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Dick & Jenny's or Cochon for a Friday dinner?

Dick & Jenny's started taking reservations for parties of 5 or more earlier this year, right around when they opened up on Monday nights.

Dick & Jenny's
4501 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70115

Mar 27, 2010
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Searching for duck legs and fat

I know Carriage Foods, which supplies many local restaurants with meat products, used to sell directly to the public. The're out in Kenner and I know for a fact that they sell duck leg quarters and tubs of duck fat. Granted, both are probably in larger quantities than you might want for your Easter duck confit, but you could always put what you aren't going to use in the freezer to make later in the year, say for Christmas and Thanksgiving? Especially if its a success. Or, you could use duck fat for pan frying potatoes - delicious!

Mar 27, 2010
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Best Fried Oysters

I agree with roro. Dick & Jenny's fried oysters are the benchmark against which I judge all others. They have been my favorite ones in town since the first one I ate 9 years ago. Through owner and chef changes, the oysters have remained a constant there.

Feb 23, 2010
phyllisstein in New Orleans

New Orleans Night Out for Haiti is TONIGHT!

Go eat and drink tonight at a participating restaurant/bar to help raise funds for Haiti relief.

Dick & Jenny's
J'Anitas on the Avenue
Theo's Pizza
Nonna Ma
The Delachaise
Creole Creamery
Martinique Bistro
La Thai
The Columns

Feb 02, 2010
phyllisstein in New Orleans

February 2 - New Orleans Night Out for Haiti

Just saw this on FB. Keep your eyes open for restaurants and bars participating in this fundraiser on February 2:

"Recently our neighbors in Haiti were hit with what has been deemed the worst humanitarian crisis in decades. We here in New Orleans possess a special affinity for empathizing with their plight, and as we well know, they will be in need of major financial assistance for years to come as they begin to rebuild their country anew.

As a 15 year veteran of the restaurant scene with my last stint as bar manager at Dick and Jenny's, I know by personal experience how generous the restaurant community can be. That's why I am asking you to join together on February 2nd to donate 10% of your sales to the charity of your choice during our fundraising event New Orleans Night Out for Haiti.

This will not only be good for business and grant our community an opportunity to give back, but most importantly, together we can help scores of suffering people in their darkest hour by doing what we do like nobody's business and going out to enjoy a fantastic meal and some drinks at one of the many amazing restaurants and bars we are so lucky to have here in New Orleans.

We have set up this Facebook page where you will be able to register for the event, download flyers/table tents, and generally keep informed.

You can also email

Please pass this along to any and all restauranteurs and bar owners you know that may be interested in participating, and encourage all your family and friends to get out there and eat!

Together we can make a difference and have a good time doing it.

Thank you,

Miranda Lake"

Jan 20, 2010
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Crescent Pie and Sausage

They are in fact the same two guys who own and operate Huevos. Stop by Huevos when they're open (until mid-afternoon everyday except Wednesday) and ask for Jeff or Bart, they're the two guys you're looking for. Can't wait for the Sausage & Pie Company to open soon. As mentioned above, Huevos is on Banks St. directly across from the Banks St. Bar - there's new construction going on next door which is going to be the S&P Company.

Jul 09, 2009
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Sending 1st timers - what do you think?

Breakfast/Brunch - I'd avoid Court of Two Sisters and Brennans, not only are they in the FQ which will be a madhouse that weekend, but also they are overrated and overpriced. Brunch at Elizabeth's is a great excuse to get down to the Bywater and it's charming with great food. If you're going to be Uptown on Sunday, check out Dante's Kitchen for brunch.

Dinner - Jacques Imos has lost its charm and quality of food a lot in recent years, I'd avoid it. Dick & Jenny's is closed 4th of July week, so that's out too.

Jun 28, 2009
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Top 50 In U. S. & Only 1 In NOLa......

Just my two cents, but a disproportionately low percentage of New Orleans restaurants take reservations via OpenTable, at least relative to other cities like Boston, NYC, Atlanta and San Francisco. Furthermore, I wouldn't be surprised if the number of reservations made via OpenTable to New Orleans restaurants was notably lower than these and other cities as well. Since you have to be a restaurant that takes reservations via OpenTable to be eligible and you have to have a large volume of customers using OpenTable to vote, that could explalin the dearth of N.O. restaurants on this particular list. Like I say, just my 2 cents.

