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Take Your Lunch to Work: Beans

who though of this the bean board? storing and opening beans for a week is disqusting; eating them every day is also disgusting!

Mar 13, 2009
ijhhot in Features

2009 Presidential Inauguration Menu

when did President elect Obama ever say that he liked Pumpkin" Pie? you "alcan" are showing your true self. the end of this article has a video that mentions pie fifteen times, there is no mention of pumpkin pie, i will continue to believe that very little thought was given to this menu by chow.

Jan 10, 2009
ijhhot in Features

2009 Presidential Inauguration Menu

you are insulting the president and a whole ethnic group by suggesting that we eat or make pumpkin pie on inauguration day; sweet potato pie is the one and please stop this sort of menu choosing without doing better editorial preparation.

Jan 09, 2009
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Linguine with Clams and Chorizo

Edit the recipe, you can save peoples lives and keep us from getting sick!
quote from text: "What to buy: Mexican chorizo (not to be confused with its Spanish counterpart) is a fresh pork sausage that is ready to eat."
Mexican chorizo is not ready to eat, it must be cooked. Please edit recipe.

Dec 30, 2008
ijhhot in Recipes

Cool Hand with the Salad Dressing

Newman help make available to a larger market products and a level of taste that is very good and offered a alternative to hunts Heinz and Kraft. he also underwrote a effort to bring better tasting food to the fast food arena, in fact working with burger king at the time to offer a meal that was actually brought to the table. i have and will continue to enjoy all of his products with the exception of the lemonade.

Sep 30, 2008
ijhhot in Features


no one that i have met from Jamaica or anyone with a good since of cooking would use this many ingredients to produce a basic poor man's cooking. in case you haven't heard it is now recommended to not wash chickens as this spreads deadly bacteria to other areas. lemon juice is a waste as you have vinegar, alcohol, what else do you need? Parsley in a jerk sauce and 48 hours, for the leg quarters you are using anytime over 24 hours is a true wast and will change the complexion of your dish, and is a total waste of time. you also will want to use more green onions and eliminate ginger and this small and useless quantity of soy sauce.

Sep 25, 2008
ijhhot in Recipes

Eat Well and Save

i agree; in addition, you can always check the day old shelf for "tonight's meal". many of the coupons are for processed foods and new products that i find do not taste good. you can also do better by buying smaller portions of meats and vegetables, ask the meat person to give you one steak instead of the family pack, or buy a porterhouse steak, eat the fillet the first night and the sirloin after wrapping well a day or two later; leave the meat on the bone it will last a while longer. veggies are where you need to be very careful, i stop on the way home and buy only enough for one to two days at a time and only buy where you can buy open stock and choose the perfect tomato or ear of corn or slice of watermelon.
there is a hidden cost to all foods: preparation and cooking, i never use the oven in the summer time and preparation of everything before cooking and you will find that a simple saute of asparagus, remov from the pan, add a little more olive oil, not extra vergin but a blend, cook your meat and while this is working assemble your salad and you can be finished during a commercial break on most network stations.

Jul 21, 2008
ijhhot in Features

Fishing with Rick Moonen

you suggest tilapia, catfish and arctic char, all of which are highly farmed, like shrimp from Asian countries, basa and so called catfish are farmed all over the world, it is almost impossible to get farmed American catfish, remember that tilapia was the "fish that fed the multitude" and these fish require feed, with grain prices being what they are, in addition fish meal is being used from other species of fish?
finally artic char is truly a farmed fish according to one of your own sources , seafood choice alliance. finally how can we afford to bring fish from Hawaii to Las Vegas or for that matter to the east coast at current fuel cost.

I think the Chow should be very careful with these info interviews that ARE DESIGNED TO PROMOTE A BOOK, WHEN IT IS GOOD AND TRUSTED INFORMATION THAT IS MORE IMPORTANT.

