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Molletas in Dallas?

Does anyone know where I can find some molletas in Dallas?
Traditionally it is a bolillo w/ refried beans and melted cheese on top. I would kill to have some of these w/ a plate of authentic chiliquiles.

Aug 03, 2007
INOVII in Texas

best fries in Dallas

Idle Rich Pub on McKinney. We are always continuously ordering frites. My absolute favorite in Dallas. (So far)

Mercy wine bar in Addison makes "Killer Frites" Parmesan and Truffle oil are added. Tasty.

Aug 02, 2007
INOVII in Dallas - Fort Worth

K Tokyo (DFW)

What is the deal w/ that place? I have been there twice with a great overall dining experience until I get notified that it's cash only.
The first time I was told the credit card machine wasn't working and the second time there was no mention of them even having a machine. It's not enough to keep me from eating there,it's a great meet up place w/ my gal pals. Just need to know if I have to swing by the ATM first.

**Does anyone know if they intend on remaining cash only?**

Jul 24, 2007
INOVII in Texas

Tiff's Treats in downtown Dallas

I ordered these as a birthday gift for a friend. They were delivered to her office warm and delicious. I got many thanks for that. Next time I am going to order cold milk too!

Jun 28, 2007
INOVII in Texas

Kozy Kitchen

Has anyone been to Kozy Kitchen on McKinney. I have heard good things about breakfast there. How are the prices, non-breakfast foods & ambiance?

Jun 07, 2007
INOVII in Texas

Indian recs near Lower Greenville (Not Roti)

I have been to Vietnam a few times for lunch. Luckily it's close to my work. I also am a very frequent patron at Mai's down the street.
Thanks for the imput.

I also go to Kalachandji's but thats not really Indian in my mind.

May 25, 2007
INOVII in Texas

Indian recs near Lower Greenville (Not Roti)

I moved near Greenville/Mockingbird from Richardson area. Unfortunately I got spoiled w/ the good cheap Indian restaurants in that area. Namely Chaat Cafe was my favorite. I loved the in & out aspect too.

I have been to Roti Grill @ knox/henderson and found it good but a bit pricey compared to what I am used to. Also I like to have a variety or places under my belt.

Is there Dim Sum in this area too. I know about Maxim's etc. in Richardson just looking for other options around here.

May 22, 2007
INOVII in Texas

In search of Deja Vu, soul food restaurant

There is a Deja Vu is in Dallas(Deep Ellum). They were from New Orleans. They closed awhile back. Perhaps moved down to Houston. I never got to try the food or heard anything about it.

Mar 30, 2007
INOVII in Texas

ISO Steamed Mussels

I have had tasty mussels at Idle Rich Pub on McKinney. Good pommes frites too.

It's been awhile but I recall Fishmongers in Plano had decent mussels served in a big steamy pot.

Mar 26, 2007
INOVII in Texas

NYC Style Deli in Big D

The Corner Market at lower Greenville and McCommas has great sandwiches and deli case salads. They have a lox @ cream cheese sandwich that is sinful. Great neighborhood feel too.

Feb 05, 2007
INOVII in Texas

Sushi Ichiban - Dallas

What can anyone tell me about Sushi Ichiban on Greenville near Forest.

Dec 21, 2006
INOVII in Texas

Dallas Vietnamese

I have always been a fan of Mai's. Little hole in the wall with fantastic food. BYOB

Dec 21, 2006
INOVII in Texas

Hotel Palomar Restaurant

Has anyone been to the Central 214 restaurant in the Hotel Palomar. I have heard that it's expensive.

Oct 31, 2006
INOVII in Texas

Dallas: Anyone try I Love Sushi?

Has anyone been to I Love Sushi on the corner of Preston and Frankfort?
All you can eat sushi special?

Oct 11, 2006
INOVII in Texas