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(MSP) Babalu- any recent expierences?

Had a craving for Tres Leches so we stopped by tonight just for desert. It was fabulous. Unfortunately it has been a couple of years since we actually ate dinner at the place so I don't feel I can comment on that. Next time I will have to try the chocolate Tres Leches.

MSP: Chow + Wi-Fi

Wilde roast, Anodyne and Gigi's are my favorite coffee shops with nice snacks. I like the Bad Waitress not for the superb food but its easy to lounge around especially in front of those huge windows and there is definitely enough food to keep you full all day. I wonder if Crema Cafe has wi-fi?

Beignets in MSP??

Now thats a bit of an exaggeration. So it happens I had wonderful Beignets in Boulder, CO the other week and in many other places I've lived around the country. Unfortunately I have not seen any in the twin cities yet. Let me know if you find any.


BW = Bad Waitress. Sorry I got so used to using the abbreviation with my friends that I now expect everyone to know it.


Sawatdee: lets just say that I was reminded why we make the hike to True Thai when we have a craving. I am crossing my fingers for Amazing Thai about to open in uptown.

Solera: The four of us had two different tasting menus (seasonal and Neuvas). I would say about half of the tapas were memorable. I would recommend skipping the dessert. The meal was over all good but a bit over priced.

Midori's: Finally made it to the much discussed sushi place. I found the place unworthy of the hype. We had the salmon dinner and multiple sushi items. I will stick to Fuji-Ya and Origami which IMO have better ambiance, better sushi and faster service for the same price.

Town Talk Diner for brunch: Pancakes were excellent. SO had the brunch Burger which was great as well. The "liquid pusher" ,as she called herself, behind the counter was funny and efficient.

The View for brunch: The service was great but the food as not memorable. I had the apple whole wheat pancakes (of course) which were too dense and overcooked. SO had the fish tacos which he descibed as "just ok".

Barbette: Had the beet (with apple) salad, mussels and fries. what a great meal for under $20 that is enough for 2 if you add the very nicely done carrot cake for dessert.

Vincent for valentines at happy hour: We are both too cynical to subscribe to the holiday manufactured by the flower and chocolate industry but always in favor of a reason to go out and eat. Trying to avoid the crowds we stumbled on the happy hour at Vincent. What a bargain. Delicious burger, chicken in curry - awesome, and wonderful wine (I had the Cab) with all the cynicism (People watching - couples coming in for dinner) and not a morsel of remorse (financially).

Gigi's: It is is one of our regular neighborhood spots which is consistent but have recently gotten bored with the never changing menu. The apple caramel bread pudding is worth mentioning.

BW for breakfast - Light and fluffy pancakes. Still waiting for real maple syrup. (Maybe someone else can say something next time you are there. )

I must be forgetting a few since I don't remember being in the kitchen for over two weeks. On the agenda for this weekend: Sapor and WA Frost for brunch.

Looking for Good Food and Private Dining Room in Minneapolis

Azia is 6 block away. It has a private dining area. I don't about $25 though.

MSP - Auriga Closing

Now, I don't want to get into a comparison between new york (or SF) and the twin cities because you can't (size, population, demographics, income etc...). Now, as far as your specific point about eating out culture, my friends and I eat out every day at least once a day if not all three meals. On a Tuesday night this week I had drinks at AZIA and the dining room was full. I then ate dinner at Barbette and it was full with a waiting list. So it seems like I am in a good company. Auriga will be replaced with 3 restaurants just like it . Some will survive and most won't the same as in New York and the bay.

Twin Cities: Top 5 Romantic Restaurant Destinations

Can I list LBV five times. Its the only place I would like to be taken in the cities for a romantic dinner.

Too bad Schumacher's in New Prague closed.


First, it helps if you add city name to the heading since the list is for the entire midwest.

As for Lucia's, the brunch menu changes every week and you can check it out on the website below. There is usually a quiche special in addition. The french omelette is always beautifully fluffy and I have never been dissapointed with the "sweet" item (pancakes, french toast..). enjoy!

Top Five TC Eateries

Being limited to five restaurants - that takes me back to living in North Carolina...

1. Lucia's (would also be my choice if I could only have one)
2. 112
3. True Thai
4. Holy Land
5. La Belle Vie

Breakfast places in Twin Cities

I have to say that my only appreciation for the Egg and I and Sunnyside up is the fact that it keeps people away from the good breakfast places. On the other hand I too used to be a fan of Ruby's so maybe we have something in common after all.

