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leonardo's in rhinebeck - opinions?

you mean the place with all the moldy prisciuttos in the window? literally 20 + grey and faded whole prisciuttos molding right in the storefront windows. looks like a joke...

Ellenville, NY?

for a birthday cake, try Cohen's Bakery right in downtown Ellenville. they also have excellent rugeluch and pumpernickel rye bread and an excellent black and white cookie. there is a farmers market in downtown ellenville on sunday mornings from 9-2 i believe that features great produce from local farms (including the farms from our local organic CSA). as for restaurants, there is very little in the area worth noting. there is Aroma Thyme Bistro, a very expensive bistro with all sorts of interesting foods, pretty good food but service can be painfully slow (not good for children or big groups in my experience). there is also a fantastic deli called the European Deli on 209 across from the Mcd's. European Deli is an incredibly reasonable Polish/ Ukranian style deli- great locally made perogies (huge ukraniane population in this area), Polish meats, Borscht (red and white), great soups, everything is just delicious and super reasonable. a great spot for a quick bite in the style of eastern europe. otherwise, you are entering a vast culinary wasteland. as for purchasing fish in the area, good luck- closest reasonable fish market is in New Paltz, and even there it's just not great at all. better off driving to Fairway in Ridgewood NJ... enjoy and please report back on where you went! enjoy- fb

Danbury CT and Brewster NY

Marcus Dairy Bar is fantastic in an old school dairy bar CT kind of way. had a perfect hot open turkey sandwich and a milkshake there a few weeks ago. nothing fancy, absolutely great. enjoy fb p.s. the marcus dairy bar is right off the highway where rt. 7 meets 84.

Egg Cream

Russ and Daughters is making a spectacular egg cream these days. the killer smoked fish and jewish appetizer scene doesn't hurt either... enjoy fb

Nov 16, 2008
frankbooth in Manhattan

best dishes with BACON in manhattan?


Oct 21, 2008
frankbooth in Manhattan

where to order food for yom kippur?

Russ and Daughters is spectacular, but not Kosher. definitely Kosher style, but they also serve chopped liver and chicken soup etc. so not Kosher, but super delicious if kosher is not a requirement for your break-fast. l'shana tova - frankbooth

Sep 29, 2008
frankbooth in Manhattan

Russ & Daughters Peeve

if you are having issues with the thickness of the fish or the way it is cut at russ, you absolutely MUST say something to either the person cutting it for you or ask for Josh or Nicki. i guarantee they will cut to your satisfaction- they take the greatest pride in the way the fish is chosen and prepared. i would start by making sure when you order your fish you state your preference for slicing- thin please. and ask for a sample and make sure it is being sliced and trimmed to your liking. Russ and Daughters is the top of the pops and they will go out of their way to prepare the fish to your satisfaction. enjoy fb

Jul 19, 2008
frankbooth in Manhattan

Best coffee in New York City?

9th St. Espresso (ave c and 9th st)
Cafe Regular in Brooklyn
Joe on 13th

Jul 08, 2008
frankbooth in Manhattan

Avgotaraho - sources in the US

the current issue of The Art of Eating, an incredible independant food magazine, has a huge article on avgotaraho. in the back of the magazine it lists Seattle distributor and online retailer Cucina Fresca as a source at $100 a half pound plus shipping.

enjoy and feel free to buy me some too- looks incredible as described in the article. enjoy fb

Jul 06, 2008
frankbooth in General Topics

Great Sushi in NYC

Yasuda, Sushi of Gari.

done. enjoy fb

Jun 30, 2008
frankbooth in Manhattan

Heading to Di Fara's...

there are many great pies that can be had in Queens near the airports if that is easier for you. patsy's in harlem is great, but not quite what it used to be. in queens, great pies (specifically the square pie sort of grandma style) can be had at Rizzo's in Astoria. also Nick's on Asscan Ave in Queens is a great NYC pie. either of these pies will be as good as Patsy's imho... none will be as good as Difara. on a recent very long delay at JFK we drove to Ben's Best on Queens Boulevard and ate pastrami sandwiches and matzoh ball soups. delish... but Patsy's can be great too, just make sure if you eat slices you get a fresh pie and ask for it well done. also New Park in Queens will work too (also ask for a fresh pie well done). enjoy and please report back- fb

