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visiting san francisco- gluten and lactose intolerant

I had not realized Jai Yun is prix fixe only. And with all the language issues I've been reading about I agree it would not be a good idea for us. How about lucky creation vegetarian restaurant in chinatown? I know they do a lot of faux gluten stuff but I've read reviews of them being accomodating to gf/sensitive clients?

Jai Yun
680 Clay St, San Francisco, CA 94111

visiting san francisco- gluten and lactose intolerant

?other recs for Chinatown appreciated!!

visiting san francisco- gluten and lactose intolerant

was hoping to get some good 'mexican' ( I am using the term generically and do not mean to offend anyone!) as well but Gracias Madre as yummy as it sounds might be too much of a hike by MUNI for us. Hmmm.

Gracias Madre
2211 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

visiting san francisco- gluten and lactose intolerant

Artemis- thansk so much!

Ok, dosa followed by dessert @ Fraiche.

No mandarin/cantonese speaker- the gluten is a mild ( albeit occ. worse) intolerance the lactose a big no- no so I was hoping that I should be ok?

Marnee thai looks good and I've read several places mention Alioto's but was not sure if it was all hype but I think we will have to give it a try!!

Alioto's Restaurant
8 Fishermans Wharf, San Francisco, CA 94133

visiting san francisco- gluten and lactose intolerant

One major change in plans: no car, will be relying on MUNI to get around. hotel is in 'Marina' district.

plan so far:

arrive feb 19th (sat)
go to chinatown for new year's parade
Dinner at Jai Yun

feb 20th (sun)
pier 39. watch sea lions
dinner at Plant cafe

feb 21st (mon)
dinner @ Dosa on Fillmore

feb 22nd (tue)
Golden gate park, California academy of sciences
Dinner @ Saha

feb 23rd- time for breakfast only.

any recommendations for lunch/ suggested changes, etc? I am not sure how convenient it is going to be to get to any of the 'treat' ( sorbet, chocos)places but would love to if we can.

Jai Yun
680 Clay St, San Francisco, CA 94111

Dosa on Fillmore
1700 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

visiting san francisco- gluten and lactose intolerant

thanks so much for all the great information. keep it coming!

We live in Minneapolis and have lived in NYC and Philly previously so are very familiar with Wholefoods, co-ops, etc.

Saha, Dosa, Gracias Madre all sound wonderful ( and menus and reviews look good too). We will also try Fraiche for the yogurt and Slanted Door ( lunch defeinitely seems better priced!). I think French Laundry is beyond our price pint or rather better saved for a trip when we are not travelling with our daughter ( rare but Grandma does occassionally babysit for a week!).

XXX truffles and scream sorbet aready have my mouth watering.

I will do some more chowhound searching , try and put together some foodie/sightseeing itineraries and update later. Merci again! Would love any other advice.

Slanted Door
Ferry Slip, San Francisco, CA 94111

The French Laundry
6640 Washington Street, Yountville, CA 94599

Gracias Madre
2211 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

visiting san francisco- gluten and lactose intolerant


We will be visiting San Francisco staying in the Fisherman's Wharf area. we are a 30-something couple with a five year old.

We love trying new cuisines and all eat fish but other than that prefer predominantly vegetarian fare. I have recently become lactose and gluten intolerant making eating out more difficult but not impossible.

I was thinking of Saha as one option but was hoping the SF chowers could recommend some great options as well. Our five year old is well behaved and has an adventurous palate. We will have a car.


Minnesota State Fair foods?

where can I find the sunflower seed honey ice cream at the fair? thanks!!!

Aug 27, 2007
ramekin in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Paris: Birthday dinner and other recs?

I was planning on a Sunday brunch at Les ambassadeurs at Le Crillion as well [along with our toddler]. I've read mostly good reviews?
I noticed that Maison blanche has a 5 vegetables and 5 fruits menu and that River cafe did appear to have some vegetarian choices [based on my limited translation of French] and so does Le chalet des Iles. Amongst these any favorites?

Aug 24, 2007
ramekin in France

Paris: Birthday dinner and other recs?

ChefJune- your opinions and suggestions are very valuable! I did make a reservation at Maceo already esp. after reading your post and am leaning towards Le Cigale as the second. Ze kitchen galerie I'm thinking we might avoid. We eat a lot of southeast asian food and while their franco-asian [is that the correct term] seems interesting I was hoping that someone would recommend a bistro or something along those lines where they've known the chef to be vegggie friendly? I realize that most restaurants are able to accomodate vegetarian requests especially if informed beforehand but I've found firsthand knowledge from chowhounds often has led me to a 'wow'experience rather than a 'very good' one alone.
'Hounds rock!

Aug 23, 2007
ramekin in France

Paris: Birthday dinner and other recs?

PhilD/other 'hounds- other suggestions for a Birthday celebration?

Aug 23, 2007
ramekin in France

Paris: Birthday dinner and other recs?

Thanks Chef June.

Any thoughts 'hounds on le souffle or ze kitchen galerie?

Aug 22, 2007
ramekin in France

Paris: Birthday dinner and other recs?

