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best immersion blender?

I'm following this thread because I'm in the market for one too, but I prefer to spend well under $80 ish. I'm hoping to read some 2014-2015 product opinions.

My problem with fabulous old immersion blenders is that a lot of companies aren't making them like they used to. :( So I still hesitate if someone says "my KA has lasted 8 years" because maybe 8 years ago they were made really well.

If you look at recent amazon reviews, a lot of people had their new KAs and Cuisinarts die in a month or less, blades breaking into their food, overheating, plastic gears breaking, etc... Thanks!

May 03, 2015
OysterHo in Cookware

Jimmy's Bistro in Delray Beach

I was there back in June and we really enjoyed our meals. We got the snapper dishes, the caprese salad and a few glasses of wine. This was during the week and there was only one other party there when we arrived,around 630ish. By the time we left, it had filled up a little bit more.

My date liked it a lot too, he always says he wanted to go back. We like it because it is NOT a scene and you don't feel like you have to be a trendy chic fashionista to dine there. It's down to earth and comfortable and not overwhelming on a social level.

Parking is a pain, but I always complain about parking anywhere in downtown delray.

Gainesville Christmas dinner

thank you, so much!

Dec 23, 2014
OysterHo in Florida

Gainesville Christmas dinner

Hi, going to run away to gator country for the holidays. Any super nice romantic places to recommend? Thanks!

Dec 22, 2014
OysterHo in Florida

Sheila’s Famous Conch and BBQ in Lake Worth

Well, not to quote another review site, but it seems promising that it could be hers.

Pizzeria Oceano in Lantana

Prime Catch has prime real estate, that's why they stay in business. I liked it for lunch one day last year, it was gorgeous and cool out. I had the lobster roll. I could tell that it wasn't an exceptional dining venue, just a pretty and quiet view. I actually was afraid to try dinner there because I could just tell that it was mediocre.

I am glad to hear this Pizza Oceana has other interesting food there, now that I'm dieting again and STILL have not tried it!! Those pictures look amazing!

Trader Joe's?!?

Like like like!!!

Jimmy's Bistro in Delray Beach

How is it going there? Is it still really good?

Best deli in Boca/Delray/Boynton

Is it still the same owner now? I always wanted to try Pastrami Queen and never got the chance.

Palm Beach County closings 2013

I went there twice last month and was not impressed. I was outvoted the 2nd time or I would not have returned. I didn't know they had changed ownership AND the menu or I wouldn't have gone either time!

It was just standard Mexican stuff, not the special and innovative menu they had when they opened. And I'm sorry but $9 guacamole is OTT, like Rocco's Taco's overpriced hype, ridiculous.

It's too bad because it was a cute place inside. I hope they do well next time around.

Pizzeria Oceano in Lantana

What happens if you accidentally wear perfume? I always wear perfume. They are cash only?

I am glad I am revisiting this thread before I go there so I know the "rules" before I go since I LOVE perfume, use my debit card most of the time and was thinking of takeout lol.

Pizzeria Oceano in Lantana

What happened there? I am anxious to try this place. Can you share more details?

Nick’s New Haven-Style Pizzeria & Bar (Boca Raton)

Ok, I'm afraid I have to post this and I hope for them it's only a temporary setback.

I ordered a bacon clam pizza from them and something was amiss in the kitchen. I bit down on 3 pieces of clam shell. The crust was droopy, but charred, so not undercooked. There were no lemons provided and the pie was not evenly covered by the toppings. It looked like someone's 4 year old threw it together.

I won't be getting that one anymore primarily because of the shells. I can't afford another crown or any cosmetic dentistry. Truth be told, I probably won't go back for any of their pizzas anymore.

Message to Nick's: Pay attention to your kitchen and stop being sloppy!

Edited to add: I need clarify some things. I ordered the pizza to go, and that is why I couldn't ask for lemons. Also, I didn't wait until I got home to eat it, I opened it as soon as I got to a red light at Glades Road, so no excuse for soggy crust.

Delray: If I like Tryst and Max's Harvest, what else should I try?

I was at DaDa the other night during the week, and there were some older folks sitting at inside tables. They seemed comfortable there too. The server was a cute young hipster, a little slow from time to time, but overall he was sweet. It was such a nice evening and sitting outside I didn't mind that it took a little longer.

I happen to love Park Tavern though, their burgers and the pork belly app are SO good.

