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Wedding Caterer

I would second Pancee's comments on Truly Yours. I'm getting married in November also, and we had considered using them (they were the in-house caterer for one of our favorite venues), but actually changed venues because we had such an unpleasant experience with the coordinator. She was very sweet and helpful at first - until we wanted to make some changes to her suggested menu. Then we were "ruining [our] wedding" (by serving pasta and salmon, instead of salmon and chicken) and she refused to make the change. Just one experience, of course, but I wouldn't recommend them.

I would, however, recommend the caterer we did end up booking - Fritto Misto. The restuarant (it has locations in Santa Monica and Redondo Beach) also has a catering arm, and we've been very pleased with them so far. The price was really reasonable, and the owner and catering manager have been easy to work with. You'd have to want Italian food, of course...

Rehearsal dinner near downtown

Thanks for the suggestions! Since LaLa Eat is planning a similar event, I wanted to share a couple additional recommendations I got from friends. These are less downtown than surrounding areas, so I'm not sure how much they'll help you, but just in case:

Saladang Thai in Pasadena
Cobras and Matadors in Los Feliz
Chichen Itza in Downtown
Alegria on Sunset in Silverlake

Rehearsal dinner near downtown

We're looking for a good, interesting, but not too expensive place near downtown to host a rehearsal dinner. We live/work on the westside, so we aren't familiar with the secret (or even not-so-secret) gems in that area and would love some chowhound suggestions.

Here's what we're looking for:
- Downtown or near downtown (guests will be staying in that area, and while we're willing to ask them to drive a little, most aren't familiar with LA and we'll be dealing with Friday evening traffic, so we don't want it to be too far).

- Something other than Italian (the wedding food will be Italian) - we'd love something ethnic (maybe Greek, Thai or Spanish, but we're open to ideas) that won't be too intimidating for our less adventurous guests.

- Can accomodate approximately 50-60 people in one room (probably including at least a few kids).

- Good food (of course) and reasonably priced wine/beer (or will let us bring our own).

If we could get all of this for less than $40-50/pp, we'd be ecstatic! I know it's a tall order, but does anyone have any suggestions?


Hidden sushi gem (Oyako in Santa Monica)

Okay, it's actually not very hidden - it's in plain view on Main Street, next door to Library Ale House. But somehow it's usually half empty, despite its delicious sushi offerings. Normally, I would like this state of affairs, since I do hate waiting, but I'm worried that they won't stay open if things don't pick up.

It's the special rolls that make Oyako one of my favorites - not only do they have a long list of interesting special rolls (in addition to the standard nigiri, sashimi and rolls), but there are always a few daily specials (last time I was there I tried a white tuna and salmon roll with peach sauce, for instance). They have some fabulous special sauces (the peach is only one example), including a pink sauce that's light, airy, tangy and delicious. The recipe is a house secret - they won't even tell us what that mysterious flavor is. My boyfriend thinks watermelon, I swear I can taste ginger and maybe a hint of cucumber. The fish is fresh; nigiri and sashimi pieces are generous; and the rolls are always creative and delicious.

2915 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA

Just don't tell TOO many people...

Date place in Silverlake/Los Feliz area?

Decided to go with Blair's, after all the recommendations, and we weren't disappointed. Corriander-crusted tuna was great, and my date was a big fan of the mango sorbet for dessert.

And I'll definitely be checking out more of these places in the future. Thanks for all the great suggestions!

Date place in Silverlake/Los Feliz area?

Looking for a good place for a Sunday night date in the Silverlake/Los Feliz area (Cliff's Edge was my first choice, but it's not open for dinner on Sunday). Something nice, but not too frou frou. Any suggestions?

Any suggestions for lunch in Claremont?

It's been awhile since I've been out that way, but Full of Life, a French bakery/cafe on Bonita, had fantastic sandwiches, soups and baked goods. If you want something more upscale, I always thought that Tutti Mangia far surpassed Aruffo's and Harvard Square. If you have time, head up to 21 Choices, in the Ralph's shopping center at the corner of Foothill and Mountain, for the best frozen yogurt.

Father's Office - A story of high drama!

Father's Office recently added another exit, which seemed to address the fire marshall issues. Now it's back to being crowded with no line. Still so so good. Seriously, try the sweet potato fries. They're amazing.

Old fashioned soda fountain on the Westside

Anyone where I could find an old fashioned soda fountain on the Westside? Someplace with a little atmosphere, milkshakes, flavored cokes, etc. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!