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portland to sunriver resort

hello all -

we'll be arriving in portland early thursday morning from SF (with our 2 kids, 6 + 4) and heading down to the sunriver resort, outside of bend. i would love some suggestions for the following:

1) a grocery store to stop at on the way - to get some basics for a 4 day weekend - snacks, sandwich stuff, cheese, fruit, snacks, etc.. whole foods seems too out of the way?

2) a breakfast spot for thursday morning. it looks like we go through the northeast neighborhood to get to 26. we had originally wanted to stop at pine state biscuits but that may also be out of the way? we aren't in a super hurry, but also don't want to be driving all over portland after we arrive.

3) a taqueria in bend. i have seen some brewery recommendations, which are great! - would love any other suggestions for casual, great food.

thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Jun 30, 2014
lettuce in Metro Portland

amsterdam with kids - recs please!

hi there - we will be in amsterdam next month with our (2) young sons - ages 5 + 3. we are staying in the de pijp but plan to be out and about quite a bit exploring. we want to eat delicious food, but we also want places that are casual - nothing too fancy or formal. our boys are good eaters and are well behaved in restaurants, but they won't sit for extended periods of time. we live in san francisco so we love fresh, seasonal food - we are open to any suggestions. thanks in advance!

Apr 16, 2013
lettuce in Europe

grocery store: charleston > kiawah

hi all - we will be in charleston for 4 days, then heading to kiawah for 7 days.
we want to stop at a grocery store on the way - preferably one that has organic foods.
it looks like there's a whole foods in mount pleasant, which is a little out of the way.
any other suggestions?

Jun 23, 2012
lettuce in Southeast

charleston / kiawah recs

hi there! we are going to be in charleston + kiawah over 4th of july week. we will be in both places with my parents and our 2 little boys (2+4), and in kiawah we will add on another 6 adults + 4 kids.

charleston: we have reservations at husk, fig and the hominy grill. would love some lunch recommendations - casual places where we can take the kids and have delicious food. nothing too fancy. also, what are some places we can grab sandwiches / food for picnics?

kiawah: we have a reservation one night at the fat hen and plan to cook a fair amount - we have a gorgeous, huge house that we have rented.
would love some recommendations of places we can go to dinner and/or lunch with the adults AND kids - happy to drive, maybe no longer than 20 minutes though? would like local, delicious food, and a great setting would be a plus (but not necessary!).

thanks in advance for any help!

Jun 14, 2012
lettuce in Southeast

san diego / la jolla with kids?

thanks to everyone for your suggestions!
we ended up going to Bahia Don Bravo in Bird Rock on saturday night - great suggestion. average food, IMO, but a perfect atmosphere + location after a busy day with the kiddos.
we also went to pizza port in solana beach - great beer, decent pizza and fun atmosphere.
we'll be back there in a few months and will definately check out some of your other suggestions. so thanks for them!

i was cracking up at the comments on us "not getting out much". we live in SF and go out plenty - both with and without the kids. while they are not the most adventurous eaters, they are also not the pickiest, and we like to expose them to new food and environments as much as we can, especially when we're away. so thanks for your suggestions!

Feb 21, 2012
lettuce in San Diego

san diego / la jolla with kids?

we will be in san diego this weekend - staying in la jolla.
would love some recommendations for dinner - we have 2 kids (18 months and 4), and are looking for casual, family friendly places with great food.
would love recs for taquerias, pizza, burgers, etc.. (no seafood!).
any recs greatly appreciated! thanks in advance!

Feb 15, 2012
lettuce in San Diego

great food near sea ranch?

hello! we are heading up to sea ranch for thanksgiving weekend and would love some recommendations on food in the area. we rented a house, and are planning to cook most meals there, but would love some options to venture out. we'll have 4 adults and 2 kids with us - they are 1 and 4 - so preferably casual, family-friendly places. thanks so much in advance!

west village cocktails?

we have a reservation at little owl tonight, at 9:30, and want to grab a drink before, close by.
any suggestions?

May 15, 2011
lettuce in Manhattan

juicer recommendation

i am looking to buy a juicer - under $200.

i want to be able to make citrus juices, carrot juice and green juice (primarily).

and needs to be easy to clean!

thanks in advance for recs!

Feb 14, 2011
lettuce in Cookware

where to eat lunch in village/soho?

hey all!

my husband and i will be in nyc tomorrow just for the day - we are planning to walk around the village and soho, shop, and have lunch. i would love a recommendation for a great lunch spot. we were thinking about prune, otto or eataly (which i know is not in that area).

can you recommend somewhere great for lunch? thanks so much!

Oct 28, 2010
lettuce in Manhattan

lisbon to praia da luz - lunch spot?

thank you! we will check it out!

Sep 27, 2010
lettuce in Spain/Portugal

food recs for praia da luz + area

hi all -

we will be staying in luz for a week, a few weeks from now. i would love any recs for food in the area.
we will have 4 adults, our 3 year old boy and 3 month old baby.
our toddler is well behaved, but wont sit for too long, so we are looking for casual places with great food!
we are happy to drive as long as its not too far.

thanks in advance.

Sep 27, 2010
lettuce in Spain/Portugal

lisbon to praia da luz - lunch spot?

we will not be driving through faro.

