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Summer '09 Restaurant Week - plans, reviews

went to anthos last yr with high expectations and was sorely disappointed :(
altho the menu is interesting the execution was poor and i remember the entree (I had a white fish of some sort) being quite hum-drum. also a letdown were the desserts, unfortunately..

i still want to try anthos upstairs tho, the more casual, gently-priced restaurant..
i generally have liked michael psilakis' restos..

Jul 15, 2009
kareny123 in Manhattan

French pre fix-decently priced, for a birthday?

Perhaps you were thinking of La Sirene in west Soho. They have an early bird prixe-fixe from 5-7pm, 3 courses for $27. However, it's cash only and quite a tiny restaurant... so I don't know if it's the best option for a birthday.

My birthday is also coming up and I'm looking for a similarly gently priced excellent french (or italian) spot. I was thinking of Bouley for lunch (since i checked out their relocated restaurant, and it's quite pretty) for $48 (4 courses).

Jan 27, 2009
kareny123 in Manhattan

Visiting NYC from Chicago during Restaurant Week - Any Suggestions?

agreed! after a disappointing dinner at anthos earlier last wk, i was tempted to cancel my res last night for convivio. i'm glad i did not! the space was actually warmer & more bustling than i expected (from the descriptions/pictures), and the service/ food was quite good. I, of course, chose the pasta (spaghetti), although I wish they had included more pasta choices on the RW menu. my first course, a pane cotto soup, was lovely. my friends all ordered the duck sausage over lentils, which was also good. desserts were simple and not very remarkable. the olive bread that they walk around w/ was fresh and delicious, though.

also, they give you one $25 gift certificate per table (we asked for more, and they gave us one more for our party of 4), which is a nice touch. I would def go back to try more of the pastas...

Jan 26, 2009
kareny123 in Manhattan

What's the plan for restaurant week?

Went to Anthos on Tuesday. Sadly, everyone in my party of 4 was surpremely disappointed. I'm a fan of Kefi & Mia Dona, and I had heard good things about Anthos, which is why we decided to give it a try. I had the fluke raw meze, the arctic char and the pumpkin karidopita - only the arctic char was decent, but it was definitely nothing special. We also opted for an order of the smoked octopus for the table ($9 supplement), which was probably the best thing we ate that evening. Both desserts were very mediocre... overall, I was sad that I had chosen to spend good money for such a lackluster meal. (As with most, I've cut back on my eating out lately and this was a splurge/treat.)

I have one dinner res left for Sunday at Convivio... I'm very eager to hear more feedback on the RW meal there, since I would like to know if I should keep the res considering my disappointment w/ one RW meal already...

Jan 22, 2009
kareny123 in Manhattan

Has anyone ordered a cake from sugar sweet sunshine ?

the pistachio one is my fave! their red velvet is OK, but probly not the best out there.

Apr 16, 2008
kareny123 in Manhattan

broadway east for birthday dinner?

wow, thanks for the input!! i feel much more assured about my choice now-- will cancel the other reservations and go with this one. (i made a res awhile ago, since i know it's become rather popular on wkd nights.) any other specifics about food choice from those that have been would be great... :)

Mar 31, 2008
kareny123 in Manhattan

Dine in Brooklyn--2008

just got home a little bit ago from dining at applewood. i'll go into more detail when i'm more awake, but just have to say... it was a huge disappointment!! :( the restaurant was definitely stressed and hectic, the food was sloppy (altho i haven't been on a non-RW day, so maybe this is the norm?), and the service quite horrendous.. i literally made a point to try to slow down our waiter and make conversation because he literally took our orders and then did not say one word to us after that.. it was quite an unusual experience! i had the butternut squash soup (lacked depth and spicing, tasted pretty flat and was very creamy and filling but otherwise very unremarkable), the sea bass (fillet was definitely on the small side and shrimp underneath were very much undercooked (!), dish was overall not well-executed), and the bread pudding (very sweet, and not worth the $4 supplemental charge). the best part, ironically, was the complimentary bread and selection of three butters that they give you to start...
sad to report this as all other accounts from years past seemed to be pretty positive (hence my decision to give it a go). please, others that have gone this year, let me know your thoughts..

