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Wishbone Restaurant in Petaluma (Humble Pie reborn!)

Tonight was the last regularly scheduled dinner service at Wishbone. They will still be open for Breakfast and Lunch Wed through Sun.

They will be doing some special dinners coming up, a movie night, and a bacon workshop!

Check the deets at

Jenner/Bodega Bay-Healdsburg Area restaurants

Sizzling Tandoor on the Russian River at Jenner has closed. They are repainting and the sign says "Russian House #1".

Ajanta October 2014 [Berkeley]

Ajanta is now featuring a spinach and feta samosa. The spinach is cooked with spices then mixed with the feta. The sweet-sour tamarind dipping sauce is a perfect accent. Its a terrific appetizer!

This fine restaurant just celebrated their 22nd anniversary. Still consistently the best Indian food I've had.

Hippie history? Seeking info on 1970's SF restaurant where no talking was allowed!

Marrakesh Express on Euclid was a favorite. And The Melting Pot fondue place around the corner on Hearst in the food court. No dollar meals at those places but the food was very good.

Sonoma Spice Queen sets up shop in Petaluma

A great new addition to Petaluma's plethora of producers is Sonoma Spice Queen at 407 C Street. Open for just a month, this spot just south of downtown should be on everyone's short list when coming to Petaluma.

Wind McAlister takes great care to select organic whole spices to roast and blend in small batches. The results are simply marvelous. The aromas drifting around the shop may cause delirium if you're not careful.

I had a great 15 minutes talking with her about spices, but I can see spending all afternoon there. She's very friendly and an affable business owner but she takes her blends very seriously.

One other thing, the shop is without any of the silly tchotchkes and knick-knacks often found in specialty shops. Its all about the spice. She does also carry a small selection of ultra fine teas made by another producer.

Authentic Thai in North Bay

Lynn's Thai in Cotati. Barely a minute off the freeway, excellent lunch specials.

New Cowlifornia-Made Organic Ice Cream | Clover Stornetta

Love the idea of a "Pot Hole" flavor! I will be checking these out. I live next door to Clo. Not a bad nayb...

Point Reyes area restaurants

Unlike others, I can't recommend the Pine Cone. I was a reggie for a long time but finally the chilly service got to be too much.

I would get provisions at Tomales Bay Foods and Bovine Bakery and have a picnic in the pocket park. Lively little town.

Fremont Diner Report (Sonoma)

Fremont Diner still hitting on all cylinders. The coffee is all french press but they serve it in a thermos now. Chilaquiles were good and flavorful.

Chad did mention they are looking into offering their home-cured bacon for sale sometime in the future. They make the best bacon in the North Bay.

Reusable to go containers

I've always hated styrofoam to go containers. I think the hot food extracts some of the plastic. Plus they are a huge waste stream. It seems others are interested in getting rid of single use to go containers:

Hole in the Wall in Sebastopol!

Wanted to put in a good word on their servers Julie, Adrienne, and Amy. They are quick, efficient, pleasant, down to earth, with just the right amount of spirit (and a little sass if you deserve it) to go with it. Servers have a tightrope to walk. Hole in the Wall has the flying Wallendas of service.

Oh, and the food is still excellent. No waiting this morning (Friday) but get there early on weekends or be prepared to cool your heels awhile. They do crazy business on weekend breakfast.

Petaluma for dinner?

Wishbone! Tell them I sent you. And welcome to Petaluma.

Goat Cuisine in the Bay Area

I just ate this dish this evening and I agree the flavor is excellent. The meat is boneless and very tender. The sauce reminds me almost of a texas style chili, very thick and rich. Lachu explained that the pan drippings are deglazed so all the good bits get included in the sauce.

Ajanta's tandoor asparagus appetizer was great too. Can't say enough good things about this north Berkeley institution.

The recipe for punjabi goat curry sounds very similar to the Ajanta dish which is still on the menu as of 3/25.

Question for FondofGoat, have you tried goat sausage? A cajun specialty apparently.

Wishbone Restaurant in Petaluma (Humble Pie reborn!)

The cray-cray city officials won't let them take down the sign.

Whoa!? Line out the door this morning. Word is getting out about this place. Come one, come all, just don't come when I'm trying to get a seat.

Why are they standing in line ?

Sinbad's? Yeah I know, it sucks but there's a Groupon thing going on....

Angelo's Smoked Meats suffers huge fire (Petaluma)

Angelo's Petaluma retail store was open today. Thank you firefighters.

