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Quick: I need someone to find this restaurant for me:

Hi guys,
I haven't posted on chowhound for awhile. Sorry about that!
I need a favor: I'm looking for this restaurant in New York that I went
to when I was in High School. I think the year I went was 1997.
I'm not even sure if the restaurant is still there. All I remember about
it was that I think it was near a few Main/big clubs (I think!) and that
the coolest thing about it was that this restaurant had slate tables.
Or granet--something that you could write on. They had bowls of
chalk on the tables so you could write/draw on them. I thought that
was so cool! My parent's are going to New York tomorrow and Sunday,
and I want to try to find that restaurant so I can reccommend it to them.
They also had this coffee that was so thick, it was like mud. Would that
be Irish coffee? PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks so much! :-)
It's sunny here in Maine--hope it is where ever you guys are, also! :-)

Jun 13, 2008
pianochikke in Manhattan

Pancake Tricks?

Interesting! Why use vanilla extract?
I have a slightly "older" Fannie Farmer recipe/cookbook,
that doesn't call for any vanilla extract.
What does that do to the pancakes? Just curious.
I might just try that! :-)

Mar 05, 2007
pianochikke in Home Cooking

Pancake Tricks?

Why use a mix for the 1st time? It's actually only really 2 steps.
Make the flour mixture, and the milk mixture (with things added to both,
depending on the recipe!), and then add the flour mixture almost all @ once!
Not too hard, even for the 1st timer! :-) (Although I do like the Mimosa idea!) ;-)
I also agree with the little bubbles on them as they cook. However, I think that
most people could make pancakes from scratch if they tried! :-)

Mar 05, 2007
pianochikke in Home Cooking

Pancake Tricks?

A way to tell if they're done (if you don't already know!) is that the pancake
batter will bubble in the middle, then you know it's time to flip them.
The secret to really fluffy pancakes (I feel), is in the baking powder.
That is, if you're making them from scratch. Obviously make sure it's fresh,
and they'll turn out really fluffy.

Feb 17, 2007
pianochikke in Home Cooking

Portland, ME lunch spot during week

Try Flatbread Pizza Company. They're at 72 commercial street across from
the Casco Bay Ferry Terminal. I've been there before, and their pizza is great!
I don't remember too much about the prices, but here's the link:

Brunswick, Maine

I agree that Henry and Marty's is good. It is, however rather pricey. (It's worth it, but if you are on a budget, there are some other great restaurants to go to as well!). I also agree that the Backstreet Bistro is yummy, and if you like Mexican food, try El Camino's, also in Brunswick. They have the best Mexican and they make the best homemade chips!
Also try Pedro O' Hara's. It's in Brunswick, on Maine street, in the same "complex" as
the German restaurant Richards. Pedro's is downstairs from Richards. (Richards was
not that great, but not that bad, either!). Pedro's has a little bit of everything, they serve
everything from Irish to Mexican, to typical burgers and such. I have to add that while this next place I'm about to mention is a chain, I like them very much. Try Ruby Tuesdays in Topsham. (Town over from Brunswick) My parents, (who I love, but can be picky!) really liked their food, they have good prices (if you don't order drinks), and we all (my fiance expecially) really love their croutons. That is all! Enjoy your stay.

Restaurant suggestion for Jackson, NH.

Thanks guys! I was wondering:

You mentioned the 1785 is a great place to eat, & I'm going
to check it out online (if I can find it!).

My question is:
Do you think an $80 gift certificate to that restaurant
(we pay
(there will be 2 of us!) is a good deal, or a deal @ all?

Restaurant suggestion for Jackson, NH.

Actually, I was wrong about the Nestlenook Farm having
a special. What they do, though, is give you a gift
certificate to a local restaurant, for dinner.
The price stays the same as I mentioned in my post
above, though.

The two restaurants are: Thompson House Eatery,
and the 1785 Inn. Anyone ever heard/ate about/at
either of those places? Thanks, Pianochikke.