Jul 06, 2008
ijhhot in Features

Unwashed hands handling your food.. What would you do?

you need to contact the local health department, in most states you do not have to leave your name, but do offer to give them a recipt or proof of purchase. they will usally contact the establishment. if i go to bigger places i always respond to their survays. and i all cases i have heard from someone.
the worst examples of this are food establishments that reuse gloves some actually will keep a pair in their pockets and use them over and over again, when i go to sushi bars i always watch several orders being prepared before i decide what to order; or to order at all. when you are standing inline look at the other areas the kitchen knife laying on the counter, face, hair and touching different parts of the body ande now cell phone use whill handling food, high volume place even if its not the best are the best bet.

Jun 26, 2008
ijhhot in Not About Food

A Sordid Tale of Knife Seduction

you can slice through this stuff even if you do not have knife skills; i agree that this is very bad self promotion.

May 22, 2008
ijhhot in Features

Paul prudhomme's "Always Cooking". Anyone tried it?

smart chefs and cookbook people have tried for years to capitalize on spice blends and rubs offering their own recipes. chef paul was one of the first to offer supplies from his own company, however in his first cook book Louisiana cooking all of the spice blends were offered in the recipes. the problem for all of us who like to follow this style of cooking is that using these blends is a very expensive proposition, in the super market a small container of pepper works out to be over a hundred dollars a pound. in each blend salt and sugar play an important roll. learn to make your own blends based on what you like as a flavor as the bases. small quantities such as a pinch or a eight of a teaspoon rarely make a contribution to the taste of the dish. if i cook the same fried chicken over time i have reduced the small ingredients that no one notices or can identify and add more important things such as dried garlic or dried onions etc which tend to make the dish taste better. remember that no Cajun or for that matter, most of our parents or grandparents had access to all of these ingredients when most of these dishes were developed.
I find that Chef Paul has never received credit for giving us good information on the foundation of good home cooking and that once you have mastered these techniques you will very rarely have trouble cooking food that will make you feel good and good for you. always cooking is a way to introduce people to his spice blends and very good marketing.

May 12, 2008
ijhhot in Home Cooking

Fresh Eating and Less Waste

another product promo, what ever happen to cooking with available foodstuffs? at the current cost of the herbs and $30, for the keeper, you are approaching $100 lb food cost for herbs. lets all return to a simpler time and use what is in season and if you live in a area that does not produce "fresh" use dried!

Apr 07, 2008
ijhhot in Features

Bacon Egg & Cheese-Please

if you don't like salt why not say: "no salt please", this is one place that will give you a good sandwich, custom built to your specifications including, the last time i was there, real pepper grinders filled with black pepper. Try Panera bread for a truly different breakfast sandwich, but again if you do not wish for extra salt, just say so.

Apr 03, 2008
ijhhot in Greater Boston Area

Summer Shack

i am surprised that there are not more comments on the "specials menu", i have been eating at least twice a month at the summer shack and have the following comments: the specials are hit or miss, outstanding frog legs, lamb chops, sardiens , smelts, etc., the problem is the condiments and the choice of sides, not very well though out and often too many ingredients. I have learned to ask for condiments from other preparations or to take the main element of the plate without anything. i have often had several appetizers many using greens with the same tast. there are hiddeen good dishes on the regular menu, flounder with rock shrimp can be very good depending who is making the sauce. which brings us to the next problem, line cooks that don't know the foods they are cooking. i have had the lobster in all of the different preparations and the boiled lobster with potato, clams or mussles, sausage and boiled egg and a ear of real corn, is in my opion the best, i agree that i will wait till spring and summer and head to a real summer shack for clams and lobster in the ruff at a better price and even fresher than those that spend their most expensive years growing in a tank till someone is willing to pay these prices. the lobster bisque depends on the time of the day you are ordering and it is not enough of a good thing. the other chowders are not very good. parking at cambridge cannot be beat, what could be better than a large free parking lot? the pies and deserts are good but not great, they were orginally made by a good pastry chef, not your grandmother or the church ladies, so they can be classically. perfect but not sweet enough to bring the pleasure of a pie from some of the better clam shacks on the coast. I will never be good to myself and pay up to twenty (20) dollars for bluefish! the problems with the main dishes are mostly expectations on the part of the consumer you go in prepared for what you know and grow up with. the grilled items can be dry or very uneven more often it is the sides of very poorly prepared vegs( zuc and squash) are banished from my plate for ever, fried items have been very good with fried oysters being the most problematic , with most being too small or off tasting, they had a good ribeye but decided to change to a very mediocre ny strip. all of this said go often learn to work the menu, and enjoy the idea of eating good food without having to dress and pretend; share plates and i agree food is love.