Mar 27, 2008
kareny123 in Outer Boroughs

broadway east for birthday dinner?

i've been curious to try it and have been frantically reading all i can from others who have been there, but frankly, there isn't too much input yet. it's for next friday night, party of 12 in their mid-20s, birthday occasion. the bday boy is a vegetarian (no seafood either), but everyone else isn't. i see there are good options for everyone on the menu.

what i need to know from those that have been.. good bday atmosphere? room looks gorgeous from pix -how's the vibe? I dont' want it to be too formal - we want to let loose and have a little bit of fun w/o being disturbing to other diners.
how's the food?? bday boy likes bold flavors, lots of spice. how're teh portions? this is mostly boys, and they tend to eat a lot. any special suggestions on what to order in particular? also, how're desserts? I wanted to bring a cake in but it's a $2.50 charge per person to cut/serve it. bleh.

mostly i'm leaning towards this restaurant cuz it's nearby the bar we are going to afterwards. to give u an idea.. the other restaurant possibility i have is dos caminos (the bday boy's favorite mexican place). i know, a world of difference, but still...

Mar 27, 2008
kareny123 in Manhattan

help! need res for ~12 ppl for bf's birthday next fri (he's vegetarian)

the restaurant should be vegetarian-friendly, and festive/roomy enough for a group of this size. preferably very good mexican, italian or thai (most veg-friendly cuisines), ideally below 14th street on the east side. moderate pricing (~$20 entrees or less) b/c some of his friends are concerned with $$.
i know it's late to expect any good tables, but i was originally thinking of la esquina, dos caminos (on park, already have bkd since it's his fave restaurant), or barrio chino for mex (also considered mercadito, la palapa - but i haven't been to either). for italian.. apizz (but pricey?), supper (haven't been), ...
also kinda out there, but a place i'm personally interested in trying - broadway east.. the new vegetarian-ish restaurant on the border of chinatown/LES..

any other ideas/input on current options would be MUCH appreciated!

thanks in advance :)

Mar 26, 2008
kareny123 in Manhattan

Dine in Brooklyn--2008

sorry krystle.. applewood's thurs and ici (which is now canceled) was on sat.. looks like i'm going to applewood! hope it doesn't disappoint :)

Mar 24, 2008
kareny123 in Outer Boroughs

Dine in Brooklyn--2008

So... I have reservations for both applewood and iCi. Which one would people recommend? I don't have the menu for applewood but the one for iCi I've pasted below:

Poached Shrimp with Winter Greens Slaw & Sesame
Seasonal Soup
Wild Striped Bass with Bok Choy & Romesco Sauce
Braised Pork with Anson Mills Grits & Brussels Sprouts
Evan's Farm Yogurt Panna Cotta with Candied Grapefruit
Chocolate Tart

Thanks in advance for your help! Trying to decide... 

Mar 21, 2008
kareny123 in Outer Boroughs

New resto at Allen/Rivington: Kutra (sp?)

Walked past this newcomer yesterday; surprised that i hadn't read anything about its opening in any of the usual sources although i have been seeing ongoing construction for the past two months or so... anyway, stopped in and inquired (it was friends & family last night) and they are officially opening TONIGHT, serving "eclectic asian food", "pan-asian and indonesian," according to a woman working there.

VERY excited about the Indonesian mention, as I love indo food but have found it quite difficult to find in New York. Granted I think we'll see more of an indonesian "influence" rather than indonesian food, per se...
Haven't seen a menu yet but will certainly stop by tonight to browse and/or eat!

Please post first thoughts/reports if you go...

Nov 02, 2007
kareny123 in Manhattan

italian restaurant tonight for (early) father's day dinner?

Parents are coming into town tonight and i'm still struggling to decide on a restaurant for an early father's day dinner (& at this point i'm also limited by what will still have tables)!! they're a bit more conservative so i'm looking for a place w/ very solid pastas and meat/fish entrees (unfortunately they're mostly accustomed to very average chain italian food in upstate NY). Great service and a nice (ie not cramped, not too noisy) atmosphere are also essentials..

looking for something downtown (below 23rd preferably), moderately priced (entress in mid-20s fine).

i'm considering.. crispo, barbuto, apizz, peasant, cacio e pepe, del posto enoteca ($40 prixe fixe!)..
other suggestions, preferences of the above, etc welcome...