Jun 29, 2008
frankbooth in Outer Boroughs


in Firenze, don't miss Trattoria Cibreo, the less expensive side of the famed Cibreo. same menu, MUCH less expensive, and the polenta is simply one of a kind! DO NOT MISS the tratt cibreo (the fancier side will be much more expensive, same exact menu, with higher end service, but the tratt is spectacular!). also try Tratt Da Ruggerro for incredible Arrosta, Rare Roast Beef, amazing Ribollita, and a brilliant Papa Al Pomodoro. quite reasonable $$$wise too. and a personal favorite is Tratt Carmine in piazza del Carmine- perhaps the finest Bisteka alla Fiorentina i have ever had- the meat was marbled on the level of a peter luger and cooked to perfection- you will fight over the bone... everything at carmine is fantastic (incredible carbonara, all pastas great, great local spot with hilarious waiters). also enjoy fresh pizzas at Foccaceria Pugi near the train station- anchovy and capers and fresh bufala- unbelievable)! oh man i want to eat all this food right now... enjoy fb

Jun 08, 2008
frankbooth in Italy

Philly cheesesteak found in Brklyn!

Hope and Anchor in Red Hook has an excellent snarky cheesesteak. and i was just in philly last week eating real cheesesteakz and i can still say that hope and anchor's is an excellent specimen. it's no john's pork, but it is quite respectable. add a lime ricky and you are good to go! enjoy fb

May 26, 2008
frankbooth in Outer Boroughs

Blue RIbbon still fantastic...

it's the constistancy of the fried chicken that i like- always great, maybe not Lee's Fried Chicken in Virginia, but always very very good, fresh, spiced great, and the honey takes it over the top. just when the chicken seems to start getting dry, the honey makes it sing... enjoy fb

p.s. chocolate bruno is a big hit in our family- especially with the kidz...

May 26, 2008
frankbooth in Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn Pizza Recommendatons

Difara, L&B Spumoni Gardens (for squares and CLASSIC brooklyn hang).

lucali, anthony's, and house of pizza and calzone a distant second to the previous 2 classics...

May 19, 2008
frankbooth in Outer Boroughs

Advice need for dinner party w/Kosher & Non Kosher guests

yes, all dairy is the way to go, as if the kosher guests are really kosher the meat wouldn't necessarily meet their standards anyway (unless you specifically bought kosher meats from a kosher butcher with a heksher). dairy with fish is the way to go.

May 19, 2008
frankbooth in Home Cooking

Flame on the Viking vs Wolf vs DCS

our viking range RAGES even on lowest settings. to make rice in a small pan, we always have to double up on the grates so that the low and simmer settings are not roaring. very powerful, awesome ranges. the ovens are super powerful too- we have to be very careful how the racks are set or bread always burns... enjoy fb

May 19, 2008
frankbooth in Cookware

Flat Iron Steak - what to do with this cut of meat?

marinate in any combination of soy sauce, mustard, red wine, fresh herbs, salt and pepper, garlic, bbq sauce, steak sauce, etc. grill but keep nice and rare. let the steak rest flipped over from the side it was last cooking on. slice against the grain and enjoy- in a fajita, all by itself. anyway is going to work.

May 19, 2008
frankbooth in Home Cooking

Affordable & atmospheric dining in Park Slope? (near 11th St.)

little D- delicious, simple food. very nice place and mellow atmosphere. great brunch too. enjoy fb

May 17, 2008
frankbooth in Outer Boroughs

Grilling Grassfed NY Strip Steak

preheat grill for a LONG time with cover closed- get grill as hot as possible. let meat sit until at room temperature. season meat with kosher salt or fancy salt and pepper right before grilling. spread a small bit of olive oil over steaks- cook for 4 minutes a side- do not waste your time trying to get perfect crosshatches- better to let the steak cook the full 4 minutes and then flip. once grilled to correct doneness (sp?) remove from grill, flip steak over and let rest for a good 8-10 minutes. this will let the juices redistribute. we try and eat ONLY grass fed, local organic steaks around here (luckily the catskills has one of the greatest purveyors of grass fed meats around, fleisher's market in kingston and rhinebeck) and have never found them to be lacking in delicious fat. gorgeously marbled steaks require very little work to make delicious. just don't overcook! enjoy fb

May 12, 2008
frankbooth in Home Cooking

Honeymoon in Paris - one splurge dinner - where?