Angelo's Smoked Meats suffers huge fire (Petaluma)

Update from the Press Democrat:

While the 1:24 p.m. blaze did extensive damage to back areas of the shop, it was controlled before it could spread to the meat shop or to the home of Angelo Ibleto, who has prepared and sold meat products from his Adobe Road property for more than four decades.

Angelo's Smoked Meats suffers huge fire (Petaluma)

The Petaluma location of Angelo Ibleto's smoked meat business caught fire this afternoon.

I can't tell from the news item whether or not the retail portion of the place burned. The Carneros location is still in business I assume.

Very sad day for those of us who love Angelo and his great smoked and cured meats.

Food similar to the Halal Guys on 53rd and 6th in Manhattan.

Franchise deals have been signed according to Foodbeast in cities including Berkeley. Major west coast expansion underway Las Vegas and SoCal.

Looking forward to trying this place.

fiesta del mar [Mtn. View]

Thank you for clarifying the nature of their mini empire. So La Fiesta is el mero mero? Will have to try that when back in MV next time.

I didn't understand the negs originally given to this place. It seemed really well organized when I was there

fiesta del mar [Mtn. View]

My niece took us to this place for lunch and we had a very good meal. I thought the three salsas were each good and the chips were hot and good and just the right amount of sal. I had the special "100 year old recipe" enjococado enchiladas, which came out hot and topped with slivered almonds. I thought flavor was great, not very strong on the guajilo but much better than most mexican cream sauces (ie suizas).

I like this joint and would return. Service was excellent and muy rapido.


Interesting fillings for pupusas?

Just finished several batches of pupusas. Fillings included wild mushrooms and goat cheese, and olives and feta.

Feb 12, 2015
Andrew H in Home Cooking

Petaluma: Real Doner (Gyro) is destination worthy ... amazing great

Sadly the quality here has declined. Had the Chicken Shish wrap and it's just not happening. Kind of bland and uninspired. Petaluma needs a great middle eastern/turkish resto. I'm hurting for good Shwarma!

Wishbone Restaurant in Petaluma (Humble Pie reborn!)

They have an updated website, but it only has the breakfast/lunch menu up right now. Key lime and coconut cream pie were available for desert.

Ajanta October 2014 [Berkeley]

I went this evening for the first time in awhile especially to try Lachu's Lamb Biriyani, a special this month. Biriyani in most Indian restaurants can be a total ghee-fest and you feel it later like a piece of iron is sitting in your stomach. Not so at Ajanta. Here it is light and fluffy with nicely sized chunks of perfectly cooked lamb. The combination of moist and dry ingredients (nuts specifically) is a real feat of culinary engineering. I was floored by this dish. I almost felt guilty putting a little mango chutney on as the flavors were so fine as it was.

The service was friendly, non-intrusive, and very efficient. The staff are well selected and there doesn't seem to be a lot of turnover.

I really don't think I've ever had as consistently excellent food as I have at Ajanta over the last ten years and 50 plus visits. Just Go!

Saturday breakfast spot in East Bay: Good food, Not too crowded

Nearly any good breakfast joint is going to be jammed at that time on a Saturday. My choice would be the Homemade Cafe in Berkeley but there will be a wait.

The French Laundry victimized by Christmas Day wine heist [Update]

Scores of Screaming Eagle and DRC bottles were stolen Christmas Day. Maybe someone was ticked about the high corkage fee? These bottles are not something one can unload easily. They will probably be sold overseas where provenance is disregarded.

Wishbone Restaurant in Petaluma (Humble Pie reborn!)

Four of us had a wonderful meal there last night. We had bacon wrapped dates with a spoonful of pistachioed cream, Ramen, Pork and Beans, Tilted Ranch Burger, and Hunters pie(?) We all loved every bite and the service was friendly and very smooth.

The home baked bread loaf with flavored butters was a smash. I felt like dabbing crumbs off the table.

The deserts we had were a banana cream pie and flourless chocolate cake.

I'm seriously smitten by this little joint north of downtown. Miriam and Josh have a great thing going on.

Parking is slightly fubar, but its a small priced toupee. Wanted to add that the online menu is not current but go there anyway, there will be something you like.

Chowdown Report: Lucky River and Marco Polo [San Francisco]

Lucky River makes the news for sidewalk meat prep:

Longbranch Saloon - Berkeley

Cool that they are bringing the name back from this famed Berkeley nightclub form the 70's: