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Spot Coffee - Delray Beach

Went in this past week. I ordered a ham and cheese. For starters the girl said what is that? Didnt know they had that on the menu! Took half hour to get it and the girl at the end of the counter where you pick up your food (she was covered in tattoos in case managemwnt is reading so they know who im talking about) was giving me attitude the whole time and not 1 apology! Food was ok but they seriously need to work on their staff. I give them until oct/nov tops. No way they'll be able to survive after the summer with people like that working there

Best conch fritters

Looking for best conch fritters and or raw bar in palm beach or broward?

sunday brunch in boca

whats everyones favorite? not looking for buffet but something nice. does addison do brunch? what about wild olives?

saporissimo in boca raton

off topic but anyone know what happened with the owners of trattoria on 18th st next to howards? did the owners open up somewhere else?

Montreal Bagels in South Florida

I am from montreal and had a hard time finding good bagels down here until a few years ago when brueggers opened in boca. They are the best bagels I have had outside montreal. I used to live in ny as well and they are better than h & h or any other place you can bring up there. try them out

My Bagel Review

GBL - have you ever tried bruegger's? I live 1/2 month in new york 1/2 month in florida and i have had bagels all over new york. bruegger's can hold their own to any bagel in new york

top subs hogies grinders in fla

russos is terrible, how can you even write that here?

Oct 24, 2009
chowguy in Florida

tratoria on sw 18th in boca

does anyone know if the old owners opened up anywhere else? was one of my favorite italian restaurants.

Oct 24, 2009
chowguy in Florida

ginza japanese buffet in boynton beach

anyone try it? any reviews? thanks!

Looking for HELP w/ FUN and DELICIOUS place West Palm - Ft. Lauderdale

check out downtown delray.. theres plenty of good places around there. dada, falcon house, cabana just to start.

chinesee food in boca or delray

uncle tai's is great! I also like pine garden on federal in boca

need review of the new "brooklyn water bagel" store in Delray

im telling you guys.. you need to try bruegger's! I go there everyday. If you guys like bagels with or westside, you'll love bruegger's

Suggestions for dry-aged beef butcher shop?

anyone know anywhere in south florida?

Aug 17, 2009
chowguy in Florida

need review of the new "brooklyn water bagel" store in Delray

had to try it out.. really nothing special. I know they have been making a lot of noise but they're bagels are not that great. I've suggested Bruegger's in Boca on the board before, go check them out! Best bagels I've had in South Florida and I've eaten at probably every single bagel place down here

cottonwood boca closed being replaced with chow?

Anyone have any details?

Aug 16, 2009
chowguy in Florida

Chinese food in Palm Beach Co.

I forget the name of it but the chinese buffet on the sw corner of atlantic and military next to golds gym is really really good.. worth checking out

Dim Sum in Lake Worth

just wondering, how is the dim sum at abc? any good?

Best Bagels (SoFla)

hands down brueggers bagels in boca on federal hwy. and on wedensdays they have them for $5.99 / dozen! no one else's compare!

Empire Buffet in Delray

Anyone tried the empire buffet in delray? Heard its supposed to be really good, but havent been yet. It's on atlantic and military

Feb 24, 2009
chowguy in Florida

Breakfast in Boca

Bruegger's on federal is not to far and they have the best bagels around! It's close to mizner and you can walk around there

Bruegger's in Boca

been going to Sage for years. Even though Bruegger's is a chain, their bagels are much better than Sage. They boil their bagels first, and even though I'm sure Sage boils and bakes, still isnt as good.

Sep 26, 2008
chowguy in Florida

Bruegger's in Boca

They opened up this week, and I had to go try them out. Went twice! Great atmosphere. Hot bagels that they boil first! No one does that down here. I have to say it is definately the best bagel in south florida, or at least that I've tried and I've probably been to them all. Herby turkey is great, and I also had a soup salad duo the second time which is great because you can create your own salad.

They're in boca on federal hwy and 20th st in the 5th ave shops

Aug 28, 2008
chowguy in Florida

John G's in Lake Worth

but both tom sawyers and bfast and lunch club have serious french toast. so I am wondering if it is worth driving to lake worth for john g's just for the french toast?

May 14, 2008
chowguy in Florida

John G's in Lake Worth

how does their french toast compare to tom sawyers or boca breakfast and lunch club (both in boca)?

May 12, 2008
chowguy in Florida

noodle shop near central station amsterdam

When I was in amsterdam a few years ago, there was a noodle shop right near central station across from the water. It was on a corner, and very very busy. I think it was run by israelis. Sorry I'm being vague here, just remember it being very good and wondering if its a chain. Thanks

Apr 29, 2008
chowguy in International Archive

Bruegger's in south florida?

I heard bruegger's is coming to south florida. Is this true? If so that's great news!

Nov 05, 2007
chowguy in Florida


Shennanagans is good, but a completely different type of wing than boca wings.

Dec 27, 2006
chowguy in Florida


I dare anyone to find wings better than Boca Wing & Ribs on Federal.

If you can, please let me know, I'm very there!

Oct 29, 2006
chowguy in Florida

butcher in or around boca

Any suggestions? Looking for good quality meats.

Oct 29, 2006
chowguy in Florida

christina's greek in pompano great site with reviews on practically all southflorida restaurants..

how does this place compare to kostas? Kosta's is probably some of the best authentic greek food i've ever had, but i find it very heavy and can still feel the food the next day

Oct 25, 2006
chowguy in Florida