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sexy date night in dc?

So I am looking only for one place and just to hang out after wards. We are not bar people.

sexy date night in dc?

Ok what about the atmosphere of CHinatown and penn quarter? We like to people watch and go in an out of stores if open, kinda like Georgetown. IF there is some event, we might be interested too.

sexy date night in dc?

I am in Baltimore thinking of taking the wife on a date night to dc. I was think a sexy restaurant maybe in the Georgetown area (we can hang out afterward) We don't get to go out just the two of us alot, so we want to make the most of it. Any suggestions on restaurants or areas? PS food has to be awesome, not just the decor. Thanks so much!


Thanks, butI work next to Hampden so I know those places. I am looking for stuff in the neighborhood. And Timonium is not 10mins away from Hampden.

Hampden Cafe
4800 Hampden Ln Ste 103, Bethesda, MD 20814


Thanks everyone! Keep them coming.


I am moving to Timonium in a few weeks, close to Duleny Valley High School. I would like to know the best place to eat out, do take out, hidden gems, and best items on the menu of the area.
I am not against chains, but I would like more info on the non chain restaurants. Thanks!

Romance - Baltimore

Pazo is nice. Trendy and has small plates, so you can pay for a small meal or a big one. Its in Harbor west which makes it walkable to the inner harbor and fells point. Might be chilly though. It could get a little loud, but its a beautiful restaurant, I go for date nights with the wife.

There is a Ruth Chris steak house near a bunch of clubs in downtown. It might be pricier than what you were thinking.

If you can drive, the Oregon Grille in Hunt Valley is very romantic. Not close too much, a 2 min drive from some shopping and a movie theater. 20 mins from downtown.

Petite Louis is French and has nice French country inn look to it. In Roland Park.

Ambassadors, Indian food British colonial look, however, if you are really into Indian food, the food can be mediocre. In Roland Park area, walking distance from Johns Hopkins' Homewood campus.

Cinghiale is in Harbor west too, near Pazos. Italian. I have never been but it gets rave reviews. I have walked past it and it does look romantic inside. I plan to try it out one day.

della norte. Its italian too, more moderately priced. It has a tree in the center of the dining area. Which adds, I believe, to the romantic feeling of the place. Near little italy and harbor west.

Here is a link to Baltimore's best restaurant's by Baltimore magazine. I think all I listed are on that list. Good luck, romeo. ;)

822 Lancaster Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

Pazo Restaurant
1425 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Oregon Grille
1201 Shawan Road, Hunt Valley, MD 21030

Non dairy resturants in Baltimore?

The wife has to go non dairy for a while. Are there restaurants that can cater to her needs. fancier ones in fact?Do you know of items you know are good and non dairy at a restaurant? Any help would be appreciated. Happy New year.

Non dairy resturants in Baltimore?

The wife has to go non dairy for a while. Are there restaurants that can cater to her needs. fancier ones in fact?Do you know of items you know are good and non dairy at a restaurant? Any help would be appreciated. Happy New year.

lipase powder and calcium chloride in Baltimore?

Where can I get these to ingredients to make homemade mozzarella. I know I can get them online, but shipping cost more than the product.

Best Apple Fritter? Farewell Edelweiss?

I am still looking for a great apple fritter in the Maryland area. Or even Edelweiss's recipe.

Great Taste show in Bmore cancelled.

So sad. I was looking forward to it again. Any one know of any other shows like this near by.

Hanging out in DC

I will be in the DC area with the wifey sat, in the GWU area. Is there a place to hang out rather than Georgetown? We will be there around 10pm.

If not what are good places to eat around GWU or Georgetown.

Baltimore Resturant Week- which are extending?

Here are a few from a post from the Examiner:


Blue Agave

Blue Sea Grill

Brass Elephant

Brasserie Tatin

Pazza Luna

Prime Rib

Ruth Chris

Sotto Sopra

Baltimore Resturant Week- which are extending?

I know Brassiere Tatin is for the month of August. I also believe Sammy's Trattoria will be too. I had very good meals at both.