Rebel House Open for Easter Sunday Brunch

Oh my, that sounds wonderful! I can't wait to try their brunches!

El Jefe Luchador - "Hardcore Mexican Street Food" - New in Deerfield Beach

Interesting mall food, it might even get ME in there (not a mall fan either).

I think I need to try that that Lantana pizza place soon. So much talk!

El Jefe Luchador - "Hardcore Mexican Street Food" - New in Deerfield Beach

Any idea where?

Rebel House Open for Easter Sunday Brunch

Make sure to report back! I don't feel like fighting an Easter brunch crowd or I'd be all over that benedict!

Lunch in Delray

Just a heads up... Park Tavern is still open for lunch, but did away with their brunch menu. I was soooo bummed. I loved their eggs benedict and many other items on the menu looked good, including their sparkling wine drinks. All gone.

I don't understand why they did that, but I did notice this past Sunday it wasn't too crowded there. Still a shame.

Rack's Fish House + Oyster Bar - Delray Beach

Well, I saw it Sunday and it was busy during lunch time. Has anyone eaten there yet?

Restaurant/Bars near Westin Resort Ft. Lauderdale Beach

Thanks so much! I'm all about oysters, I may go even if I can't meet up with them. :)

Restaurant/Bars near Westin Resort Ft. Lauderdale Beach

I have a friend staying at the hotel for an extended stay and wondered if anyone knew of nice restaurant/bars within walking distance. 3-5 blocks is good, otherwise they may drive if someplace is farther away.

Should be good places for drinks and maybe an app or two. They can be casual or kind of nice.


Sybarite Pig boca raton

Sounds really good guys, thanks for posting the reviews. I'm looking forward to trying it soon.

bamboo fire--delray

My date and I went to Bamboo Fire 10 days ago and had a lovely meal of jerk meatballs, salad, scorched conch, and oxtail with rice and plantains. I think it's time for another Chow gathering. Beverly thought so too! :)

I will try to put together a googlemail group and gauge interest.

Que in Palm Beach County

ok for some reason it wouldn't let me post more than one photo, so I will post the other 3 here.

Que in Palm Beach County

I just tried Porky & Beth's bbq truck at Bedner's Farmer's market today. I think they are awesome.

Disclaimer, I am not a bbq expert, but I've learned a lot from all the people here.

I got the 3 meat sampler with two sides. I got the brisket, ribs, and pulled pork and two macs n cheese. I didn't try a different side because I LOVE mac n cheese and if I'm going to eat carbs, it's going to be what I love. :)

I took pictures of it. Under the two ribs on the right is more pulled pork. For $14, this platter could feed me 3 times, it's a bargain!

The brisket is the best I've ever had. It had a delicious bark, although I didn't see glaringly obvious rings, it is there. I don't know, but I've tried brisket at other beloved bbq places and was not pleased - usually too dry. This was juicy and delicious. WILL GO BACK for future brisket cravings!!

The pulled pork was very tender and moist. The ribs were good, not fall off the bone, but great flavor. The two bbq sauces, one sweet, one spicy were both good. I mixed them together.

The mac n cheese was creamy and not overly cheesy. I like mac n cheese to be very cheesy usually, but if it's creamy and done right, it's fine with me. Loved it!

I highly recommend giving them a try while they are still at Bedner's for the season. Going there on the weekend with the country band, pony rides, goats, bbq and homemade ice cream makes you feel like you've left the trendy madness of Boca/Delray and taken a step back in time.

Trader Joe's?!?

There is a publix on the nw corner too!

Nick’s New Haven-Style Pizzeria & Bar (Boca Raton)

Oops, that should be reheated at 400 degrees, not 450.

You are right CFB, it's much better to eat it there. I got a small pizza and it was thin crust and crispy - in the style of Napoli. I don't know Connecticut so Napoli will have to do. :)

Nick’s New Haven-Style Pizzeria & Bar (Boca Raton)

I tried the bacon, clam and garlic pizza. I got it to go but I was a few minutes late. When I got home the crust was droopy. I put the pizza on a baking sheet at 450 and it crisped right up. I probably should have done a lower temp because the clams got overdone.

All that said, it was fabulous and squeezing the lemons on it really enhanced the flavor. I loved the crust and the unusual (to me) toppings.

Delray Dinner In The Sky - dining pod hoisted 180 feet in the air!

In NYC, you can often find some restaurants that are on higher floors too. No extra charge!