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Bistecca Fiorentina

Thanks for the explanation. I'm gonna try it!

Feb 02, 2007
Because I Say So in Recipes

Bistecca Fiorentina

What's the point of putting the pan of onion underneath, especially if you're supposed to discard them?

Feb 02, 2007
Because I Say So in Recipes

French Onion Soup


Taco Bell Enchirito. Face it!

Yum! I order mine without beans. So very far from authentic, and so very far from any standard I would have if I was doing anything other than purposely gorging on fast-food, but OH MY! The cheesy, saucy, erzatz beefy goodness of it! I'll eat five or six of these at once and be HAPPY!
Closet Enchirito lovers reveal!

Jan 27, 2007
Because I Say So in Chains

White Pizza...the kind like back East?!?

Big Mama's and Papa's, a small local chain with a location in Studio City, makes a very nice white pizza. You should check them out at:

I don't know that they make it with a four cheese blend as opposed to mozzarella, but it is alfredo sauce free and garlicy in a great way. I would not vouch for anything else there, but the white pizza has been enjoyed by dozens of people where I work.

Morton's vs Ruth's Chris

that's like saying you don't like Baskin Robbins cause they put nuts on their sundaes. Just ask for no butter for pete's sake. So typical...

Cracklins. Wash Pot Style?

What's the difference between a Wash Pot Style crackling and a regular crackling?

Thank you!

Is Mozza doing food to go yet?

If so, has anyone tried it for packaging quality and travel tolerance of the pizzas? I'd be carting them about 5 miles...


Does anyone know if China Grill in Manhattan Beach has a Website? (Need a menu.)

Here's a link to their menu: