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Help me choose a cold cereal!

Try Smart Start...I find it to be much more filling than Kashi and it's quite tasty

May 09, 2007
PBnBanana in General Topics

instant pudding frosting?

I use this recipe all the time with vanilla instant pudding to fill profiteroles but I'm sure it would work just the same with chocolate...It really is delicious although it comes out more of a thick pudding than a frosting consistency I would say...

-Whip heavy whipping cream to stiff peaks(1/2 pint)
-Add instant pudding mix(1 package) and 1/2 pint milk together to the whipped cream(I usually fill the 1/2 pint container that the cream came in with the milk to get the proper amount, I'm not sure if that is the same amount of milk that the box says but the 1/2 pint works for me)
-Continue to whip until stiff peaks return

Hope this works out!

May 02, 2007
PBnBanana in Home Cooking

Restaurants Boca Del Mar

Sorry, not familiar with the area, just visiting...Boca Raton then...

Apr 24, 2007
PBnBanana in Florida

Restaurants Boca Del Mar

Looking for a special occasion restaurant for a vacation in Boca Del Mar. Willing to drive up to 20 minutes. Open to most types of cuisine.

Apr 23, 2007
PBnBanana in Florida

Popover cafe

Looks interesting...Anyone ever been?

Apr 20, 2007
PBnBanana in Manhattan

Alcoholic dessert

What about a tira can be generous with the dark rum...

Apr 15, 2007
PBnBanana in Home Cooking

Making Cinnamon Rolls for the First Time

Could you post the recipe? I'm becoming bored with my own and I'm interested in the cream cheese frosting...Thanks!

Apr 13, 2007
PBnBanana in Home Cooking

Nice cafes to chat in Westchester?

Jean Jacques in Pleasantville...

dessert westchester

Looking for a restaurant with extraordinary desserts in westchester, pleasantville chappaqua, mt. kisco area...willing to drive about 20 minutes

wine with sushi?

Love sushi, not a fan of saki...ive always been weary to drink wine with sushi although i'm not sure why. Can anyone enlighten me on the subject?

Dec 14, 2006
PBnBanana in Wine

Seafood in Westchester

I need a good seafood restaurant in westchester for dinner tomorrow night. Im coming from Pleasantville so nothing over about a 20 minute drive. A nice wine list is preferable.

amazing sushi in westchester-where should i go?

Try Hanada Sushi in Pleasantville

Cheese to match pears

My favorite salad includes pears and goat cheese...try it, it really is delicious

Nov 01, 2006
PBnBanana in Cheese

Pumpkin cheesecake

Thanks everyone!

Oct 31, 2006
PBnBanana in Home Cooking

Pumpkin cheesecake

Just tried it for the first time out to dinner the other night. Now i'm hooked. Anyone have a recipe?

Oct 31, 2006
PBnBanana in Home Cooking

Seeking macarons?

Where is the chocolate buffet in Boston?

Newly transplanted Manhattanite now in northern Westchester needs recommendations for birthday dinner.

please let me know what you think

Newly transplanted Manhattanite now in northern Westchester needs recommendations for birthday dinner.

Definitely try Restaurant Luna on 117 in Mt. Kisco. Great food! Huge wine wont be disappointed

Looking for good Italian in Nassau county

I you would like to stay a bit closer to Hewlett you can go to Old Country road(by the roosevelt field and source malls) and there are a few options. Try Vincent's Clam Bar... it's an Italian seafood restaurant in your price range and the food is delicious(nice martini selection as well). If you're looking for something different, further down Old Country rd. towards westbury is Cafe Baci...Two of my favorites for Italian food around the area...Vincent's may be a better choice if you're a bigger crowd, Cafe Baci gives off more of a romantic feel.

Authentic Mexican in Fairfield or Westchester Counties

Try Guadalajara on route 9 in ossining. Nice place, good food, good service, great sangria!

Nutrition labels [moved from General Topics]

This is probably a really silly question. When it comes to canned veggies, do the nutrition facts(i.e. sodium) include the liquid or brine that the veggies sit in inside the can or do "they" assume that you drain that liquid and therefor it doesn't count?...

Sep 28, 2006
PBnBanana in Not About Food

Healthy snacks for kids

Peanut butter and banana(hence my name) is like candy to me. So tasty it feels like a snack but I eat it for breakfast. I use reduced fat peanut butter making it a little less fattening...It's fun to let them spread the PB themselves

Sep 27, 2006
PBnBanana in Home Cooking

Dorm Food Challenge: Making a 'snack' for 40 people

A couple ideas...

These are called quick energy pickups I haven't made them in a while so im not sure the exact measurements but I dont think it will matter all that much...Mix peanut butter, chocolate chips, and some crushed graham cracker until its a doughy consistency. Roll into 1 inch balls. Roll balls in additional crushed graham crackers.
Make it healthier with reduced fat peanut butter and graham crackers...

Or you could try this dip. Spread cream cheese in the bottom of the pan or container you are making the dip in(1 block is usually good for a 9x9 inch pan) spread over the top one can of chili with beans(I go with the mild) with shredded cheese(those mexican blends are good but you can go with any shredded cheese)...heat in either the microwave or oven until cheese is melted...REMEMBER!! If you are using a metal pan DO NOT use the microwave...
Make it healthier with reduced fat cream cheese, turkey chili, and reduced fat shredded cheese...

Both these are very easy to make and both crowd pleasers. ALso, they both have protein..I too live in a dorm and understand how important it is to have protein rich snacks to keep energy up and avoid crashing...Good luck!

Sep 26, 2006
PBnBanana in Home Cooking

best bread pudding in westchester (pleasantville area)

Going to dinner in westchester tonight. In the mood for some serious bread pudding. Any quick suggestions?

turkey chile recipe

Huge fan of Mexican food especially chile...I'm trying to make it slightly healthier than is customary...any slightly healthy recipe ideas?

Sep 21, 2006
PBnBanana in Home Cooking

8 days in NYC

If you like Mexican food in a very casual setting try cosmic cantina on 3rd and 13th. One of the few organic mexican restaurants i know of... It's not a formal type place, you go to the counter and order from the menu on the wall and they call ur order when it's ready(which is always very quickly)...the food is always fresh and delicious and may just be some of the best sangria ive ever had(even beats Barcelona's in my book), they also other interesting drinks ...prices are very didn't give your age, most times im there it tends to be a younger crowd...give it a try...

Sep 13, 2006
PBnBanana in Manhattan

Best bagels in Tristate area?

Im from LI but go to school in westchester. I would have to say nothing in westchester even compares to LI when it comes to bagels. If you're ever on LI try A&S Bagels on Hempstead Tpke in Franklin Square. Definitely the best i've ever had. Huge selection of different types of bagels and shmears.

Japanese Restaurants, Glen Cove, LI

Try Shiro of Japan on Old Country Road in Carle of my faves!

Turkey burgers

I've tried several recipes...the flavor is there however i'm having an issue with keeping the burger together after it's tends to crumble and makes it difficult to eat...any suggestions as to a binder??

Sep 11, 2006
PBnBanana in Home Cooking