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Dear New York: San Francisco's Haute Dog Will Crush Your Cronuts

this story displays a true master at work.

Jun 10, 2014
itsapeugeot in Features

Pepperoni Pizza Dip

desktop wallpaper please!

Jan 22, 2013
itsapeugeot in Recipes

Planning to Drink at the Office Holiday Party? Use This Flow Chart

wait - what's wrong with the dougie?

Dec 06, 2011
itsapeugeot in Features

Boston Ice Cream Pie Cake

Caution: amazing and extremely addictive.

Aug 09, 2010
itsapeugeot in Recipes

The Double Down by the Numbers

I'm trying to watch my figure, so when I go for a Double Down, I get it grilled.

Apr 20, 2010
itsapeugeot in Features

That's No Moon, It's a Collectible Plate!

Apr 20, 2010
itsapeugeot in Features

Jerk That Perks

I had this idea a few years ago and I feel like my name was a lot better: "Enerjerky". I also would have marketed to a group that would really appreciate it: truckers.

Apr 14, 2010
itsapeugeot in Features

Pecan Turtle Brownies

we just made these and got a dried out cakey texture instead of gooey brownies. Could this be because we decided to halve the sugar for the brownies? The toothpick came out clean only after 15 minutes of baking (instead of the 25 it recommends)...any help would be appreciated.

Mar 14, 2010
itsapeugeot in Recipes

Suggestion for an Obsessive?

Hey all-

Eric of CHOW video, thanks for the kind words. We're very proud of our Obsessives series, and happy to see that our viewers share the same pleasure in viewing it as we do in getting to meet these people and make films about them.

We were on a short hiatus but will be releasing the next in our series at the beginning of February.

Mike Wellik sounds great, though we don't get out to Delaware that often. But we'll add him to the list. Please keep the suggestions coming!


Jan 07, 2010
itsapeugeot in Site Talk

Searching for Baumkuchen

You can also order it here:

Dec 01, 2009
itsapeugeot in General Topics

Sprouted Garbanzo Burgers

these were such a hit, great recipe!

Sep 29, 2009
itsapeugeot in Recipes

Very Blueberry Muffins

These rocked!
I added in a little finely chopped meyer lemon rind as well and it gave it a nice lemony kick

Jul 30, 2009
itsapeugeot in Recipes

Summer Beers with Brains

no one rocks the inline images like CHOW

Jul 20, 2009
itsapeugeot in Features

Pizza Hut + Taco Bell = Hit of the Summer

Its Wallpaper, these guys rock!!!
Anyone in NY, they're playing with Thunderheist this Friday.

Jun 18, 2009
itsapeugeot in Features

The Basics: How to Make Noodles with Tofu and Peanut Sauce

I had the same question but I took CHOW's advice and kept the tofu as is-and I was really happy with it because it kept it a lighter, more refreshing dish.

The sauce added great flavor (though I was a bit brazen with the jalapeno) and the scallions added a good texture component to the dish.

Overall, one of the best (and still easy mae) Basics I've had.

Jun 18, 2009
itsapeugeot in Features

What kind of mint to grow?

Thanks MakingSense, I'll look for one of the 'for the pot' types of mint - Hortica, is a great place for anyone in SF, they have a great selection of mints.

mudaba-I'm going to be growing it outside, I think it does grow ok indoors, but it probably wouldn't yield what I'd want it to. Plus I've read that it take a lot of sun - and a lot of water, so it might be better outside.

I'll report back when I get my mint in the pot.

566 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA

Jun 17, 2009
itsapeugeot in Gardening

What kind of mint to grow?

thanks for the advise. I was definitely going to put it in a pot, but wasn't sure if I could plant two different types successfully in the same pot? Or if they'd duke it out like beta fish...

Jun 16, 2009
itsapeugeot in Gardening

What kind of mint to grow?

