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I hate to be *that* person...

I thought I did, but the one I settled on is booked. I don't mind traveling across the city... it'll only allow me to see more of Paris life.

I'm hoping for Montmarte area, but at this point I'll take what I can get. If I have to hostel-it, I will. Suggestions are welcome!

Jul 01, 2015
eventfarm in France

I hate to be *that* person...

Yes, it's definitely an endurance situation. :)

That's why I'm only allowing myself 1 planned meal. I could easily book out each meal with restaurants I want to eat at, but I think I would miss out on so much that way. The act of wandering around at my own pace will seem so relaxing after the last 2 months. So I'm sticking to that plan.

Luckily, my departure to London can be a bit fuzzy, so if I wake up with a food (or wine) hangover, I *can* stay another day, or take a late train. Once I'm actually in Paris, there is only 1 absolute I have to hit - the starting line in London on the 19th. I have a week of work to do on the car, but if something doesn't get completed, it's not the end of the world.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Jun 30, 2015
eventfarm in France

I hate to be *that* person...

I keep getting this suggestion...I might have to change my one museum. I'm actually in the art business, so picking only one museum is just as challenging as picking one restaurant!

It's ok, I know I will go back to Paris again someday.

Jun 30, 2015
eventfarm in France

I hate to be *that* person...

I'm not sure how you can say that the busier someone is, the more time they have. That's not accurate. You could say that the more efficient someone is, the more time they have. I'm pretty efficient, but between maintaining a successful, growing business, a household, and (somewhat) of a social life in addition to planning a 20,000 mile car trip across two continents, every moment of my day is taken up with something. (currently, all my time is taken with chasing down someone at the Tajikistan Consulate in DC as they have had my passport for over two weeks and can't seem to find it. I can't leave without it. Yes, I'm panicking!)

Very little of my day is sitting at a PC, so getting tons of internet research done is a challenge. I'm figuring I'll get to do more research once I'm on the road on Sunday. At that point the only thing I'll have to do is plan ahead for the trip.

"Why is so hard to get your head around the Paris dining scene?"
because...40,000 restaurants and only 3 days to do them in.

Your post sounds more like a challenge than a real query, but I will respond with what I've made notes on so far in case anyone with some experience at these places can let me know if they're not worth what little time I'll have in Paris.

Esens'all - looks perfect! how are the reviews?
L'Atelier - good option, wasn't wowed by the one in Vegas
Sur Mesure - Lunch option? Definitely doing Bar 8
Septime - seems awesome. No ressy avail. check while there?

Still to lookup:
L'Auberge du Roi Gradlon
Mystery Cuisine - Édouard et Thu Ha

Thanks for any help! Crowd-sourcing is really a great way to find new places!

Jun 30, 2015
eventfarm in France

I hate to be *that* person...

I tend to shy away from "chains". Yes, I know that this isn't what most people call a chain, but 15(?) outposts, it's really a chain restaurant.

I ate at the one in Vegas and it was a good meal. Not spectacular. I would think that the ones in Paris would be much better.

It's likely I'll end up here as it is a simple choice and I'm sure it would be a good experience (and it does meet all the requirements on my list). But, I'm holding out hope I can find something more special.

Now, if it was Atelier, by Joel Robinson Crusoe....that sounds interesting! :)

Jun 30, 2015
eventfarm in France

I hate to be *that* person...

This place looks great! Any place that gives directions to get there by canoe is A-OK in my book. :)

Unfortunately, I won't have the time while travelling. I'm training it from Paris to London, where I'll pick up my car. I am taking the ferry back to Calais, but I'll then be on a deadline to get to Prague in two days, so I won't have time to stop.

Thanks for the suggestion, though!

Jun 29, 2015
eventfarm in France

I hate to be *that* person...

Aprege looks amazing! The dinner might be a bigger splurge than I planned, but it's definitely the cuisine I'm looking for.

When are you going?

Jun 29, 2015
eventfarm in France

I hate to be *that* person...

...but I need some help.

I'm planning on a 22 country/6 week trip. Wait... before you say anything, yes - it's ridiculous. (even more than you realize, once you hear that I'm doing it in a 1992 mini). When I started planning, I found out that it was cheaper for me to fly to Paris than to London (which is where I start my adventure), so that allows me a little pre-adventure mini-vacation in Paris, my first time there.