Hello all.My husband and I along with our almost 2 yr old and a friend/nanny are headed to Paris in early September for a week. We plan to go out [hubby and I] for 3 nice dinners and spend the remainder of the evenings eating at our apartment [ in theMarais, 04eme]. I plan to be cooking the nights at home with stuff I pick up from the markets. We are planning on going to Pomze and Maceo as 2 of our potential 3 nights out. But I am undecided on the third restaurant.It will be my DH's 37th birthday. I am vegetarian [I do eat milk, eggs and cheese though] and my husband eats chicken, turkey and fish but no red meat. I am looking for a romantic restuarant that is about 75-100 euros/pp that is vegetarian friendly. L'arpege is out of our league. i've considered ze kitchen galerie, le ciel de Paris and Jules Verne [although I think Jules verne is out]. Of note, my husband and I LOVE the water and a restaurant that is close to/on the water would be an added bonus.
We do plan to try Angelina's and L'as du falafel with our daughter and friend at lunch time as well. This is our first time to Paris and as I've learned with a toddler having a plan even if it all falls to pieces really helps. So other lunch recs near the Eiffel tower, Jardins de luxembourg, Jardins des Tulieries, the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame would be appreciated as we plan to do sightseeing in the mornings follwed by lunch, then home for naptime and low key evenings except when hubby and I go out at night.

Aug 21, 2007
ramekin in France

Indian in South Suburbs?

It might be useful to repost with your title saying something such as : indian in south suburbs-msp? as the board includes all of the midwest.
I highly recommend 'Sambol' at 1260 Town Center Drive. They are an Indian/ Sri Lankan restaurant and their Sri Lankan specialities especially chicken or veggie curry with appams [hoppers, kind of a sourdugh pancake] are delicious. There is also an indian grocery store in the same strip mall.
I am Indian and we live in Eden Prairie but drive to Sambol for thier food. Their indian food is standard north indain fare but some items have a southern flair.They bring out a complimentary basket of papad/papadum [spicy lentil wafers] with chutneys to start that have a fantastic 'hot' kick.

MSP Fancy Birthday Dinner

not outdoor seating but I highly recommned 'La belle vie' if you can get a reservation.although their lounge is also quite romantic.excellent food and service. very Birthday-worthy!!!

MSP-Birthday experience

For my Birthday, my husband had made reservations at Dakota jazz club for Saturday june2 ,two weeks in advance and even requested a booth but was told they could not guarantee it.My husband was not keen to go as when we had gone there previously on Valentine's day-they had an open booth which we requested but they turned us down saying they preferred to seat 3 persons in those rather than 2 and then gave it away to another couple! They comped our dessert but my hubby was not pleased at the service. Anyhow, I thought the food was good and really wanted to listen to jazz.... so hubby made the reservation. We get there...and...THE RESTAURANT IS CLOSED FOR A PRIVATE EVENT! I was shocked and had tears in my eyes. the manager said their staff had known about it for six months! the manager took my husband's card and said 'oh...we should have you back some time'.

We were shell shocked and livid. Why did someone take our reservation if the prior committment supposedly had been well known in advance? they had our phone number...someone could have called us if they made a mistake.

We ended up going to 'La belle Vie' and sitting in the lounge. We did not let them know of our disastrous evening upto that point. We enjoyed a 4 course meal [mine was vegetarian]-chef's tasting and they did 4 courses instead of 5 for each of us at our request.Every morsel from the amuse bouche to the delicious olive oil cake with olive oil ice cream for dessert was succulent and so tasty.It was a lesiurely 2 hrs in a beautiful space, excellent service and a wonderful experience overall. We were treated with graciousness and courtesy every step of the way.

9 days later, we have not heard back from the Dakota yet and we will not go back no matter what. Not a way to treat patrons in my opinion.

Minneapolis itinerary--suggestions?

Hi.I'm a vegetarian and live in the Twin Cities metro, moved here from Philly 18 months ago.

We ate at La Belle Vie recently [in August] off the a la carte menu but they told me they could have accomodated the veggie tasting menu as well without prior notice [not sure if this has chnaged more recently.]The food was divine-I had cauliflower fritters for entree [not on the menu but chef's veggie entree for the day] and it was divine- while the word fritter conjours up greasy, mealy, coated stuff to my mind usually this was light fluffy melt in your mouth barely coated fresh from the garden cauliflower!

We really enjoy midtown global market [esp Manny's tortas, everest cafe for momos,falafel at Holy Land] liked Birchwood Cafe recently but food was very fresh but mediocre in terms of taste and creativity in my opinion.I love Solera as well- their asparagus [made without the mahon by request] is tender, crispy, melt in your mouth amazement.

We also really like good Earth at the Galleria mall in Edina [perhaps too far for you to travel?] and Tejas also in Edina has had some very creative vegetatrian entrees.

Enjoy your trip and please post your vegetarian experiences for us to enjoy as well!

Taylor falls,MN-eats?

Hi- we are heading to Taylor Falls from the TC this Sunday for a day trip.We don't eat red meat and prefer veggie options.Anything chowy that way?

Sep 15, 2006
ramekin in Great Lakes