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Downtown near (or easy from) Union Station

Spitz is great. i just had lunch there today. i always get the chicken wrap, street cart style with pita strips. very fresh and simple. decent sangria too!

Spitz: Home of the Doner Kebab
371 E 2nd St # D, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Apr 03, 2011
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

Taco Bell Chili Cheese Burrito-Gone Forever?

I JUST went today to the Glendora location!!!! it was AMAZING! Just like i remembered it! and i got another one to freeze for later..... :)

Jul 28, 2010
caitybirdie in Chains

Please help! Birthday Dinner in Tacoma for the man.

Hello chowhounders-
I live in Los Angeles, and my boyfriend lives in Tacoma. Please help me with a restaurant. He and I are foodies, but I havent heard many amazing things from him about Tacoma restaurants. I know he loves Asado (sp?), but i want to take him somewhere he hasnt been before (he hasnt been to too many places). I was thinking El Gaucho, but I dont think he needs all the wine and dine. The search is starting to get tiresome, and i am considering just cooking something for him at his place...I am also partially open to going to Seattle (if the place is just something not to miss). We have gone to Canlis in Seattle, which was incredible, but i dont think he's particularly wanting 5 stars....something really good food, great service, and nice ambiance. Please help.....

Jan 13, 2010
caitybirdie in Greater Seattle

Noir Food and Wine in Pasadena

where is it?

Sep 08, 2009
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

Best Italian (money no object) in L.A. area for a VERY picky eater

No one has said anything about Osteria La Buca???????? This is one of my favorite Italian places since living in Italy!!!!!!

Aug 28, 2009
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

BOA Sunset

i just went last night. i had high expectations, but unfortunately, i was disappointed.

My friend and I first went to the lounge patio outdoor area. gorgeous. the ambiance was great. We had 2 of their signature cocktails: The Alchemist, and the Dapper Gent. The lounge/cocktail server was fantastic. we should have stayed there for the rest of our meal.....anyways, we had the tuna sliders which were the best item on the menu i had had. we also had the sticks and (something) i forgot the name they called it. its polenta sticks served with english pea puree and chipotle mayo. those were good.

we then went into the main dining room.

the server: sucked. he had NO personality, no quality of service, nothing.
he came up to the table, had asked us if we had been to a Boa before, let us know that Boa was a steakhouse (duh?) and then told us where the steaks are on the menu, and that we could get rubs or sauces with it. then he "down-sold"-us on that no one usually gets rubs, they'll get sauces instead. thats it. he made a sneer comment about the fact that we already had (and had paid for) our cocktails.....

we ordered our food, let me make this part short, he got one of our starters wrong, and he got my friends entree wrong as well.

he never came by the table and asked how our food was tasting, if it was to our liking, nothing. the busser came and brought us each a bread roll, and a plate with one pad of butter. when my friend used it all up (which was about 1/3 way into dinner) the butter was never replenished.

when we asked the server for the check, he brought it to us, didnt say thank you, nothing.........again, nothing.....

service, was horrific. its not that hard to like and appreciate where you work. i am so sad that i probably wont go back there.......

Jul 21, 2009
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

Parkway Grill or Vibrato

Vibratos is amazing. i love it there. its been awhile since i have been, but the Smith Bro's know when to switch it up when necessary.

Jun 23, 2009
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

Il Fornaio Pasadena Disappointing

I stopped going there a long time ago. if you want Pasadena Italian, go to Gales off of Fair Oaks. tasty.

Jun 23, 2009
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

Cakes - Balboa Penninsula

Yes i second that. they have small cakes i think are about $30? it will feed about 4-5 people. the red velvet is amazing....

Jun 23, 2009
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

Delicious in Newport?

Breakfast- Haute Cakes or Eat Chow
SUshi, i am surprised NO ONE talks about this place much, San Shi Go, on the peninsula, see Dice the sushi chef, he is AMAZING!
Seafood- Crab Cooker, or fancy pancy go to Mastro's Ocean in Crystal Cove
More Fancy Pants- Flemings, Charlie Palmer, Marche Modern

I love Cafe R & D just because the food is good, and its always consistent. A Restaurant where the Arches used to be, just on the corner of Old Newport BLVD and PCH is great. they have sunday supper where minimum of 2 people order an entree, and for the price of just the entree, the guest gets salad or soup, sides and dessert! They have a bunch of other specials throughout the week....

Jun 23, 2009
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

Last minute downtown LA help

get your sandwich double dipped. its amazing. a must is the mustard, and hitting up the candy-bar at the end. buy some mustard to take home, or at least get a shirt.

Jun 10, 2009
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

What's authentic and good Chinese in Chinatown nowadays?

has anyone been to new dragon on hill? its right after the entrance to new chinatown plaza...

Jun 10, 2009
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

Thai in Costa Mesa

Just Thai. I just moved here, and i have been craving good thai. there are a lot of small places around where i live (17th) but i dont want to drive 5mph and make a traffic jam cuz i want to check out everything. please help. only thai. please give me addresses!! Thanks!!!!!!!! i love the hole in wall places!

Oct 20, 2007
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

La Buca since expansion?

i went last week, and there has been SOO much progress since that picture was taken in the la eater. its just gorgeous! go by and ask if u can take a peek!!!! it really looks sooner than later!!!! YAY!!!!

Aug 16, 2007
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

Scene-y Italian

when i came back from Italy, i was sooo picky on which place was worth "italian" restaurant title. the only one i have found is Osteria La Buca.