Which ones do you know of?

Jazz festival food?

I will be in Montreal the first time and will attend the jazz festival. Is it work eating at the festival or going about Montreal for a meal. Anything at the festival that I shouldn't pass on?

Also, what are the can't miss foods of Montreal?

Jun 19, 2008
jp4401 in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Best Apple Fritter? Farewell Edelweiss?

I am bumping this because I am jonesing for a amazing apple fritter.

Deepcreek Lake, md?

I will be spending a week at Deep Creek Lake this summer. Any places I should check out around there. Food or non food places? Thanks.

Best Apple Fritter? Farewell Edelweiss?

Since Edelweiss bakery in Baltimore closed a few months ago, I will never have a chance to taste that amazing apple fritter. It truely could have a been a gem better than Feidly's crab cakes in Baltimore. It was that good!

Anyone know another place that has an apple fritter that could measure up to Edelweiss's standard? I am willing to drive a little too.


The one in Bethesda is great. Especially with a big party. Alot of great food.

Penang is the food capital of Malaysia, which is big foodie country. Malaysians love to eat, and they do it right!

American Regional favorites?

Excellent, keep them coming everyone!

Apr 06, 2008
jp4401 in General Topics

American Regional favorites?

Here are some more I can think of.

Chicago Deep dish Pizza
New York style Pizza
Chicago hotdogs

Apr 05, 2008
jp4401 in General Topics

American Regional favorites?

I have a cooking club coming up, and the theme is American Regional favorites? For example, New York style cheesecake, New England clam chowder, Key West Key Lime pie, Southern Fried Chicken, Maryland Crab cakes, Texas BBQ, Philadelphia Cheese Steak, and so on.

What I am asking is if you can list more regional favorites. I would like to look over the list then pick what I will make. I know I cannot think of all of them. So what do you know is a regional favorite?

Apr 05, 2008
jp4401 in General Topics

Chocolate fountain?

I bought one of those Chocolate fountains at Target the other day for a party. For those who have one, whats the best brand of chocolate to use? I will be cutting up fruit and various other things to be dipped in it. Also should I got for dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

Feb 05, 2008
jp4401 in General Topics

Baltimore Cooking Class Recommendations

Community College of Baltimore has a bunch.

But if you are looking for a great demo class, let me know, and I will tell you the best cooking class you will ever attend.

Edelweiss Bakery, R.I.P.

Thats so sad. I went the other day to get those amazing (best thing I have ever eaten amazing) apple fritters and saw a sign that it was closed until the funeral. I had a bad feeling in my stomach that it will close for good.

Man this was a hidden gem, if there ever was one for Baltimore.

Help! I need a Kid friendly suggestion in Baltimore

Tamber's on St. Paul
-american diner and indian food (go figure, decent though)

Ms Shirley's
-brunch and breakfest,

Spaghetti eddies
-pizza,pasta and sub shop food.

-japanese and sushi.

all around roland park

If I only had one shot, which pizza place should I go to.

Lou M's


I want to be amazed by how good the pizza is, I will one be chicago one night?

What about CHICAGO PIZZA AND OVEN GRINDER restaurant, with its pizza pot pies. Is it really great or just a novelty. I want something that will make my taste buds want more and more.

Oct 29, 2007
jp4401 in Chicago Area

What foods is Chicago known for?

I will be in Chi-town for 2 days in Nov. I would like to try the foods that Chicago is known for. You know, deep dish pizza, hot dogs, (what are some others)? Where are the best places to get the. I love to eat something that I dream about later. I am the type of guy that likes to get New York Cheesecake in New York, a Philly Cheesesteak in Philly, and a Baltimore Crabcake in Baltimore. So help me out with Chicago.

Oct 28, 2007
jp4401 in Chicago Area

Bethany Beach, DE

What are your favs in Lewes and Rehoboth. My wifes bday is next week too, so I want to take her somewhere nice. But taste is top priority.

Jun 21, 2007
jp4401 in Mid-Atlantic