Recently we have gone to the Clicquot Club Cafe for a cheap but good breakfast (unfortunately no pancakes but good french toast).
2929 E 25th St
Minneapolis, MN 55406
(612) 724-4700

Bad waitress, Zumbros (linden hills), and Town Talk diner are the other places we go to when we don't feel like splurging.

Jan 11, 2007
uptowner in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP: Anyone tried Bad Waitress?

I only go there for the pancakes. I think that on a good day their pancakes are one of the best in town (inconsistency is a problem). I disagree with the naysayers of the self service. The place is supposed to be a coffee shop/diner and the self service makes it so you don't have to pack up and go the minute you paid your bill. I wish they had an option of real maple syrup (told they are working on it).

There are definitely much better brunch places around town (also see previous threads by searching brunch). I like 20.21 if you like buffet style and a nice view of downtown. Otherwise I second Lucia's which is my favorite brunch place in town. It might seem like a limited menu to some but its all quality.

PS. We went to Chambers for brunch on Christmas (their regular menu) and aside from great croissants (both chocolate and regular) it was quite disappointing (pancakes, omelette and a very limited menu).

Bellaria Bakery Open (MSP)

I stopped by the Bellaria Bakery on excelsior and was told they just opened on thursday. I tried the pain au chocolate and a pastry with almond paste and rasberry. Both were quite good , flaky and buttery. With Lucias just a couple of blocks away from my house, I don't think I would trade but definitely worth another visit. They also have a large variety of chocolate truffles but since I am not a chocolate fan I will let others comment. Enjoy.

Dulce de Leche in MSP?

I bought a jar a few months ago at the linden hills Co-Op on 43rd. Don't remember the price though.

Most Controversial food opinion MPLS/St. Paul Edition

"CAN be made out of a box"... and my most recent experience refers to the cakes at Yum.

I do agree that from all the places around town, Lucia's and selectively Rustica are the best (deliberately not mentioning Cup Cake). But that is far from making it a reason for pilgrimage.

As you may know "Paul" is a chain much like Panera or Caribou and still better than most or all.

Anyways I just wanted to bring realism to the discussion in the spirit of this thread.

Most Controversial food opinion MPLS/St. Paul Edition

Here is my contribution

Cup cakes are not a pastry and cakes that can be made out of a box are not worthy of a display case. As someone who lived in both Europe and the Middle East I have to say that the state of bakeries and desserts in the twin cities are abysmal. Put any one of them in any street of Paris and it would not see a costumer even if it was the only one standing. Partially to blame are people on this list that call attention to bakeries around town as a culinary highlight of the twin cities.

[MSP] Best restaurant from which to watch Holidazzle Parade

I was sitting in the "News Room" (10th and Nicollet) next to the window a week ago during the parade on a weekday and had a perfect view of the parade. The food is average- but eatable. Had to get there at 5:30 to get the window table.

Where to buy Honey (MSP)

Thank you everybody for your help. I went to the MGM today and tried pretty much every honey they had. The seller was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I ended up buying the Birdsfoot Trefoil and it is delicious. Thanks again.

Ps. I would still love to know what honey they have at Lurcat in case someone runs into a more helpful waiter.

Dec 09, 2006
uptowner in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Where to buy Honey (MSP)

A couple of weekends ago I was at Bar Lurcat (I love those mini-donuts!) and ordered the cheese plate. It came with 4 different spreads one of them honey. It was delicious - an experience. The waiter didn't know what it was (nor was he able to distinguish cows milk cheeses from sheep's or goat's milk but thats for another thread). I realized that although I have been buying what I though was decent honey (that doesn't come in a bear shape), my honey and that in Lurcat should not be even mentioned in the same paragraph.

So I am wondering if anyone has advice about places to buy honey and possibly brands or key words I should be looking for. Hopefully there are honey enthusiasts out there that can enlighten me.

Dec 07, 2006
uptowner in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Quality Indian in MSP

I have noticed a sign on the former location of Sri-Lanka (and many subsequent failed restaurants) on the 28th block of Hennepin, announcing the opening of a new vegetarian Indian cafe. I will hope for the best and keep you posted.

