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My Knives are SO Dull!!

westpfal reopened on 115 W. 25th, b/w sixth & seventh.

Jan 15, 2008
awesomechoi in Manhattan

nyc chowhound in san diego for a weekend wedding in june

a friend recommended fish house, they said it was only 15 minutes from del mar? i think something for the $25 and under range would be good for thursday night dinner ... thank you!!!

Jun 01, 2007
awesomechoi in San Diego

nyc chowhound in san diego for a weekend wedding in june

and searching cheap eats in del mar/la jolla area. looking for anything beachy or relaxed for a group of five or six people that will be arriving in san diego thursday evening; good cheap seafood or mexican for lunch on friday, also preferably near a beach; i think we're heading up to the fish house in carlsbad for dinner on friday; then a great, inexpensive brunch on saturday and sunday. sunday i'm looking for a stick-to-your-ribs kind of brunch that will last us until we land back in NYC late that night; saturday can be lighter fare. I've heard hash house is ok? opinions? thanks!

Jun 01, 2007
awesomechoi in San Diego

Ragu alla Bolognese

does this freeze well?

Feb 28, 2007
awesomechoi in Recipes

Dessert: Babbo or Varietal?

don't do it! varietal is cold, service is spotty, and the whole place is gonna seem *real* sterile after dinner at babbo. of course, if you like cold white walls and super formal, kinda awkward service, maybe that's more your thing ... the desserts are tasty and interesting -- think celery root and chocolate, absinthe and green apple -- but not worth sacrificing a perfect affogato, saffron panna cotta, cheese course and few nibbles of mini biscotti. plus ... do you really want to traipse a girl out around town unnecessarily on a cold, wet, february night? do her stomach and her heels a favor and stay at babbo.

Feb 28, 2007
awesomechoi in Manhattan

Just moved to East Williamsburg/Bushwick - where should I eat?

mojito loco has great, cheap everything. the grilled corn, nopales salad, spicy peruvian ceviche, and pollo al carbon are all great -- on meserole & manhattan. also have 2 for 1 mojitos during happy hour. tony's pizza is tasty for delivery, try the lasagna pizza for a very tasty heart attack.

Feb 26, 2007
awesomechoi in Outer Boroughs

BABBO review - please comment

who goes to babbo and doesn't eat the pastas? i nearly cried last week when my love letters were all gone. and, when my papardelle was all gone. and, when my perfectly grilled branzino was all gone. and, when my sicilian lifeguard calamari was all gone. and, when my lamb's tongue was all gone. and, especially, when my saffron panna cotta was all gone.

but, that's just me ... who cares about the windows when you're licking your plate?

Feb 23, 2007
awesomechoi in Manhattan

Suggestions in Williamsburg

if you're a fan of tea, roebling tea house, at roebling & metropolitan, has an amazing 60-odd tea menu and delicious bread basket ... great pulled pork sandwiches and french toast, too. i'd skip the paninis at marlow & sons but their cheese and meat nibblies are suuuuper tasty. for brunch on the cheap try the lodge, at havemeyer & grand. pint-glass bloody marys or mimosas are 2 for $6 during weekend brunch!

Jan 09, 2007
awesomechoi in Outer Boroughs

Christmas in Kauai

postcards cafe in hanalei is great, quiet, more romantic ( it requires reservations but is casual, all organic. dolphin cafe has fantastic grilled and roasted fish dishes, doesn't take rezzies, but has a nice outdoor area to chill for drinks while you wait. sushi blues, in ching young village, has a cool vibe -- sit at the sushi bar and the guys will make some special rolls for you.

at the princeville hotel, in princeville, there's a great sushi night on monday and friday nights, friday night have live music. i like java kai in hanalei for breakfast and smoothies -- i think there's a java kai in kapaa also, and lotus root cafe in kapaa is a nice place for morning tea. ono burger, which is a roadside stand near kilauea, has delicious fish sandwiches and burgers, and the smoothies at the guava plantation are hard to beat. in kapaa, kintaro is also good casual sushi, along with some other korean/japanese dishes ... sensing a theme here?

and if you like raw fish ... ishihara market in waimea has the best poke on the island! i like the kimchi tuna, but it's possible that's just the korean in me :) aloha!

Cheers Thai

siam orchid is far superior to cheers, although i like the shabby chic thing going on at cheers, and i've ony had siam orchid for delivery. lily thai is also pretty good, and great for delivery.