Restaurant suggestion for Jackson, NH.

Thanks for your suggestions!
Tuckerman's Tavern sounds great.
However, I have been thinking
that we (my BF!) will have driven
roughly 2hrs. & 40 min. to get to
Nestlenook Farm, and may not want
to drive anymore that day/evening.

Nestlenook Farm has a "special",
where it's $80-$85 (not sure if that
includes tips!) for dinner for 2.
Apparently, you get a choice from the menu,
including appetizers(sp?), and 2 coffees.
They bring it right to your room!

Does that sound like a good deal to you
guys. I know what I was looking for in
terms of pricing, that's kind of steep.
I might be able to get help from my Sis,
though! (As a Xmas present.)

That's also $40 per person, and I'm not
sure what the food'll be like. Should I
take that risk?

Restaurant suggestion for Jackson, NH.

I should probably be more specific in terms of what kind of
restaurant I'm/we're looking for:

Something as romantic as possible, as comfortable as possible,
not too pretentious(sp?), & something moderately(sp?) priced.

Thanks guys!

Restaurant suggestion for Jackson, NH.

Hi guys,
I found this Inn/B&B in Jackson, NH (online), called
Nestlenook Farm. My BF & I are probably going to eat somewhere
in Jackson, but we don't know of any good places.

Of course I'm going to look online for good restaurants
in Jackson, NH., it's that you all seem so knowledgeable,
that I thought I'd run it by you guys, first!

BTW, we're going there on the 1st of November, so if
you have any suggestions, please let me know before then!

Thanks! Cheers, Pianochikke

Cooking with Splenda....suggestions??

They say on the Splenda packages that a cup of Splenda is equal
to a cup of regular sugar. However, the last time I made apple
cake (from scratch), I used their suggested measurements, & it
tasted like it needed more sugar.

Now, my BF suggests to use double the Splenda as you would
regular sugar. Anyone else ever cooked with a sugar substitute
find this to be true? Any extra advice?

Oct 16, 2006
pianochikke in Home Cooking

Restaurants in Monmouth, Maine?

A couple more things:
Do either of you know the phone number to the Rainforest
restaurant in Monmouth that you suggested? Next question:
Would anyone know the phone number to that same restaurant?
The last question: Does anyone know if my Bf & my parent's
& I will need a reservation for this Sat.? (Any Sat., really?!)
I think we're going to try the restaurant! I'll deff.
report back! :-)

Restaurants in Monmouth, Maine?

Hi again,
Thanks you two! I can't believe Lil'Dan's moved to Lewiston!
That's kind of dissapointing. :( :) Thanks for the suggestion
about the Rainforest restaurant. It's cool you're going to the
same show. I was actually in a couple or 3 of the Theater at
Monmouth's Gilbert & Sullivan's musicals. Starting w/the Mikado, then Pirates, & then Iolanthe. My Dad was in them,
also. (If you know who I am, please don't say my real name,
not to be parinoid, but you never know!) :)
I have not yet been in The HMS pinnafore. My boyfriend hasn't
ever seen a Gilbert & Sullivan musical, or been to the theater
there, so it should be fun!
Ooops! Sorry, this was/is supposed to be about food, alone,
huh?! Got carried away. I'm new! :) Can we talk about other
things too, as long as we don't get too carried away like
I just did?! :) Cheers. Lil'B.

Restaurants in Monmouth, Maine?

Hi guys,
I'll be going to Monmouth w/my BF & my parent's to see a musical
@ the local theater, & could use some reccomendations for any good
restaurants that might be in, around, or near the town of
Monmouth, Maine. (I already know about Little Dan's BBQ--great
place to eat, but am not sure if it's my Mom's "Cup 'O Tea!") :)
This is for this Saturday. Any help would be great! Thanks. :)

What's the last restaurant you ate at?

Another favorite for me is Flatbread Pizza in Portland, Maine.
Ate there w/my whole family & BF not too long ago.