Apr 27, 2009
phyllisstein in New Orleans

La Boca

In my opinion the best restaurant to open in New Orleans post-Katrina, I've been 6 or 7 times in the last two years. The steaks are out-of-this-world fabulous and the grilled sweetbreads are not only the best sweetbreads I've ever had, but one of my favorite dishes all time.

It is pretty bare bones: steaks, a few sides (including incredible garlic fries) and a modest price list of mostly S.American Malbecs, but the steaks are not what you'd usually see on American Steak Menus - Skirt (w/ and w/o silverskin - delicious both ways), hangar, flank, grilled sweetbreads, etc.

If it's not a steak you're accustomed to ordering, ask how the chef would recommend it cooked. For example, the skin-on skirt steak is recommended medium to medium-well - while I would never order a normal (i.e. ribeye, filet, strip steak) anything beyond medium-rare, a medium-well skirt with skin is juicy and delicious).

Run, don't walk, to La Boca. Now I want to go back.

Apr 26, 2009
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Looking for a restaurant uptown New Years Eve

Dick & Jenny's

Dec 29, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans

3 Nights in Vegas - Suggestions?

Going to Vegas for 3 nights for Birthday/New Year's Getaway. Here's what I'm thinking

Day 1 - Arrive mid-afternoon on New Year's Day, staying at Venetian. Thinking late lunch & margaritas at Taqueria Canonita in the Venetian, Blue Man Group early show, B&B Ristorante for dinner. Staying close to home this day because expecting to be somewhat dragging butt from NYE the night before.

Day 2 - Only thing planned so far is "O" late show for birthday celebration. Getting room service for Breakfast (comes with the room) so need Lunch & Dinner rec's. Dinner in one of the Bellagio restaurants so we're close to "O"? Michael Mina? Sensi?

For lunch, thinking of going shopping off-strip - is Lotus of Siam really that good if we're going off-strip?

Day 3 - Wide open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. For Dinner I'm thinking of one between Rosemary's and Alize. I know it's apples vs. oranges - Rosemary's is definitely more along the lines of what my favorite restaurants are, BUT I'm in Vegas.

Day 4 - Sunday Brunch at Bouchon before driving out of town to Sedona.

Dec 20, 2008
phyllisstein in Southwest

Sailors Seafood & Oyster Bar

Closed for good. I've got a friend who lives in the neighborhood, said that they were closed and already selling off kitchen equipment.

Dec 13, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Best Place For Fresh Shrimp............

Well, the "Best Place" - the Shrimp Lot in Westwego - is not all that convenient to the FQ, nut if you're willing to drive, it's totally worth it. If not up for the drive, I'd say Big Fisherman or K-Jean's on Carrollton in Mid-City are your best bets.

Sep 22, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Anyone know anything about Gautreau's

I would go to Gautreau's over Patois 10 out of 10 times.

Sep 11, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Will any places be open the weekend after Gustav

Just talked to the owner of Dick & Jenny's, they will be reopen on Friday and are thinking of opening on Sunday and Monday this week as well (usually their days off). Also heard that La Boca and Rio Mar reopening on Friday as well. I'm sure a bunch of more places will be opening, these are just the ones I've heard of.

Sep 04, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Sometimes the lowliest of locations...

Dough Bowl definitely opened by 02-03. There was also a Dino's in Gentilly area, if memory serves...

Aug 06, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Sometimes the lowliest of locations...

Bob - I hear that the owner of the Dough Bowl is a partner in a new restaurant coming to mid-City called the Crescent Pie & Sausage Company (or something like that) - from what I hear it's going to be pizza, house made sausage & charcuterie & other stuff. The two guys have been serving a lot at Bacchanal - I'd imagine that the pizza will be as good as (if not better than) the Dough Bowl, without all the extra cheesiness (and I'm not talking pizza topping).

Jul 26, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Tommys vs Irenes ?

Without a doubt, Irene's is superior. Less than 50% of my meals at Tommy's would be considered "very good" but 100% of the meal's at Irene's have been "excellent."

Jun 06, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Sweetbreads, Best in N.O.? Good butcher shop? Is there any market where you can by them raw?