I'm going to start growing mint in a pot on my back deck as I've grown tired of never using all the mint I get at the store in time.

But I want to use my mint for a few different purposes:

-morrocan dishes
-mint juleps

I looked into getting the Kentucky Colonel (spearmint), which is supposedly the quintessential mint for cocktails, but I just worry it will be overpowering in the other dishes I want to make.

is there a versatile mint to grow for all these foods, or do you think the colonel will be good? I'd like to use some type of spearmint.


Jun 15, 2009
itsapeugeot in Gardening

Three Twins Ice Cream opens

The bittersweet chocolate was creamy and rich, but not too sweet.
I took a bite of my friend's cardamon, which was potent and full flavored, but I don't think I could handle a whole cone of it.

And they do have what I would consider the best cookies and cream I've ever had-the cookie chunks came in all shapes in sizes, some bites would be a welcomed addition to the vanilla ice cream, others were mostly cookie, which were crunchy on the outside and still soft on the inside. yum!

So happy lower haight got Three Twins, we really needed them.

Spicy 'Breakfast for Dinner' Open-Faced Egg Sandwich

this sounds great!
One thing I was thinking when reading this was that I combine Sriracha with aioli, which makes a somewhat creamy and spicy sauce - that might work as well on the sandwich.

Jun 05, 2009
itsapeugeot in Recipes

Printing a recipe

Hey TheJeff and Arthurk

This is Eric of CHOW. Just wanted to let you know that we have finished the new layout for the print function (which is easy on the ink and eyes) and are just awaiting the engineers to make changes.

You should see the change in the next few weeks.



May 29, 2009
itsapeugeot in Site Talk

Three Twins Ice Cream opens

Three Twins Ice Cream just opened on Fillmore and Haight, yay!

Annoying Drum Beat in Videos

Hey junquelady-

This is Eric from CHOW video. I think you are referring to the beat that goes with the You're Doing it All Wrong videos, correct? The beat is part of the video file, so there is no way to eliminate it.

Though the beat is only used in that franchise, so you won't hear it in Chow Tips, Obsessives, The Perfect, Cooking with Grandma, or any other CHOW video.

When we looked back at some of these, we realized that the beat levels are a little high, so we'll bring them lower for future videos.

thanks for your note,


May 19, 2009
itsapeugeot in Site Talk

New CHOW video player

Thanks for sending your browser info. This is the first release of this new player and we expect it to get speedier (less jerky) as well as have multiple stream sizes (for slower connections or ones that can't process the video as well) in the following months.


Eric of CHOW video

May 18, 2009
itsapeugeot in Site Talk

New CHOW video player

@small h - Thanks for letting us know about the frames. As the people that shoot and edit the videos as well, you can understand that we definitely care about dropped frames. We'll investigate this issue. What browser are you using by the way?

@John E O - We are right now serving one file, a 700k FLV. Though we are actively working on implementing dynamic streaming (300k + 500k) based one a viewer's connection, as well as adding HD videos (these are MPEG-4) for people that want an even better viewing experience. These changes should be implemented in the months to come.



May 18, 2009
itsapeugeot in Site Talk

New CHOW video player

Hey small h-

This is Eric from CHOW video. Just wondering if you watched the coffee grounds tip (with Meredith) on the story page here:

or if you watched it on the far right of this page over here -->



May 15, 2009
itsapeugeot in Site Talk

Duck Fart


Mar 20, 2009
itsapeugeot in Recipes

Eat Your Silver

this helps with GravySpider's word:

Mar 13, 2009
itsapeugeot in Features

Cue the Circus Music

You guys worked your butts off and did a great job, but no one else on the CHOW staff was complaining about the influx of sandwiches ;) btw-they're all mouth watering!

Mar 12, 2009
itsapeugeot in Features

Valentine's Day Breakfast in Bed

is it wrong to want to have the french toast casserole in bed every morning?

Jan 23, 2009
itsapeugeot in Features