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Agriturismo near Modena

Meals are available to both non-residents and residents. Emanuela opens up her restaurant during the weekends. We were staying halfboard (breakfast and dinner) for 80 euros/person, which we thought was an excellent price considering the quality of the food. She just started this agriturismo about 2 months ago, but she previously ran a very successful restaurant in her hometown of Fanano nearby so her restaurant at the agriturismo is already doing quite well (her old restaurant had been mentioned in the Slow Food guide too). If you are in the area, do go, you won't be disappointed.

Mar 09, 2011
gigondas in Italy

Agriturismo near Modena

We just returned from ten days in Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. The highlight of our trip was a few days outside Modena, at an agriturismo called Podere Prasiano. The food, prepared by Emanuela Grotti, is exquisite. Every meal was wonderful, the highlights include perfect stracotto di manzo (beef pot roast), the best bollito misto or mixed boiled meats with a zesty salsa, the most delectable yellow tortelloni we have ever had, freshly baked crescentini (flatbread) spread with lardo and served with salumi, spezzatini di manzo (long cooked beef stew), lovely simple jam and nut cakes. Local lambrusco and homemade limoncello with every meal. We highly recommend PP to anyone who wants an agriturismo experience in Emilia-Romagna. Pictures of tortelloni, salumi plate and crescentini.

Mar 08, 2011
gigondas in Italy

Dear god and/or me from Chevy's!

I second the suggestion of Juan's in Berkeley, if that's not too far away and margaritas are needed. Otherwise, I'd go to a first-rate taqueria like El Tonayense on 24th Street, and take over the entire place (it's almost always 3/4 empty), with beers instead of margaritas.

harissa and mouhammara source

Le pain quotidien bakeries sell harissa sauce but not mouhammara.

Apr 20, 2007
gigondas in Home Cooking

Bestest Yogurt [Moved from The Best]

I like Fage, but I have to say Wallaby's lowfat plain. Right kind of tang and creamy texture. I liked Nancy's plain before but now I can't resist always having Wallaby's for breakfast. also organic so I feel good about what I am eating.

Apr 17, 2007
gigondas in General Topics

Looking for Italian sub in SF, specific requirements

On the peninsula, Little Lucca will do, and A. G. Ferrari will be decent.

In LA, much better is Bay Cities Deli in Santa Monica: 1517 Lincoln Blvd.

A successor to Tozzi's?

My wife and I miss Tozzi's, the departed hoagie shop in the Main Line. What are its worthiest successors?

Nov 21, 2006
gigondas in Pennsylvania

Where to buy wine for all these BYOBs?

My wife (a Main Line native) and I, San Franciscans, will be spending a week in Philadelphia and are eager to try some of the Italian places recommended by Chowhounds. Since so many restaurants are BYOB, can anyone recommend some places to buy wine? I know the stores are state-owned, but our previous experience of the area was limited to uninviting stores with an armed state trooper eyeing us as we browsed the wine. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Nov 21, 2006
gigondas in Pennsylvania