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Madison favorites

Excellent recs, but Pizza PIt and Rocky's?? Pizza Brutta for "traditional italian" (wood fired, minimal toppings) and Pizza D'Roma on State for "traditional New York" style (heavy cheese), Ian's for innovative toppings.

I second La Concha-- they've slowly been turning into more of a full service restaurant. For Mexican, also check out Taqueria Guanajuato (next to Le Tigre Lounge)

Pizza Brutta
1805 Monroe St, Madison, WI 53711

Taqueria Guanajuato
1318 S Midvale Blvd, Madison, WI 53711

Current recos for Madison needed

One spot not yet mentioned: Pizza Brutta on Monroe St. World-class "traditional Italian".
You can head down the road a bit for custard at Michael's (or down the hill for college-athmosphere greasy-spoon at Mickey's)

Milwaukee - top shelf cheese

Had some at Brasserie V in Madison last night (as the snow fell). Excellent

Madison: Sardine or The Old Fashioned or elsewhere?

If you can't get in to the old fashioned, head down King st. for lots of good options. Cafe Continental, Muramoto, the Great Dane, Nat Spil... if you keep going you can walk to Sardine

MSP vietnamese?

Does anyone know of a vietnamese restaurant in the MSP area that serves "wrap your own"? You get a plate of meat, lettuce, herbs, and cold noodles to wrap in rice sheets. I've often had it where the rice wrappers come hard and you have to soak them in a bowl of water.

Madison, WI Head to Head Choices

I like L'Etiole better. We tend to go to Magnus or Lombardino's instead of Harvest. Not exactly sure why.

Madison: Sardine or The Old Fashioned or elsewhere?

Old Fashioned is much more unique to Madison. Sardines is great, but it's a familiar bistro

River Road LaCrosse to MSP

Thanks. I think we'll stick on the WI side for most of the trip. Sounds like it is the more scenic. Any specific suggestions?

River Road LaCrosse to MSP

Any recs for nice (light, local, eclectic..) lunch place along the Mississippi between LaCrosse and Twin Cities?

I know I'll be stopping for ice-cream at the Penguin Zesto in Winona (love their fluorescent hard shell), so lunch nearby would be perfect.


Madison, Cafe Continental

Used to be a favorite of ours, but the prices have gone way up. They're in L'etoile territory now.

Moms' Night Out in Madison

If it's a nice night it's hard to beat the Union Terrace.