tempura-style shrimp, which were also deep-fried, had no taste of rancid or old frying oil. My only guess is that the shrimp was freshly prepared, but they had the chicken left over from the end of the previous night's service and re-fried it the next day. Drizzled over both the chicken and the shrimp was a cloyingly sweet sauce.

We had one glass of house wine each and no dessert. The bill came to around $82.00 with tax and tip. I realize it's early, and that it just opened. We want to give it another chance, but not anytime soon.

Has anybody else given this place a try?

Jersey City

South City Grill - Newport. Its a little trendy. Also, Dorrian's on Washington Blvd- more of a casual bar atmosphere.

Rory Dolans... WHITE PLAINS!!!

Anybody else heard the rumored purchase of Dooley Mac's on Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains and its planned renovation as Rory Dolan's north?! As a long time Rory Dolan's fan, and a new White Plains resident, this is an early Christmas present- if true.

Ultimate Westchester Restaurants 2006

Only been here 9 months, but so far, favorites are:

La Panitierre -Rye
Tango Grill - WP
Papa Razzi -WP
Latin American Cafe - WP
Rory Dolan's- Yonkers (and soon to WP!)

Pulled Pork in the 'chester

Tried Southbound last night- I got the buffet special, so I imagine the ribs and pork that were sitting around would be better if ordered a la carte. I could not have avoided the buffet, as it was an outstanding value at $13.95, AYCE, and featuring all the usual que regulars, save brisket. Anyway, given that caveat, here goes:

Ribs: B+ Would probably get an A/A- if not a little soggy from sitting on a steam table for a few hours. Real smokey, the fat and collagen melted into the meat, making it tender and tasty.

Pulled Pork B- Not much smoke flavor at all, and dry. I can forgive the dryness a little b/c of the buffet, but not the lack of smoke. Also, they had no Carolina style vinegar sauce at the table. No buns to put it on, either. I would imagine if they smoked it with the shoulder bone in and with some moisture, it shouldn't be so dry.

No Brisket.

Chicken Wings: A- A hit! Smoked low and slow, so they are tasty and somewhat crispy. Not at all soggy and easy to eat a lot of. Not a normal BBQ food, but I'm getting this again for sure.

Mac and Cheese: A- Exactly what you would want. Three trips to refill plate.

Corn Bread: A+ You wouldn't believe how many barbeque places screw this up (case in point, Jimmy Lee's- uggh) Moist, great corn taste, just enough sweetness. Outstanding. Four or five trips to the buffet to refill.

That's it for our trip, except my girlfriend got fried chicken salad and really liked it, which says a lot because she usually hates these kinds of places. All in all, worthy of many returns, probably with my buddies for some $2 cans of Schaeffer.

Relais de L'Entrecote- the secret sauce [moved from France board]

Can anyone give it a shot? Someone must know a disgruntled former line cook. Mustard, shallots, vinegar....?

Best guesses, please!

Dec 14, 2006
petezee in Home Cooking

New Years Eve in White Plains?

First New Years Eve for two transplanted New Yorkers, and I couldn't think of anything better than staying away from the city!

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good events in White Plains or neighboring towns, combining good food and great music, without breaking the bank.

Need A Quick Apple Desert, Not A Lot of Ingredients

I do a stove-top Tart Tatin, with caramelized apples in a store-bought (souped up) graham cracker crust:

Take enough apples to fit a 12 inch skillet, peel and core.

Take 1/4 stick butter and 1/2 pound brown sugar, melt and caramelize in pan just short of candy-stage.

Add apples, 1 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper and 1/2 stick butter, stir on high heat until apples are soft but not mushy.

Remove apples into crust; reduce juice/ liquid in pan to caramel stage, pour into crust. Done.

I've done it in as little as 25 minutes. The peeling is the toughest part. (For extra oomf- while apples are cooking, work the remaining 1/4 stick of butter into the crust and toast the crust for 5 min. in 400 degree oven.

Oct 17, 2006
petezee in Home Cooking

A Burger in White Plains

I second (third, fourth?) James Joyce- good pub menu as well.

Jersey City Seafood and Meat?

For really high-quality seafood, drive north to Edgewater to Mitsuwa on River Road. It's a Japanese supermarket chain that is primarily on the West Coast. They also have Berkshire pork and a great Japanese food court.

Just moved to Westchester from Jersey City and I miss this place the most.

One night in Poughkeepsie/Rhinebeck

I haven't been to the CIA in ages, I don't think you would be disappointed at any of their restaurants.

I can wholeheartedly reccomend Aroma Osteria on Rte 9. May be a little farther than you would like to travel, though. It's about 8-10 miles South of Vassar.

Looking for fresh rabbit meat

There's a store on Rt. 44 between Millbrook and Pleasant Valley. I believe they sell rabbit. Her's the number to call.

Quattro's Game Farm

Good Restaurants in White Plains and Environs

Tango Grill (Argentine/Italian) is excellent, but a little pricey. It's on E. Post Rd. just West of Mamaroneck Ave. A couple of doors down is Latin-American Cafe, which I haven't tried but everybody raves about.

Sunset Grill is good Mexican in a nice atmosphere. It's on Gedney Way, one block West of Mamaroneck.

BEWARE of Trotter's, which is rated about 10 points too high on Zagat's (problem w/ low sample sizes in the 'burb guides) and is stratosphericly overpriced for what is essentially a gastropub without the gastro.

Pulled Pork in the 'chester

Any good Barbeque in Westchester? Tried Jimmy Lee's in White Plains and was disappointed. Pulled Pork was a C-, Ribs were a B+, corn bread and Burnt ends an F.

I just found Q in Port Chester, and was happily surprised. Pork is much juicier and better smoked than Jimmy Lee's. Didn't try the ribs.

Any barbeque afficianados out there? Where do you get your fix? Did I just have a bad experience at Jimmy Lee's or is that par for the course?

great fish & chips - Lower Westchester???

Don't mean to be shilling, really, but their "Gaelic Steak" just rocks. I think it's the most solid pub food in the WP, but there is the new "Porter House."

Sushi-grade tuna in White Plains/ Westchester

I think I've stopped in there- next to a sushi store, right?-same problem as the Mamaroneck Ave grocery, though- $35 or so a pound, if I remember.

Sushi-grade tuna in White Plains/ Westchester

Have you tried it a lot? I've been to the store but I've been a little hesitant about the tuna.

Mulino's = Major Disappointment in White Plains

We went to Trotter's four months ago and will never go back, Overpriced and practically inedible. The fish was positively leathery, which I could dismiss as a mistake but three of us ordered it and they were all massively overcooked. We would have sent it back, but we were already waiting 45 minutes since we finished the appetizers. Not a big deal except for the price they charged.

Sushi-grade tuna in White Plains/ Westchester

Looking for dependable fish for sashimi/ tar-tar. The stand-by used to be the flash-frozen sushi tuna at Whole Foods, but I went last week and they had no idea what I was talking about. They claimed their 'fresh' tuna was not suitable for sushi.

Except for the asian supermarket on Mamaroneck and Bloomingdale Rd. ($35.00/lb and it's not even toro!) does anyone know where I can find flash-frozen sushi grade tuna or extremely fresh, dependable sushi tuna?

great fish & chips - Lower Westchester???

James Joyce in White Plains on Mamaroneck Ave. has great fish n chips- I think it's cod. Fresh w/ nice batter and they give good portions.