Help! Small party rooms? [Twin Cities]

I know Tryg's has a small party room that sits (according to their website) up to 24. Another place I had a meeting in a few months ago is Capital Grille which has a nice cozy wine room. Don't know about prices for either, sorry!

Dec 06, 2006
uptowner in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Best Pancakes MSP

Here are my Fav 5

1. Al's
2. Bad Waitress (told they would have real maple syrup soon)
3. Town Talk Diner
4. Lucia's (when they have them)
5. Jensen's Cafe (if one has to be in Burnsville for some reason)

Dec 05, 2006
uptowner in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP: Updated Dinner Recommendations for Minneapolis?


new yorker moving to minneapolis for three months

I have had nothing but good experience at Origami. I like both their sushi (especially the chef's choice) and their non sushi items like the eel and the deep fried sardines for example. I haven't been there in a few months so maybe this is a recent change. I would love to hear other people's experience.

High End Mexican Twin Cities

Thank you for all the suggestions. Pancho Villa is the only one on the list that we have never been to and looking forward to giving it a try. We actually ended up in D'Castellano's. The restaurant is located in a strip mall on 1011 Meadowlands Dr. in White Bear. Chips were freshly made and the Guac was excellent. I had the half pineapple filled with seafood and my partner had pork stuffed with dried fruit.
The good - the menu is filled with interesting items moving away from the usual taco-burrito-enchilada usual pretend to be Mexican fair; the service was excellent, the pineapple dish is beautiful to look at and the seafood inside having marinated in pineapple juice was quite good, alcohol is available and the bill was reasonable.
The bad - both of our dishes were covered with melted Kraft like shredded cheese, the pork was tougher than I would have expected from the tenderloin described in the menu.
Overall a nice change from the usual and possibly the beginning of a "high-end" Mexican market easily available in cities like Chicago and in many southwest cities like Denver, etc. However I don't think I would go out of my way to drive to a strip mall in the burbs for a repeat experience. I probably would go back if I lived (god forbid) in the area.
Thanks again,

MSP-A Rebours report

Your description made me miss the old Bakery on Grand. I will have to drive across the river for dinner one of these days. Thank you for posting.

Twin Cities--Dinner for Mom's Birthday?

I went to Cherry Creek Grill a few years back and as far as I remember its an upscale diner (leather booths, lots of wood, open grill) serving upscale American fair. Although I can't think of a place that is exactly the same, a few places come to mind. I agree with you that 112 should stay among the top of that list.

For great steak (maybe the best) I would say Manny's which probably falls into the category of big exapanse steakhouse but had to mention it.

I actually prefer the more reasonably priced steak at the Capital Grille but we are still in the white cloth steakhouse category.

Another place with a similar idea to CKG is Trygs which serves American cuisine in a less uptight atmosphere.

Another place in this list would be Modern Cafe in northeast serves good ole' American food in a unique retro decor. I have to say although i had great steak there before it has been inconsistent.

Modern Cafe
337 13th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone: (612) 378-9882

I have to say that if my mom was coming to town for her birthday I would take her to Lucia's. I just love the place - consistently good food made from fresh ingredients with great ambiance (and walking distance to my house).

The list is much longer and i suggest checking out some recent threads (visiting Minneapolis with/ without children etc..). also let us know how much you are willing to deviate from American cuisine (tapas? asian? italian?..) which will produce different recommendations.

Good Luck and Happy Birthday!

High End Mexican Twin Cities

Looking for a Mexican restaurant worthy of a birthday. We have been to Masa which was only OK. Any other suggestions in the area?

Fun 30th b-day in St. Paul or Mpls

The menu as the name suggest is asian and latin. I do have to say that during the weekend the place is full of teen boppers dropped off by hummer limousines. Its ok if thats your crowd.

Fun 30th b-day in St. Paul or Mpls

we often celebrate at The Sample Room. The experience is better if you are into food sharing. Like the name suggests the menu is comprised of many small plates with different combinations as well as regular entrees available. The ambiance is relaxed and cozy. You would proabably have to call in advance as they have few large tables.

The Sample Room; 2124 NE Marshall St, Mpls.; 612.789.0333

I think duplex is reminiscent of zander that people have mentioned above (chef Michael Hart is longtime Café Zander veteran). Would also require reservation due to the small space. I think there used to be an option of BYOB but don't know if that is still the case.