Melrose and Wilton.

they have like 12 tables but they are expanding!!! you have to ask to check out the construction next door! it looks great!!!!!!!!!

Aug 16, 2007
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

Corn Beef Hash, Who does it right in LA/OC?

definitely Billys Deli in Glendale. i want to say its on orange. its absolutely the best i have had....

Aug 11, 2007
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

Best Business Lunch in Pasadena

do Parkway Grill. curious about the "ending your conversation prematurely"? You can make a reservation and request the atrium, its a little alcove with windows surrounding it. very nice, a litte kept away from the rest of the dining room. You can stay as long as you'd like.

btw, the pictures on the website are old. they have remodeled since then....

Aug 03, 2007
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

Chicken Pot Pie for Lunch

I 2nd Smitty's for their pot pie. nice and HOT......(temp hot) soooo good......

Aug 02, 2007
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

Looking for Clam Bake caterer

Duxbury's catering from Pasadena does Malibu catering all the time, and can do clambakes!!!!! good luck!!!

Duxbury's Catering
(626) 799-6468
1929 Huntington Drive
South Pasadena, CA 91030

Aug 02, 2007
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

Lunch in Old Town Pasadena

are you looking for a certain kind of food? my top saturday lunch choices are:

europane bakery

le pain quotidien

El Toreo

try this other posting as well......its hard to say just in old town, i usually go somewhere outside of just old town, but still pasadena.

Jul 28, 2007
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

Florence - August - need rec.

from what i remember, not very expensive at all. i mean, it is truffles, but for example, the app of different brushetta (which had fresh truffles shaved on top) i think was wasnt huge, but its worth the price. they also serve lunch which gets really busy because of Pitti Palace, i prefer dinner. much more relaxed,and i appreciated the food more. The owners are Johnny and Massimo, they are both super sweet. If you are able to meet Massimo, he's also i think owner or manager or Meccano, a very nice outdoor indoor popular club in Florence!!!


i just found out they have a website! riht next door, they also own a truffle store! enjoy!!!

Jul 26, 2007
caitybirdie in Italy

Florence - August - need rec.

*Trattoria 4 Leoni Via de dé Vellutini 1r della Passera Firenze
Tel 055/218562

*The Oil Shoppe
Via S.Egidio, 22R
50122 Firenze (Firenze), Italy
+39 055 2001092
* to me, this was THE best sandwich i have ever had!!! for 3EUROS!!! it makes my mouth water just thinking about it....

*Caffe Pitti
*they specialize in truffles!!! AMAZING!!!
they are located IN the piazza Pitti, right across the street from the Pitti Palace/Boboli Gardens.

*Trattoria Borgo Antico
Piazza S. Spirito, 6/R
50100 Firenze (FI), Italy
055 210437
**this was my first meal in Florence welcoming me to my new start of my life in Italy. it was great. amazing pastas. pizzas as well, overall phenomenal.


Gelateria La Carraia
Piazza N. Sauro, 25r
50125 Firenze

***Place for dancing and drinks****
Via Dei Sassetti, 5/R
50100 Firenze (FI), Italy
055 215160


Lungarno Corsini 12-14 (near Ponte S. Trinita
)Florence (Italy)
055 210 751
***they have an amazing happy hour buffet, its where the "pretty" of the locals hang out on the walls of the Arno. I think they even have a "shuttle" (a bike-driven-wagon) that will take you there from the center of Florence.


Red Garter
Via de' Benci 33R
Florence (Italy)
***this bar was always packed. it was just interesting to me to check out the American crowd.

there's soooo many more, i am just trying to find the addresses!!!!!!!! have an amazing time!!!!

Jul 25, 2007
caitybirdie in Italy

Peanut Sauce

dont peanut sauces usually have coconut milk???? i thought they did, thats why i would cover everything on my place with it, full knowing it was going straight to my thighs.....

Jul 25, 2007
caitybirdie in Recipes

King Crab Legs?

ohhh BOILING CRAB IS IT!!!!!!!!

742 W Valley Blvd.
Alhambra, CA 91803

Jul 24, 2007
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

Elite's elite dim sum

is it just order off th menu or do they have carts?

Jul 23, 2007
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

Sawdust Festival Dining

i loved going to hotel laguna on PCH. amazing views with the sunset, and great cocktails. decent food as well.....

Jul 18, 2007
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

Help - Rome/Florence/Venice dining choices

for florence,

cafe pitti.
piazza pitti 9

maybe for lunch in florence:
Oil Shoppe
Via S.Egidio, 22R
50122 Firenze (Firenze), Italy
+39 055 2001092

Jul 18, 2007
caitybirdie in Italy

Jimmy's beef jerky - chinatown???

did she reply?!?!?! i loved that beef jerky! i could only find it in chinatown in san francisco!!!!! i miss it... suprisingly, the only thing that comes close is the teriaki beef at shakas. its tender, but its not beef jerky.....

Jul 18, 2007
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

The Boiling Crab in Alhambra

i made sure to wear a grey crappy shirt. it was a great experience.......

Jul 13, 2007
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area

The Boiling Crab in Alhambra

alrighty!!! i went, i ate, i saw!!!!!!! i went monday, the day after they opened, and i got there around 6:30-ish with 5ppl. by 7:30pm, it was packed! there was a 30min wait!!!!!! GEEZ!!! quality is just like the garden grove location, they had already run out of potatoes!!!!!!! it was great!!!!! see you all there! i need to invest in one of those metal bars to wash away the fish smell off of my hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 11, 2007
caitybirdie in Los Angeles Area