Feb 11, 2008
ijhhot in Greater Boston Area

Mr. B's Bistro cookbook

i would recommend k-paul's louisiana kitchen, this book is a textbook in the home preparation of Cajun/creole foods. just start at the beginning and read through this book follow the directions and be sure to assemble the ingredient list and do your prep work ahead. once you are off and running you will be very happy with these dishes and your mastery of the techniques involved will serve you for many years to come no matter where you live or what you have to cook

Dec 17, 2007
ijhhot in Home Cooking

Carnegie Pastrami at Costco - Lousy

you hit it on the head, the meat for this sandwich is pre portioned and the reconstitution process just destroys the fibers of the meat by taking all of the moisture out. on my try the bread was fresh, but the pile of zapped meat killed it as my bargain meal. i will also be sticking with the hot dog, i ask for a fresh bun.

Nov 26, 2007
ijhhot in Chains

Restaurant Supply Store in Lexington/Bedford/Arlington area?

any good hardwear store will have these supplies; cheese cloth is very expensive since you are unwilling to travel, try coffee filters; on second thought, try a major supermarket.

Nov 10, 2007
ijhhot in Greater Boston Area

miele vs. wolf cooktop

other considerations are: if this is for a home installation you need to make sure that the range is insulated, and that you have a gas line that will deliver the required btu to warrent using a commercial range in the home, also knobs in the fromt allow you to fine tune settings by watching the flame as you adjust the knob.

Nov 08, 2007
ijhhot in Cookware

How to Cook Yet Another Thing

HOLDUP!!! bittman has and will continue to do very good and inspiring work, he has helped many people to feel comfertable in the kitchen and also feel good about the food and the people they eat with every day. i read his column every wed, in the NY times and have purchased all of his books, reading them as information sources and also using many of his recipes. other people have published veg books that are very narrow in focus. there are some very unhappy people reading these pages, i think they shoud just try to become more comfortable with them selfs and their food.

Oct 19, 2007
ijhhot in Features

Leftover smoked brisket

diced, even with small amounts of fat let on some pices it will make a great chili, with or without ground beef. it can be diced and frozen for later use as chopped beef sandwices combined much as you would with the maain ingredients of sloppy joe, or you can make a smoked beef hash with potatos.

Oct 02, 2007
ijhhot in Home Cooking

Best online store for kitchen supplies

the good thing about amazon is that other retailers use the sight to sell their items and you can compare prices and availability easily. you can also return things really quickly and no hassle. sometimes the amazon item will be cheaper because you will have complete control over the shipping charges. the merchants that work through amazon are rated and also the merchant is required to honer the transaction policy.

i also like paying through amazon, for added protection. you can also use amazon like google to search for what you want, sometimes i go to the other sellers site to look at additional options and compare shipping.

also if it is being sold buy amazon they will tell you if it is a reconditioned item or a closeout, many other vendors do not disclose this important info. i have had good luck with bed and bath 20 % coupons in many cases you just walk into the store and find that with the discount the item is a bargen. you can also find coupons on the web by googling the name( Kitchen Aid+coupon).
i have even shopped amazon in England and Canada for some items.