All this is to say ... I'm on planning overload!

I haven't had a special meal since I had one at D.O.M. in Brazil 5 years ago, so I plan on having two during this trip. One in Paris and the other in Istanbul.

I've done some research, but the choice of quality restaurants in Paris is seriously overwhelming. I also like to just wander and find little, local places, so that's my plan for all but two instances. I'm there for only 3 or 4 days and will spend one of them at the Louvre, with no other plans, except wandering, for the others.

For dining, I'm looking for two distinct experiences. I adore (ADORE) champagne, so I will definitely hit a nice champagne bar (or 2). I also want a distinctly Paris tasting menu experience.

My first question is... anyone in Paris July 8-11, who might enjoy showing me a champagne bar or two some afternoon or evening? I'd happily treat a local or expat to a few glasses and regale you with tales of my upcoming trip. If you won't join me, is there a place you'd send me to?

Secondly, if you could have only 1 tasting menu that represented Paris, which would it be? Not a list of the top 5, but The One. I prefer loads of small plates over a 5 course meal. My favorite meals are those that have dishes that surprise and delight you on presentation, and then blow your socks off with execution. Quirky is great, if it's done confidently.
Since I'm dining solo, places that are a bar service with open kitchen sound better then getting sat at a terrible table for one.

I am usually an over-researcher, but since I leave in a week and I still have two more visas to sort as well as trying to figure out what gear one needs for a 6 week road trip across two continents, I just can't seem to get my head around the dining scene in Paris.

Thanks so much for any advice!

Jun 26, 2015
eventfarm in France

private dining on the beach?

You might try B Ocean.

I know that they will bring drinks, etc out to the beach area for you (no extra cost). They have a little seating area that is specifically for this. And Saia is fairly decent.

Plus they are trying to tout the fact that they have a Hell's kitchen chef there (not at Saia, though?) - I would be that they would do something special for not a lot of $$$.

The only downside is that it's a pretty busy area - may/may not be very romantic....


What happened to Bellini's? I know it's not a foodie (chowhound mecca), but I particularly enjoyed going in there to get a glass of prosecco and the BBQ chicken thin crust pizza.

I was in there just 2 weeks ago, now the place is cleaned out and the signs are gone.

BurgerFi Fort Lauderdale

I went there last night. the place was PACKED. I didn't have food - just a shake. The burgers looked really good and smelled great, but can't tell you if they were good or not.

It was a nice place to sit and hang out a little - busy, lots going on and trendy building.

I, personally, didn't like the shake. It's a custard shake and the mouthfeel just didn't sit right with me. But I think that is just personal taste.

If you're looking for a good burger and fries, you should try da Campo Osteria at the il Lugano just south of Burger Fi. I was very pleasantly surprised with having this for a meal. The fries (with fleur de sel and a *very* light dusting of truffle oil) were perfect. The burger was cooked perfectly and had the homemade mozzerella and an onion compote on top.

Sounds all "froo-froo", but it wasn't. It also was big enough for me to eat 3 meals off of it!


Saturday Brunch in Fort Lauderdale area?

I travel to the Fort Laudersale area regularly for work and have had fun exploring the restaurants. But I'm struggling to find a place for Saturday Brunch. I find a lot for sunday brunch, but not on Saturday.

The requirements are that they have mimosas, breakfast items, and that it isn't a diner. Ideally it would be within a few miles of downtown or riverwalk. I personally don't like hotel buffets, but if it's good then great.

I found these two so far...
Steak954 -
Trina -

Both are more on the pricey side, so I was hoping for something more mid-range to offer them as a choice.

Anyone have a great place that serves Brunch on Saturday?

Care to join us at The French Room?

Before I moved to Dallas, I had a hard time finding people to join me for upscale meals. Most of my friends just didn't "get it". However, when I moved to Dallas, I discovered meetup and a particular dining group. I now get to host groups dining at some of the finer restaurants in town.

I don't mean this to be an advertisement and it isn't since I get no benefit from this other than getting to meet other people who enjoy fine dining. However, I wanted to see if there were others in the situation I used to be in.... wanting to go to fine dining, but no one to do it with.