Jun 15, 2007
kareny123 in Manhattan

Cronkite Pizza - Over Budget but NOT out of this world

i thought cronkite was all right. for the price and the overall product, i'm not going to be a regular (even though i live in the neighborhood and often crave some good pizza). when i went, i enjoyed the DOC mozzarella pie but i too found the monzese (w/ fennel sausage) VERY disappointing! for all of the interesting things on it, it was surprisingly bland. very odd..
i did appreciate the thin crust and the fact that it wasn't soggy and floppy despite the load of toppings...

Nov 30, 2006
kareny123 in Manhattan

kampuchea noodle bar.

i talked to (i think) ratha the other day and he said they were aiming for a nov 20th opening... i have to say, the interior looks quite attractive even though they're not done yet! i also talked to him a bit about the menu and i am soo excited.. cambodian, vietnamese, southeast asian... some of menu items he mentioned sort of reminded me of dchang's idea of upscaling asian food..

Nov 10, 2006
kareny123 in Manhattan

Cronkite Pizzeria?

i live in the hood so have been psuedo-stalking the place since i heard about it opening and that it's the guys from fornino (which i haven't been to yet but have heard great things). cronkite had a soft opening (friends & family) this wkd and opened to the public last night. i stopped in around 6 just to chk out the space and look at the menu- looks interesting and delicious! however, i don't believe they're open for lunch (at least not yet). i think they open daily at 5pm...

Nov 07, 2006
kareny123 in Manhattan

$19 fish fry dinner at mermaid inn?

The Mermaid Inn Fish Fry
Every Wednesday in October, The Mermaid Inn will be hosting an old-fashioned fish fry, complete with all the fixins. For just $19, Chef Mike Price will be frying up fresh filets of Atlantic Cod and serving it alongside spiced hushpuppies, grilled autumn corn on the cob, coleslaw and honey butter. And no fish fry would be complete without ice-cold beer, and so The Mermaid will be offering $2 "classic" beers, including Pabst Blue Ribbon, Old Milwaukee and Schlitz. The Mermaid Inn is located at 96 Second Avenue, between 5th and 6th Streets, 212-674-5870.

anyone been? good , worthwhile?

Oct 17, 2006
kareny123 in Manhattan

allen & delancey

any news?
i read on eater that this was opening up in the next 2 wks but i've scouted the corners there and can't quite determine the location (i think there's a possibility on the northwest corner under a luxury condo-type building, but it doesn't look near done for an opening in 2 wks!).
if anyone has any insight into the menu/prices etc, that'd be great. i think it'll be a welcome addition to the neighborhood =)

Oct 17, 2006
kareny123 in Manhattan

3 yr (dating) anniversary dinner ideas?

i've been to blue hill before so i'd rather go somewhere new; one of my first choices was blue hill at stone barns but apparently u need to book 2 mo's in advance.. :(

Oct 03, 2006
kareny123 in Manhattan

3 yr (dating) anniversary dinner ideas?

cru looks like a good possibility and i've heard great things abt shea gallante. will try here, perhaps...

Oct 03, 2006
kareny123 in Manhattan

3 yr (dating) anniversary dinner ideas?

Looking for a special occasion restaurant; top-notch service and either really delicious or really interesting (but still good) food; HOWEVER, we would both prefer a comfortable (i.e., not stuffy) atmosphere w/ diverse patronage. A place w/ a fabulous tasting menu (pref <100pp) would also be nice... downtown location preferred but not necessary.

Last yr's dinner, which was fabulous, was at wd-50.

thanks in advance for any advice!

Oct 02, 2006
kareny123 in Manhattan

excellent prixe fixe lunch 5-20 min walk from jacob javits, &lt;$25pp

I have a conference @jacob javits today and want to take advantage of my "day off" to enjoy an excellent prixe fixe lunch within reasonable walking distance from the center. It doesn't even have to be prixe fixe.. but something that is typically expensive for dinner but is significantly more affordable for lunch that i should try...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

Sep 13, 2006
kareny123 in Manhattan