How can you tell who is tracking you?

I have a suggestion to make:
I think it could be fun to be able to email other people
on this site, through this site. Yes, I know it's NOT a
dating site! (I already have a BF!) I just think that
it could be a good method to maybe swap recipes w/people,
& just talk about food & things in general.
Chat rooms set up could be cool, as well.

I know I'm a nOob, I just thought I'd add my 2 cents.
(By all means, I think this is a great, really great
website! I'm really glad I stumbled across it! :-))

Sep 14, 2006
pianochikke in Site Talk


Have any good cake recipes?
If so, post 'em here!

I have one for chocolate moca cake, if anyone's interested!

Sep 14, 2006
pianochikke in Home Cooking

Fresh Pumpkin Recipes?

Don't forget about nutmeg, which is commonly used in pumpkin pie.
You could mash pumpkin (once it's boilled) like you would mashed
potatoes (my favorite comfort food!). When I do this with
sweet-potatoes, I add maplesyrup & lawry's seasonning salt.

When I mash regular potatoes, I actually whip them in a blender, add a little milk & garlic & a touch of onion powder, with of course, lawry's seasonning salt, & butter.
(All this is added to taste.)

I suppose you could mash pumpkin, & add the same things.
(Don't forget maple syrup as I mentioned above!)
My family really seems to like my mashed potato recipe.
(I also leave the skins on red potatoes.)

Sep 14, 2006
pianochikke in Home Cooking

Low fat (& still yummy--if that's possible!) recipes:

Hi guys,
I'm new to this board, from Maine. I grew up w/my whole family
cooking from scratch. I think a lot of that had to do with the
fact that I grew up in the middle of nowhere!
I am trying to if not loose weight, then @ least keep my
same shape, & have been searching for some good (& creative!)
low-fat/fat-free recipes. (For any meal!)
Any suggestions would be helpful! :-)

(By low-fat, I mean using things such as egg whites, non-trans
fat butter, & splenda!)

Sep 14, 2006
pianochikke in Home Cooking

Mid-Coast Maine Suggestions

The address to the Renaissance Bistro website,
through the Times Record(Maine newspaper):

Mid-Coast Maine Suggestions

I think they're open until around 2pm, Sundays.
(I THINK!) I haven't tried anything else on the menu,
as I've only been there once w/my BF & my parents,
but we're all going there again this Sunday--Yea!

How can you tell who is tracking you?

I'm new to the boards, but have been on some other discussion
boards in the past, & one of them has a link so you can see
who's viewed your profile. Is that the same as
"who's tracking you"?

Sep 14, 2006
pianochikke in Site Talk

What's the last restaurant you ate at?

Hi guys,
I'm new here, from Brunswick, Maine.
There may have been threads like this in the past,
but I wanted to create it, anyway.

What's the last restaurant you ate at?
For me, it was El Camino's (Mexican Restaurant
in Brunswick, Maine), w/my BF! :-)

How to make my girlfriend learn/appreciate/love cooking?

I'm new here, from Maine, & I agree w/the she can wash the dishes part. In my family it was/is whoever cooks doesn't have
to/shouldn't do the dishes/clean up. It worked while I was
living at home. I guess I'm lucky that both my BF & I love to cook.

I also agree that you can't "make" anyone do anything they don't want to!

Sep 13, 2006
pianochikke in Not About Food

Mid-Coast Maine Suggestions

Hi there,
I'm new to this site, from Brunswick, & since you mentioned you're looking for breakfast places, I'm going to suggest one:
The Renaissance Bistro: 25 Mill Street, Brunswick, Maine.
Pretty much right next to a Chinese Restaurant on the same
I don't own it or work there, or anything, but I found it
online (really hard to do, since they just opened recently!)
about a month ago. I went w/my parent's & my BF, & had this
really amazing breakfast burrito--it really is yummy! :-)
We're going back there again when my parent's come to visit
us this weekend! Can't wait!