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Leftover Halloween Candy

Send the candy to the troops anyway! They don't care if it's melted! Just be sure to put it in Zip-loc type bags. This time of year is not generally a big problem. It gets cold now.

The troops really love it. They eat some and share some with the grateful children of Iraq and Afghanistan. It's a great good-will gesture!

I've been helping people do this, and much more, for 5 years now.

"Aunt" Nancy

Oct 31, 2008
nancyusa in General Topics

Best hamburger in Metro Detroit?

Try 'Hunter House' on Woodward in Birmingham @ Maple/15 Mile Road for a great, greasy spoon burger, or two.

But, Millers is the best!

The BEST places to eat in Detroit/suburban area

Oh how lucky you are! There are, as you can see, so many wonderful places to eat near Birmingham! We moved from there (Troy actually),one year ago, to San Diego and have been so disappointed with the food here. By now you should have been able to try out a lot of great places! But, here are some more for you!

Tops: "Andiamo" for great Italian food -- already mentioned, but there is one nearby you in Royal Oak, and another in Rochester Hills. A 3rd is in Bloomfield/Birmingham on Telegraph Road at 15 Mile/Maple. Their main restaurant is fancier but is the very best: Warren, on 14 Mile Road. (My husband and I made a point of visiting them all!)
"Marias" Italian food in West Bloomfield by Walnut Lake is delicious.

You have some good Thai food right in downtown Birmingham: Si Thai (I can't remember!)

Buddy's for pizza is the best, but we did enjoy The Alibi, already mentioned.

Hunter House on Woodward Ave @ Maple/15 Mile Road for a great diner/greasy spoon burger or two!

And for those classic coney dogs and Greek salads: National Coney Island (located everywhere around you and East) is great. Lafayatte downtown Detroit is tops.

I'll be coming back soon for my first visit since moving, and am planning on visiting all of the above!

Have fun!

Oct 04, 2006
nancyusa in Great Lakes

Typical Foods of Every State/Region of US?


Cherry or Apple pie would be an appropriate dessert. Others mentioned (Sanders chocolate "bump cake" for instance) would have to be ordered. Vernors soda/pop is becoming available in different states now, but is a unique made-in-Detroit drink.

And, as mentioned before, "Coney Island" hot dogs (with chili & onions) are classic Detroit. You could even order a package complete from "National Coney Island" one of our favorites: (There are FIVE different coney island restaurants within 2 miles of my home in the suburbs!


We are also big on just about any kind of Italian food!

Get some CDs with good old car songs (Beach Boys come to mind) and have a great evening!

Hope this helps!

Oct 04, 2006
nancyusa in General Topics

East Coast Rippers in Carlsbad/Oceanside

I'm glad you guys like Jimmi's but I was very disappointed. Of course it's a regional thing! It may have met your taste. We on the other hand, moved to Carlsbad from Detroit, and have yet to find what WE consider a decent coney island hot dog. WE LOVE "National Coney Island" and "Lafayette Coney Island" in the Detroit area.

Any Detroiters know of something that good in San Diego County? Or, heck, ANYWHERE in southern California?

Oct 04, 2006
nancyusa in California