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Folks Traveling through Boston for one Lunch- want Something "Really Good"

I was thinking an alternative to a very Boston-seafood place. I know my dad would love it, but it is not a very diverse menu at Neptune. Just looking for an interesting option- I know it will be tough because it is restaurant week.

Aug 13, 2009
P. Punko in Greater Boston Area

Folks Traveling through Boston for one Lunch- want Something "Really Good"

Thanks, guys, really appreciate it. Any place a little more eclectic? Just so I can present with a few options?

Aug 12, 2009
P. Punko in Greater Boston Area

Boston - Italian dining recommendations? (especially for great pasta)

I do like Giacomo's, but have only been to the South End one- but the pasta is excellent.

Aug 11, 2009
P. Punko in Greater Boston Area

Folks Traveling through Boston for one Lunch- want Something "Really Good"

I used to live in Boston, but haven't been there for many years and my parents have a request for a "really tasty and elegant lunch" for this coming Friday the 14th.

I would interpret this as well prepared food but not ultra-high end. Anywhere in Boston, Cambridge and Brookline would be fine. Fusion, ethnic or contemporary would work. My dad says that this is a test for Chowhound. I told him you wouldn't let him down!

Aug 11, 2009
P. Punko in Greater Boston Area

Kolache's - East Bay?

Wikipedia has a nice entry on kolaches and where they can be found generally (high concentration of Czech immigrants).

Interesting- Texas, OK, NE and MN.

Black Bean Oaxacan in Redwood City, quick before it's gone

Where else besides La Casita Chilanga (I like the one on Middlefield better than the El Camino location)?

That orange squeezy sauce is really good, I have to admit.

The Oaxacan Kitchen-Palo Alto

I felt that way about Poc Chuc in the mission, but liked everything. A lot of the things we had had similar ingredients.

Bay Area Korean recap

Just for the bo ssam searchers on the boards due to the Momofuku in NYC craze- that style bo ssam is roasted pork shoulder that is salted or brined, so the meat brings a lot of the flavor to the table. I've read that traditional versions
with the steamed pork belly, just as lucymom says, the flavors all come from the accompaniments.

China Village: New Chef (August 2008)

Yeah, it does sound like it- it was just interesting that the ginger aspects made it sound like Zone 88's Chongqing chicken- which I think had more flavors in it than the usual suspects.

China Village: New Chef (August 2008)

This sounds like the Chongqing chicken at Zone 88 (RIP I think for their sichuan menu). Their Chongqing chicken had very noticeable ginger in addition to the sichuan peppercorns and garlic. Anyway, it sounds delicious.

What is the second dish to order at Shalimar?

Except if they can't stand scrambled eggs. ;)

New England Style Hot Dog Buns

Thanks, Concetta!

Those seem close enough for government work, as they say. The New England style I think are thinner such that they almost just look like a shorter, wider Wonder bread loaf, with less definition.

New England Style Hot Dog Buns

Sarah, could you look at the blog post with the picture I posted below of NE-style hot dog buns and see if that is what you saw? NE-style buns are baked together in a loaf and then sliced.

Annivesary Dinner in Palo Alto

Evvia isn't inventive per se at all, the food is just extremely well prepared. I consider it comfort food in a way, but somehow we've only been there when others have treated us. It just is one of those places that is what it is. Price is a restriction for me sometimes, so when dinner is in the over 100 per person range it is very difficult to be happy about such an expenditure, it is almost that the taste buds just don't calibrate well when that much scratch is in play.

Chez TJ does look good, though.

Happy Belly Dog (Kimchi! Kewpie!) in Golden Gate Park

Definitely the key ingredient is MSG. I made a version of this dog at home last night using Nathan's natural casing beef dogs and cucumber kimchee (didn't mince it either). It was totally phenomenal.

New England Style Hot Dog Buns

Hi wally, it is more than that- essentially NE style is cut from a loaf between buns, then top cut for the dog. They aren't baked individually. The main advantage is they can be griddle toasted on the outside (because the outside surface is just like a slice of white bread.

New England Style Hot Dog Buns

I've never seen anything close at Safeway.

Here is a blog post describing what they are with a pic for those who haven't seen them.

Hounding in the Mission: Dynamo, Slocombe, Farr's Chicharrones

A non in-house cone that isn't stale is better than a less than crisp Ici cone. I agree that HC ice cream is super thick and that you can bite it, and then chew it, but I wouldn't call it chewy per se. "Chewy" I save for Mitchell's where there is some goo to it. I really love HC. I think their vanilla is wonderful, and the strawberry candied jalapeno.

Definitely try to hit some of their other flavors, MtM, I think you will be rewarded.

Best Indian in San Mateo?

FYI to the OP, Annapoorna is vegetarian.

Best chicken mole in SF - where?

It is good and complex, but on the too sweet side for my preference (I still get it because there isn't a lot of mole around here). The family runs other places on the peninsula as well. We tend to go to Vive Sol.

Vive Sol Restaurant
2020 W El Camino Real Mountain, View, CA

Pagan Burmese Moving/Branching Out to inner Richmond

There is another mention of this here on Chowhound, or maybe Tablehopper. It is a new location, not a move I believe.

Santa Rosa - Mountain Mike's Pizza

I wouldn't be surprised if board champion Melanie Wong had a handy caliper.

Though I generally use this to determine crust droopage:

I just didn't have it that day.

Just Lunch - New Lunch Spot at University Ave. (1950 Univ. Circle) in East Palo Alto

Oh- it wasn't a soft roll- it was sliced bread. Yeah, definitely want something substantial if it is going to be sliced, and shredded lettuce again is right for a roll, not so much sliced. Thanks for the clarification. I agree completely with your take.

Santa Rosa - Mountain Mike's Pizza

I guess it depends on what "thin" is. The one I've eaten at recently is the one in Mountain View, so perhaps there can be variation. What I had was not "deep dish" but it was thicker, fluffier crust. Thick enough that the pieces (cut relatively thin) had zero droop factor.

Just Lunch - New Lunch Spot at University Ave. (1950 Univ. Circle) in East Palo Alto

That is just a sourdough soft roll. Was the bread mediocre or did you just want a crusty sourdough roll?

Also, weird, I know, some people prefer shredded lettuce for their sandiches (call it a sub, and it seems like the right kind of lettuce).

Spicy Leaves - Sri Lankan/Indian in Los Altos

I recommend the Goan curry with scallops- very highly in fact. I think it would work better with shrimp, however.

I wish their breads were a little better, and they are pricey.

We will go back because we think the flavors are very high quality.

Santa Rosa - Mountain Mike's Pizza

Mountain Mikes is a thicker fluffy crust pizza. I suppose it could be something you have a taste for. They also use a little bit of orange cheeze in their mozzarella mix. I'm not a pizza snob. I like them more than Round Table, who never cooks their pizza long enough, but less than Pizza Hut pan pizza (but that is because PH is one of the things I grew up with).

I doubt you will get any other responses on this board, but MMs do usually have lunch buffets if that is what you would be into. The ones I have been to seem to have a uniform product.

Black Bean Oaxacan in Redwood City, quick before it's gone

Thanks as usual, Melanie, for supporting the little guys.

Black Bean Oaxacan in Redwood City, quick before it's gone

bb- there are 4 other restaurants on that block- a Mexican/Salvadorean place, a sushi place, an old school chinese/american place and one or two something elses. Not quite that dead. And a tequila bar.

Black Bean Oaxacan in Redwood City, quick before it's gone

In general, it would help when places simply describe what is what on the menu. Or highlight certain things by having them as a special.