Sep 22, 2010
lettuce in Spain/Portugal

lisbon to praia da luz - lunch spot?


we will be driving from lisbon to praia da luz, and i would love any recommendations of where to stop and eat on the way.

keep in mind - we will be 4 adults and 2 little ones (3 & 3 months).
so we don't want anything to fancy; preferably a cute town where we can get some great food, stretch our legs, enjoy the scenery and the kids can run around.

thanks in advance for any recommendations!

Sep 22, 2010
lettuce in Spain/Portugal

portugal in april

hi there -

we will be in portugal in april with our 2 year old and would love some dining recommendations!
we'll be in lisbon for 3 days (with a day trip to sintra) and then to praia da luz for 5 days where we'll be renting a house with another couple and their one year old. we will have car, and plan to explore.

we LOVE great, local food and want to eat well! our toddler is very well behaved - we take him out quite a bit (we live in san francisco), but he doesn't have the longest attention span - so long, leisurely meals are out.

would love some recommendations for lisbon and praia da luz (lagos & area, etc..). keep in mind we'll have our 2 year old with us! thanks so much!

Feb 11, 2010
lettuce in Spain/Portugal

bar near frances?

we are heading to frances this weekend, and have a late reservation. can anyone recommend a bar nearby where we can grab a drink before?

can you freeze chocolate ganache?

have a ton left over from this weekend - don't want it to go to waste. can you freeze it?

Jan 27, 2010
lettuce in Home Cooking

dining with a toddler - suggestions?

hi everyone. my husband, toddler and myself have started a new routine this year - go out to dinner every friday night. we are looking for places to go out to eat with our 2 year old, and NOT places like pasta pomodoro. we have taken him out quite a bit (and he loves going out to eat!), but i am looking for new places to go!

we are looking at it as an opportunity to get out and try new places, and expose our son to more food. while he is very well behaved (and a great eater), he is an active boy and will only sit still for so long. so places with leisurely service are not the best idea. i am open to suggestions! we want to try all kinds of food. we live in bernal - but are open to places anywhere in the city.

any suggestions welcome! thanks!

restaurant in monterey??

we will be at the monterey aquarium on friday - would love any rec's for lunch! would love some great seafood, but nothing too fancy, as we will have our 19 month old with us. thanks in advance.

May 06, 2009
lettuce in California

aptos food?

we are going to be renting a house in aptos - would love some food recommendations.
any suggestions on: a market where we can get local, organic food to cook (or a farmers market), any restaurants / cafes. we will be 4 adults and an 18 month old - he is very well behaved in restaurants but still need something casual. thanks!

Apr 07, 2009
lettuce in California

charleston - fig or SNOB?

which would you choose for dinner?

May 05, 2008
lettuce in General South Archive

charleston to wilmington, nc?

we will be driving from charleston to wilmington next week - does anyone have any good recommendations of somewhere good to eat on the way?

also, can anyone recommend any places to eat in wilmington?
we will have a large party and 2 kids, so somewhere casual with great food.
thanks in advance for any recs!

Apr 28, 2008
lettuce in General South Archive

immersion blender?

i'm looking to buy one - which one would you recommend?

Apr 04, 2008
lettuce in Cookware


we will be in charleston in early may for 3 days / 3 nights.
more than likely staying downtown but we will have a car.
would love any and all recommendations for must eats - we've heard the food in charleston is amazing!
we are coming from the bay area and will have our baby with us - he'll be 7 months by then.
while he is a super mellow baby (we take him to restaurants all the time), we probably don't want anything too high end.
thanks for any suggestions!

Feb 22, 2008
lettuce in General South Archive

mendocino food & lodging

we are headed up to the anderson valley / mendocino for memorial day weekend.
would love some recommendations for food and places to stay?
there are SO many b& b's up there, if anyone has places they'd recommend i'd really appreciate it. thanks!

May 20, 2007
lettuce in California

nyc bday dinner

there will be 4 of us for a bday dinner in june.
we were going to go to Per Se, but decided to do the French Laundry in August instead.
i have been to blue hill and LOVED it.
so, as of now, we are deciding between blue hill (alhough i'd love to try somewhere new), babbo & daniel.
what would you recommend?
other suggestions are more than welcome.
keep in mind: we are from SF and love fresh, seasonal food. i don't eat seafood, so anywhere seafood-focused is out. budget is not a big concern.

May 16, 2007
lettuce in Manhattan

washington DC recs?

i will be in DC for a conference for 5 days next week, and would love some recommendations on where to eat. i live in SF and love fresh, seasonal food. I'm open to whatever budget, as long as the food is great! I'll also have a car so getting around won't be a problem. Thanks!

french press?

i am looking to get a french press. any recs?

Mar 30, 2007
lettuce in Cookware

the best restaurants in the burlington, vt area?

i was supposed to be in NYC (and per se!) for my birthday this year, now it's looking like it may be the burlington area. what would you say are the best restaurants? i live in SF and love fresh, seasonal , simple food.

Quince or Chez Panisse

i actually prefer the cafe at chez panisse over the main dining room - i don't like that you all eat the same meal in the dining room. the food in the cafe is wonderful and you can order lots of different things. i would choose the cafe over quince, but quince over the dining room.