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casual dinner in no va

with relaxed atmosphere $10-12 entree range --- Does anything like this exist? TIA

Really good casual salad?

I know what you mean, I have been to Sweet Tomato in Florida and love it. Nothing in this area comes close. Good Luck in your search.

WIN BUFFET on 236 shopping center with Marshalls

This this place any good?

Black forest cake ......... any suggestions for best

bakery to buy from.

Good barbecue in Northern Virginia brisket and chicken

with good sides. TIA

Dinner in Hagerstown, MD

The House of Kobe has really really good Japanese food. You can sit at a regular table or hibatchi style where they prepare the food in front of you -- sushi available too! There is a great Italian restaurant in the area -- the name escapes me. It has been two years since I lived in that area. I will search for the name of the rest. and post again.

Oktoberfest -------any coming up within a short drive

would like to find an authentic fest with music and good German food.

Lancaster and surrounding area in October small local restaurants

Look forward to trying these places. thanks

Sep 21, 2006
paris2 in Pennsylvania

Chinese for dinner tonight - any recs in the Baileys Crossroads area?

Delivery would be great. TIA

Colon, Panama and surrounding area any recs for nice lunch, not

too expensive. TIA

Lancaster and surrounding area in October small local restaurants

casual atmosphere. Previous suggestions were great, just want something casual. TIA

Sep 16, 2006
paris2 in Pennsylvania

Leesburg, Saturday lunch reasonably priced recommendations

sandwiches and comfort food. TIA

Arequipa, Peru romantic restaurant for October

Going to visit for two weeks. TIA

Lancaster non buffet restaurants for all meals

Thanks for the suggestions, I want to stay away from the tourist spots. Any good breakfast spots?

Sep 13, 2006
paris2 in Pennsylvania

Lancaster non buffet restaurants for all meals

going at the end of October, TIA for your recs.

Sep 12, 2006
paris2 in Pennsylvania

Cozy restaurant (locals favorite) in Leesburg

for Saturday, having birthday lunch with friends and would like something different. Have tried Lightfoot and the Eiffel Tower, would like a more casual setting. TIA