I have a group going to The French Room to do the grand tasting menu on Feburary 7th. We always have a blast when we go with lively conversation and (sometimes) dancing afterwards. Some are married, some are single, ages all over the place. Some have extensive experience with food, others are just starting their exploration. In other words, everyone fits!

If you're interested in joining us this time, or maybe in the future. Pop me an email and I'll point you to the place to RSVP.


Jan 07, 2009
eventfarm in Dallas - Fort Worth

Vegetarian and Steak Upscale DFW Restaurant

2 suggestions:
This sounds surprising.... but Texas de Brazil would suit your needs. Definitely a carnivore's dream - all you can eat meat. And it's really good meat! But it also has a wonderful salad bar that has a lot of unexpected items. You can just get the salad bar.

The other one is (very upscale) Mansion on Turtle Creek. He recently added a vegetarian menu...

Aug 12, 2008
eventfarm in Dallas - Fort Worth

Chowdown at Stephan Pyles?

I can't remember what Chowhound get together's are called. Chow down, right?

When I was in the SF Bay area, I always wanted to go do a fancy multi course tasting menu. However, my husband would rather have a hamburger and none of my friends at the time could care less about good food. So I never went.

Now I've joined a local Dallas group that dines out on a regular basis and have found some great low-mid price places. I decided I wanted to try to get my fancy meal in, so I set up a reservation at Stephan Pyles on this Saturday for 10 (25 said that would be interested). But, again, getting people to commit to an expensive meal is challenging. Thus far, only 4 have definitely committed!

So, if you're out there and you've always wanted to try a nice multi-course meal, but don't want to do it alone, send me an email and join a fellow Chowhounder (lurker, mostly).

We're doing the 10 course tasting menu (you can have paired wines for additional cost).

To keep with the rules, please do not respond to this message. Reply via email at:
eventfarm @ (remove spaces)

Jan 30, 2007
eventfarm in Texas

[DFW] NY hound needs fabulous dinner for one in dallas - staying at the crescent! thanks

When are you coming? I'm trying to round up more people to fill a reservation for 10 this saturday at Stephan Pyles for a 10 course tasting menu. What could be more fun than dining with the locals. ;) If you're interested, email me at (remove spaces) event farm @ yahoo.

Jan 30, 2007
eventfarm in Texas

Looking for FUN eating in Dallas...

Al-Amir was really fun. And definitely packed - it seemed like a pretty fun place to take someone to impressed them (ie, a date). The belly dancers were good and the crowd really got into the act. Pretty much everyone was on their feet and cheering.

The appetizers were really good, but the main dishes were mixed. Some people got the kababs which were fantastic. The vegetables that come with it were grilled as well and everything had a nice flavor. But the "traditional" meal that I got (sawarma, or something like that) was a little over cooked and lacked in flavor. Stick with appetizers and kabobs.

Dec 04, 2006
eventfarm in Texas

Looking for FUN eating in Dallas...

I'm heading to dinner at Al-Amir tonight. It's supposed to be great fun as well as a pretty good dinner. A search will pull up the website. I'll let you know how it goes...

Dec 02, 2006
eventfarm in Texas

Cafe Sophia in Palo Alto for Afghan?

The lunchtime service is not faster or any more organized. However, I enjoyed the two times I went there both for the food and the value. I would recommend trying it on a day when you have the time/patience to deal with it.

Last meal in SF - what would you do?

Wow! I'm just getting back online after a killer couple of days of work. Nice to see lots of suggestions!

Gary danko was on my list and is right now the running favorite. Chez Panisse looks fantastic - I'm embarrased to say I've never actually taken a look at the menu.

I'll have to do a post when we decide where we're going.

Last meal in SF - what would you do?

So I just found out that we are moving to Dallas in 1 month.

That means that all those dining experiences that I wanted to have in SF just aren't going to happen.

So, if you had $250 (for 2, one doesn't drink) what would be your last SF (or peninsula) fling?

(just to make it more personable - our favorite restaurant is Espetus, then Cortez, then the cheap places (back-a-yard, dee-dee's, etc).)