Nov 28, 2006
awesomechoi in Outer Boroughs

L Cafe on Bedford

walk a few blocks east to coco cafe, on grand bw driggs & havemeyer. very relaxed, comfy couches, good coffee & hot chocolates, free wireless. they have an all greek menu now, some tasty pastries and eggs in the morning.

on grand & havemeyer there's also a chic little internet cafe. haven't been, but the place is always packed with people and their laptops.

Nov 28, 2006
awesomechoi in Outer Boroughs

Chicago deep-dish pizza in NYC?

it doesn't exist in NYC. i'm with sedela on freezer pizzas. and you don't need to go to chicago to get it. both giordano's and eduardo's offer par-baked frozen deep-dish pizzas that they will fed ex in freezer containers the homesick among us. i think ranalli's might also, but IMO their pizza pales in comparison ... i order a par-baked deep-dish giordano's spinach at least once a year.

Nov 27, 2006
awesomechoi in Manhattan

staying near 30th St and 3rd any suggestions???

you'll be five blocks from koreatown. the main restaurant row is 32 b/w 5&6. most restaurants are open 24 hours, lots delicious and cheap bbq and specialty soup, noodle, and dumpling houses. just follow your nose.

Nov 22, 2006
awesomechoi in Manhattan

Struggling/up & coming place you want to support?

i know this is the manhattan board, but brooklyn has my stomach. my boyfriend and i stumbled on this place when he moved to the hood a few weeks ago. we've been at least once a week since.

NAME: mojito loco, opened january 06.
LOCATION: Meserole & Manhattan streets, in Williamsburg/Bushwick
CUISINE: mostly peruvian, latin fusion
SIZE: the size of my apartment. my one bedroom 400-sq. ft. apartment.
AMBIANCE: laid back, chill, honest, colorful warm latin vibe without trying too hard. the three owners will come out and have a glass of scotch during slow hours, and ask your opinions about how to tweak the recipes.
DINNER w.o booze: $30 for two entrees and two appetizers. go during happy hour and you get two drinks for the price of one ... the $10 fresh fruit mojitos are well worth it.
FAVORITE DISH: nopalitos salad, mexican corn, peruvian ceviche (fried and crazy spicy) and chicken al carbon.

Nov 20, 2006
awesomechoi in Manhattan

any thoughts on shanghai gourmet on mott st?

my parents are in town and craving korean-chinese, esp. ja-jang myun. i've been to that place on 35th st, thought it was pretty good, but they're staying in tribeca and don't feel like going uptown, much less out to flushing. opinions on shanghai gourmet or any other chinatown locale that might offer a good bowl of ja-jang myun to satisfy my korean p's? thanks.

Nov 02, 2006
awesomechoi in Manhattan

Best mac and cheese?

i'm with tangentialist on this one. i could give myself a facial in the dumac & cheese. at dumont and dumont burger, both in williamsburg.

Oct 26, 2006
awesomechoi in Manhattan

NYC chowhound in SF for a week

thank you all! any thoughts on pho for the weekend? turns out i'll be staying near union square, but able to travel wherever.

NYC chowhound in SF for a week

hey all. i'm going to be in town for a week in early november for business. will be staying near union square and happy to make my way to berkeley and oakland as long as i don't have to drive (a dangerous proposition for me). i'm looking for any interesting, chic places for business dinners during the week plus any inexpensive restaurants/holes in the wall for great pho and mexican, plus good farmers markets and casual places serving local, seasonal foods for the weekend. once i'm off the company dime my expense threshold drops dramatically -- cheaper is better! thanks.

L'Impero Lunch Recs?

the polenta. must get the polenta.

Oct 02, 2006
awesomechoi in Manhattan

Last Visit to NYC for New Parents

for billyburg drinks ...

marlow & sons, right near the bridge, on broadway - get a table outside, the cured meats & cheese selections are fantastic, and great oyster bar.

spuyten duyvil, on metropolitan - amazing beer & wine selection, also sake. kinda quirky bar area and nice outdoor garden in the back.

moto, on broadway, near hewes - good for inexpensive bottle of wine and aps, have live music every night.

Sep 14, 2006
awesomechoi in Manhattan

Dressler in Billyburg...any good?

ate there on sunday and have had drinks at the bar a few times. pomegranate martinis are delicious, nice wine list, good service. it's pricey for what it is but no disappointments ... the crispy artichoke salad, bass and steak are all yums. get the onion rings on the side. a-ma-zing. spent $130 on 3 drinks, 1 ap, 2 entrees, 1 dessert.

Sep 12, 2006
awesomechoi in Outer Boroughs

First visit to the Big Apple

if you want to kill yourself with a hot dog, go to crif dogs on st. marks place. it will be a good death.

Sep 12, 2006
awesomechoi in Manhattan