SO worth the $$$!

May 09, 2008
frankbooth in France

Soba AND Ramen

the salt ramen at santoko in mitsuwa is delicious! and you can get all manner of cool bean filled fresh pastry desserts and some green tea ice cream when you are finished.

May 09, 2008
frankbooth in Manhattan

Sushi lover meets fish hater who likes japanese!

I would have said all the places mentioned below:

Blue Ribbon Sushi- delicious dishes as well as fairly good sushi.
Takahashi- excellent dishes and great sushi (much more reasonably priced than BRS)
Lan- STEAK was superb. great dishes, sushi fine.

May 09, 2008
frankbooth in Manhattan

Best Deli

for Jewish Deli, i recommend 2nd Avenue Deli and Katz's.
for Italian Deli, i recommend Manganaro's.

and though in brooklyn, my favorite deli of all in NYC is Catene Deli on 9th st. and 4th ave in brooklyn- ultimate old school italian deli! enjoy fb

May 06, 2008
frankbooth in Manhattan

Sandwich and Hero

Also highly recommended in the great sandwich and hero dept. in brooklyn red hook is ferdinando's foccaceria on union? in red hook (across from the former shnack and across from house of pizza and calzone). the panele special (fried chickpea fritter with parmiggiano and ricotta on a sesame roll) with a bit of marinara on the side to dip, also the brocolli rabe, pastas- delish! panele special is like an italian falafel... superb. also across the street, house of pizza and calzone will crush you with a delicious deep fried calzone.

Apr 29, 2008
frankbooth in Outer Boroughs

Sandwich and Hero

CATENE DELI - corner of 4th Ave and 9th St. in the Slope/ Gowannus. fantastic sandwiches, italian steam table foods (chicken cach, ziti with little meatballs, stuffed peppers, eggplant), and some of the best "parmigian" type heros around. all parmigian heros can be ordered mild, medium, and spicy. favorites are Fried Calimari Parm Hero, Fried Shrimp Parm Hero, spectacular Chicken Parm Hero- all top notch- super fresh (i find the chicken especially to be much fresher at Catene than Difonte, where it sits in a tray until called upon, also the roast beef seems fresher, moister to me, imho...). and speaking of, Catene makes a spectacular Brooklyn Roast Beef- Rare Roast Beef on a Hero with fresh mozzarella, brown gravy, fried onions, salt and pepper- spectacular!. HIGHLY recommended- only open until 4 pm monday through saturday. everything is super fresh, the place is spotlessly clean, and the owners take great pride in their food. what i wouldn't give for that chicken cutlet right now (stuck in the catskills eating local organics...) enjoy fb

Apr 29, 2008
frankbooth in Outer Boroughs

Top 5 Cheap Eats in Fairfield County?

Letizia's (Norwalk), Rawley's, Super Duper Weenie, Pepe's, S&S Dugout, Firehouse Deli (Fairfield), Coffee An' Donuts (Westport), Merritt Canteen (Bridgeport). enjoy fb

Name & address of Brklyn Italian near BQE??

i've been recently and it's still absolutely spectacular. panele special with a side of marinara (for dipping), brocolli rabe (nice kick), a delicious rice ball, a nice cold glass of house red, ferdinando's is a gem.

Mar 26, 2008
frankbooth in Outer Boroughs

Where to take a sushi snob?

Yasuda, Sushi of Gari.

we had omakase at gari 2 nights ago- perfect! absolutely delicious! worth every penny... enjoy fb

Mar 22, 2008
frankbooth in Manhattan

Driving from NJ to Portsmouth, NH

Colony Grill, Stamford
Coffee An' Donuts, Westport
Orem's Diner, Wilton
Pepe's Appiza Fairfield
Sally's, Pepe's, Modern Appiza's New Haven
Louis Lunch, New Haven
Letizia's Pizza Norwalk
Merritt Canteen, Bridgeport
Super Duper Weenie- Fairfield
Rein's, Vernon CT (meh but convenient)
and then once you've reached lovely portsmouth, the best thing you could do would be to drive over that little bridge to Kittery, the next town over in Maine, and go to Bob's Clam Hut on Rt. 1 in Kittery right near the outlet stores and get some fried seafood and a giant lobster roll... enjoy fb