Sep 24, 2007
ijhhot in Cookware

Teeming Tilapia

tilapia depends on the water and soil runoff and drainage of the ponds, in general the growth conditions. The handling of the fish from harvest, i have seen it at a dollar a pound frozen at wholesale from every third world country you can think of; afterall this is the fish that fed the multitude in the bible.
it can have a downright nasty taste and unless you know your sources "forget about it". like a pig or other food sources that require no additional help to multiply tilapia live on veg and body secretions any muddy pool even a swimming. pool can be used to farm them.

Sep 22, 2007
ijhhot in Features

Home Attempt Restaurant Fish Deliciousness Failure

salt & pepper in the cavity, you did not mention olive oil or lemon slices.

Sep 07, 2007
ijhhot in Home Cooking

Campfire Trout with Herbs and Bacon

why tell people to use a grilling basket without first oiling or spraying with pam so that the skin ddoes not stick to the metal.

Bacon place raw bacon between two plates and microwave till cooked, you can then wrap and fold into the cavity if you have a large fish or you can lay lengthwise on the grate place the fish on top place a second piece of bacon on top and close the grate.

Aug 23, 2007
ijhhot in Recipes

That's One Big Test Kitchen

i am old enough to rember the early days of consumer digest and its effects on our then consumer purchasing habits; just imagin setting your table for gest having them eat and "declare this as the best meal they have had in a long time"! You reply that "I GOT MY RECIPES FROM THE AMERICAN TEST KITCHEN FAMILY COOKBOOK'

Aug 22, 2007
ijhhot in Features

The Other Napa

very nice artcal; but why put down places like the French laundry that have set a really good benchmark for all of who like and want to have good food.

Aug 16, 2007
ijhhot in Features

How do I grill a steak?

a word of caution about bringing to room temp: what is room temp, 80 degrees?, as i understand it it is the temp of a room at 4:00 pm. today you can not afford to take a chance with meats beef in this instance because of the way meat is processed, here are some of the reasons: you buy your meat at a market, you spend twenty min in the market, you stop at a another spot to pick up additional ingredients, your trip home takes 30 min. in this weather you are in the temp danger zone. today meat is processed and tenderized and pumped with water and some other things to give it value added. because of health and quality concerns most professional cooks are not holding meat at room temp.
prepare your grill with two zones one very hot for searing and crust development. you want a good crust development, not a gray outside. turn the meat often for a total of three to four min. transfer you meat to the other side of the grill and continue cooking till done to your choice. it is during this time that i sprinkle salt and pepper on the meat as it will add to the tast because of the heat of the meat and the juice is also warm to help.
the rib eye is the best cut and choose a steak with lots of fat, you do not have to eat it, but it will certainly add to the taste and cooking process. RIB EYE STAKE SHOULD NEVER BE COOK PAST MED.

Aug 03, 2007
ijhhot in Home Cooking

Grass-Fed Beef

i thin that we all need to look at what started this return to nature: the price of corn (ADM) and the lobbiest for special intrest, it is like baby feeding every few years all of the suggestions and approved ways change. now you have antibiotic free chickens coming from some of the larges suppliers, of chicken, not because they care, the cost is to high, and the same with lot feeding or finishing cattle, "promote it as being better and natural and the people will buy it and we can make more money".

Aug 02, 2007
ijhhot in Features

Grown in Detroit


Aug 01, 2007
ijhhot in Features

Restaurant Warning Signs

hear are some more signs: cig butts outside the main entrance; workers who smoke returning to wwork without washing hands and smelling as though they are still smoking.

staff chewing gum while working with food and customers.

bothe men and women playing with their hair and other parts of their body.

dirty or soiled shirts and heavy perfumes or other cover spray.
hair gels, they have now descovered the constant use of water as a cheaper gel.

table lenin under glass tops.
lights turned down so low that you can not read or see a menu.

soiled plastic menus

open doors in summer that allow all sorts of flying and walking things in to eat with you.

the use of the word fresh to describe foods that are not

the sound of microwaves going off when they start preparing your food..

Jul 24, 2007
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