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Pacific Foods Barista Series Soy Milk

Have you tried So Nice Barista Blend? Whips up nicely and readily available around town.

Looking for Spectrum Organic VIRGIN coconut oil ASAP!

Pretty sure I saw this at Healthy Planet, off Islington Ave, yesterday. Healthy Planet is a chain, so you might find a location close to you.

where to find Egyptian koshari in Toronto?

Glad you liked the koshari. For laksa, I like Hawker Bar on Ossington.

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu - Uptown

It would be great if someone who spoke the language could ask restaurant staff about the broth. I have asked about the broth and despite the veg symbols, they have said that it is pork based. Sadly, I think to many, veg means no visible chunks of meat.

Tori's Bakeshop: What's it like?

Not all that strange actually. There are many vegan restaurants that substitute smoked coconut for bacon and in my opinion, it works quite nicely...but I am biased as I am vegan.

My understanding is that Tori's is all vegan. They use "butter"and "cheese"in their product descriptions but they assured me that they use animal-free substitutes.

Having said that, Tor's is a nice place for a weekend coffee and pastry/sandwich but I do not see it as a destination, as there are many alternatives closer to home.

ISO veg-friendly lunch spot in Burlington

Kindfood, John and Lakeshore.

Raspberry sorbet where to find a good one in downtown

Not downtown, but San Remo Bakery, on Royal York, south of Evans, make a good one.


While not quite in Toronto, you might want to investigate Gourmet Vegetarian and Graceful Vegetarian. Both serve up mock meats and are just north of the city. Very do-able, if you have a car. Make it a short day may find Pacific Mall interesting.

Cardinal Rule on Roncesvalles Ave - Anyone been yet?

Been a few times. Good vibe, friendly staff and vegan food. Vegan is hard to come by so I'll take it wherever I can.

Loving Hut on Eglinton? Vegan Organic is it too good to be true?

Not sure of the one on Richmond but I believe the Eglinton one serves cheesecake from Sweets From The Earth. If you want to avoid the brain-washing on the tv, pick up the desserts in a grocery store.

"Fancy" Veggie Restaurant Options?

I like Cafe 668 a lot. Just wish it wasn't always so cold in there!

"Fancy" Veggie Restaurant Options?

Fressen would likely suit your veg*n needs. It is the most upscale veg*n restaurant in TO. But having said that my SO and I recently experienced George's vegan tasting menu and have decided that George will now be that special place, when the occasion presents itself. Like others have said, it's recommended to call ahead.

ISO GOOD gelatin free marshmallows please

Panacea also sells Sweet n Sara marshmallows, in assorted flavours.

APieCalypse Now sells awesome vegan marshmallows. You can find them online or at a few of the neighbourhood foodie markets around town.

Vegetarian Buddhist restaurants ?

I wasn't aware that Buddhist vegetarianism included no mushrooms. If that is the case, I think you will be hard pressed to find places. You might want to try Buddha's Vegetarian, Buddhist Vegetarian, Cafe 668, Gourmet Vegetarian but I'm sure they all serve mushrooms.

Raw restaurants would likely work for you too.

Good luck.

Cafe 668
885 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J1V9, CA

Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant
280 West Beaver Creek, Thornhill, ON L4B3Z1, CA

Vegetarians Sausages or grilling for Vegetarians (input on Feta and Spinach Sausages at Costco)

Pass on the pre-made sausages and bbq some portobello caps!

Where can I get a vegetarian burger?

A word of warning to those that are vegetarian.......the veggie burger at Jack Astor's isnt! For some reason, they saute the accompanying mushrooms in worcester sauce.

Vegan pizza that delivers to yonge and eglinton - late at night

I've found that just about any pizza place will make a vegan pizza, just tell them no cheese or meat. The one thing you have to ask about is whether there is egg in their dough. This varies from place to place.

where to find Egyptian koshari in Toronto?

Can't vouch for its quality but I've had it at a mom and pop shop on the east side of Duncan, just south of Queen, between the Subway and the Lebanese place. Sorry but I can't remember the name of the place.

Organic Fast Food Restaurants in Toronto

Yup, Fresh is vegan, except for some of their drinks, where you have a dairy option.

best 'to go' coffee Yonge and Gerrard area?

Fresh Start, 655 Bay Street, just around the corner from the Chelsea.

Brunch with a vegan option

Fressen.......Pulp Kitchen.....the food is good enough that the carnivores won't miss their bacon!

Hunting for Specific Vegan Items

Picked up the Galaxy Foods' vegan parm at Panacea on Saturday. Can't recall whether they had the rice cheese, Have you tried tthe Daiya cheeses (mozzarella and cheddar)? The best vegan cheese out there IMO.

your fave vegetarian/vegan spot in or near Kensington Market?

Hibiscus, in Kensington....Rancho Relaxo, near Kensington (for their veggie/vegan efforts).

Any vegetarian/vegan places near York University?

Sort of a barren wasteland for veggie/vegan restaurants up around York U for dinner type meals but if looking for lunch/snacks/take-out, there are plenty of options on campus.

ISO: Vegan Non-Hydrogenated Butter/Butter Substitutes [moved from Ontario board]

I second Earth Balance. Quite tasty! Check out Panacea, in the Bloor and Bathurst area for everything vegan.

May 31, 2010
jeffs101 in Vegetarian & Vegan

Pad Thai and Vegetarian Friendly in Ottawa

Sacred Garden, 1300 Bank St.....great vegetarian Thai restaurant. Can't vouch for the Pad Thai but I've enjoyed most of their menu.

Sacred Garden
1300 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S3Y4, CA

Where can I get a real vegetarian patty in Toronto?

Help - Restaurants that can accomodate vegans downtown (Scotiabank Theatre)

Not sure about all Burrito Boyz but the one out west at Lakeshore and Brown's Line adds dairy to their guac so vegans should ask before ordering it.

Burrito Boyz
9 Stavebank Rd, Mississauga, ON L5G2T3, CA

Lakeshore Restaurant
2390 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V1C3, CA

ISO PHO with a veggie broth

Green Earth on Broadview, at Gerrard, have vegetarian pho. They are a vegetarian/vegan restaurant.

Vegetarian friendly "nice" restaurants outside of Toronto?

I'm heading out to Guelph this weekend and I'm looking forward to dinner at The Cornerstone. I haven't been there before but trusting a friend on this one. Unfortunately I couldn't find a menu online.