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Quick report...

Memorable - Gazpacho, Selección de embutidos, Gambas al ajillo (yum), Mini pepito de Ibérico, Carne asada con piquillos ‘Julián de Lodosa’, sangria
Not so memorable - Espárragos blancos con limón y tomillo, any desert we tried, service
Menu is overwhelming for some, I ordered for the whole table which was fun for me. I think people were surprised at how reasonable the final bill was considering how much food we had. I'd go back.

The good - Veal chop, Carne Cruda Alla Piemontese (my favorite plate of the night?) the music...lots of Hendrix and Zeppelin excellent, Lobster Ravioli, Sommelier was friendly and knowledgable
The underwhelming - Bone in Filet (wrah wrahhhh), Tuscan fries (GARLIC, to be fair we were warned) + any side we had, service is way too slow, Beef Cheek ravioli (signature ravioli, really?)
I realize that Friday night can be amateur hour, but c'mon. Probably had like 100 employees in the restaurant that night, no excuse for slow service. Too many good places to feed my innner caveman in this town, I won't be back.

Wicked Spoon:
YES! - bone marrow...on a buffet line? Some unique desserts and ice cream bar and a bowl full of Bit-O-Honey's, found the salsa / guac to be excellent, fried chicken, bacon slab
NO!!! - what's up with service in this town? soooo slowwww (in this case to get coffee refill), fruit selection but maybe i missed something
This is the only buffet in LV I'll ever go back to. Don't second guess this one.

I complained about slow service above...I am a patient midwest person and not some uptight east coaster (no offense east coasters, but I think deep down you agree that as a whole you are impatient). I was the last to get uptight out of our dinner parties, so that is a testament to how long things were taking (getting the bill, coffee, dessert menus, plate cleanup, etc.).

Next time...Bouchon Bistro, Javiers, Twist, Sage.

Oct 29, 2013
picks in Las Vegas

The Barrymore....or something like it.

Going there this week for dinner, looking forward to it. Hopefully your experience was a positive one.

Oct 18, 2011
picks in Las Vegas

The Barrymore....or something like it.

Been out to Vegas 1-2x per year for the past 15 years and have eaten my share of awesome, over the top dinners. Looking for something a bit more chill this time around because some of our compadres don't want to drop $200pp on a meal.

Checked out the Barrymore's dinner menu and like it. I'm a bit nervous though since its relatively new and hasn't really been given a green light by Chowhounders.

Any other recommendations for a Strip restaurant that has a dinner menu similar to Barrymore's?

Looking for Classics twisted (man that sounds cliche) in an unpretentious setting. Hopefully you get the vibe of what I'm looking for.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Oct 11, 2011
picks in Las Vegas

Key West

After browsing the message boards, had a good idea of where I wanted to eat. Unfortunately did not get to two of the destinations (Blue Heaven - too long of a wait, we were leaving and didn't have the time; El Siboney - they were closed at 9pm on a Saturday night).

We did get to A&B Lobster House for dinner. My recomendation would be to avoid it. I had a mixed grill on special - half a lobster, grilled shrimp and scallops. The shrimp were way overcooked, the lobster was drenched in butter. Scallops were good though. My lobster bisque was tasty, but didn't knock my socks off. Overpriced for what it was as well. Service was snooty. Strange for a place that has white table cloths but men in flip flops and tank tops eating at it.

BO's Fish Market was good, ambiance is a big part of the experience here. Had the grilled fish sandwich, wifey had the fried conch sandwich. Both were quite good.

Ate at 1/2 Shell Raw Bar for happy hour. Was going to go to Alonzo's but after the A&B experience, decided I didn't want to go back. The conch ceviche was EXCELLENT. Oysters were very good. 1/2 lb of peel and eats were OK. Happy with the experience overall.

There's a Cuban Coffee stand right by 1/2 Shell that charges <$2 for a great Cuban Coffee. Avoid the coffee shops on Duval, and their $4.75 prices, and try this out. Don't remember the name, sorry. Maybe someone knows the name and can post it, just a small stand.

Ate a decent breakfast at Croissants De France (sorry, I need a spell checker). I didn't hate it.

My highlights were the Cuban Coffee (anywhere) and the 1/2 Shell Conch Ceviche. Also had some decent conch chowder and conch fritters at the AIRPORT!!! Whodathunkit?

I'll go to El Siboney for lunch next time. Was disappointed that they were closed and my wife almost killed me for walking there late at night (maybe 4 - 5 blocks off of Duval, not a well lit street).

Feb 28, 2010
picks in Florida

Zihuatenejo - Best places to chow

My vote for a nice dinner at Casa Que Canta and a more down home meal at Tamales y Atoles Any.

Sep 14, 2006
picks in Mexico