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Diana's Seafood opening restaurant

Ate ther this past week. They were unofficially open. I can report that the clam chowder is superb....apparently two types of clams are used to enhance flavour and texture.................sublime. I also tried the fried oysters and found them less appetizing..............too doughy for my liking and a little under-cooked. Chris the attentive owner(?) promised to investigate and explained things are very much in the de-dugging mode at present.. Ambience is lacking. An emphasis on local and sustainable would be welcome. Overall this place is a welcome addition to the Scarborough culinary scene (such as it is). The quality of product at the store is excellent. Hopefully the restaurant will be an agent of change in the neighbourhood.

Monterrey Restaurants?

Travelling to Monterrey. Any restaurant recommendations for good, authentic, local cuisine? Thanks

Nov 23, 2010
Hot Burrs in Mexico

Best Grocery Stores In TO . . . . Where do you shop?

I second Village Grocer. Some of the best meat and produce in the GTA. Downtown Toronto, the Healthy Butcher at 565 Queen West is highly recommended - finest organic meat with the right approach.