La Boca's grilled sweetbreads are the best sweetbreads I've ever had in my life (and I order them whenever they're on the menu). Sweetbreads were also the highlight of my recent trip to MiLa, perfectly pan roasted on top of truffled grits.

As for where to buy them, I know Carriage Foods (meat supplier to many restaurants in town) used to sell retail to the public, but I'm not sure if they still do that. Definitely worth checking out. A friend of mine once bought a rack of elk from them!

Jun 04, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Elizabeth's and "The Joint" in Bywater

Both are great. Elizabeth's is better for brunch (I think), in fact it's tied for my best brunch place with Dante's. The Joint is the best BBQ in town by far, and Pete & Jenny (the owners) are an extremely nice couple. Try the Mac & Cheese as a side, it's a little different and a lot good.

Jun 04, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans

best fried alligator in nola?

Harbor Seafood in Kenner (on Williams near Airport) has consistently had what I believe to be the best fried alligator in the city.

May 31, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Restaurant Patois or Brigsten's

Brigtsen's all the way. I've had hit-and-miss food at Patois, and never had service to my liking there. The Duck is always a hit at Brigtsen's (see the thousand other posts evidencing this), as is the Seafood Platter - NOT a fried seafood platter, but a medley of Frank's killer Louisiana seafood interpretations. Banana Bread Pudding is divine for dessert.

May 06, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans



Apr 21, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Is Jamelia's still open?

Maybe because you're spelling it wrong? Do you mean Jamila's Cafe on Maple St. Try that and see what you can find.

Apr 17, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans

On My Own 1st Night of JazzFest, Rec's for a Bar Dinner?

OK, so it's not walking distance, but you can take the streetcar all the way to riverbend (St. Charles & Carrollton) and eat at ONE Restaurant & Lounge. They've got a great food bar with 5-6 seats overlooking their kitchen and the food is very good. Taking the streetcar from Canal to Riverbend will be a great way to see the city, and since the sun doesn't go down until after 7:00, you could see most of the city on your way to a great dinner.

Apr 10, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans

8 days in plan.

While I agree that the Midwest can do pork extremely well, there is no denying that the cajun cooking methods utilized at Cochon are quite different from preparations you would find in your neck of the woods. Not that one is better than the other, they certainly both have their merits, but I don't think I'd have the attitude of "WTF would I eat pig in NOLA." I don't recall ever having any boudin worth a damn outside of Louisiana.

Apr 02, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Trying to Find a Good Brunch Spot?

Although the places you mentioned seem more like breakfast than brunch, if you want to stick Uptown I'd definitely head over to Dante's Kitchen. It's definitely pricier than the places you've been, but the food is also leaps and bounds more advanced than you would find at the places you mentioned. If you're looking for some others along the same lines of where you've been, I'd say Surrey's and J'Anita's - both in the Irish Channel/LGD area.

Apr 02, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Recs for baby-friendly dining in NOLA

Almost every time I've been to Dick & Jenny's for an early dinner, a number of the tables have kids ranging from newborn to 5 years old. Any seafood restaurant would be a good fit (Deanies, Frankie & Johnny's, Saltwater Grill, R&O's, etc.). Also neighborhood joints like Liuzza's or Joey K's would work well too.

Mar 31, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans

joey k's????

I love Joey K's for what it is: a solid neighborhood restaurant with great daily specials, huge schooners of ice cold Abita Amber, prices that can't be beat and a competent and genial waitstaff. That's probably why I eat there at least every 2 weeks.

Mar 24, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans

Martinique - It's Not Just for Nice Weather Anymore

It used to be that I would only go to Martinique Bistro when the weather was perfect for sitting outside, i.e. between 65 & 80 degrees w/ low humidity and no chance of your evening getting ruined by inclement weather. The food was always good, but I was never "wowed" by it. After my last two experiences there, I could probably be persuaded to go and sit inside if sitting on the courtyard was out of the question.

I dined there Saturday night and the meal was outstanding. Our 4 top shared most of what we got, including the gnocchi appetizer (heavenly), chevre salad, escargot & charcuterie plate. I ordered the fish which I couldn't begin to tell you the name of, something Pacific or other. While I love local seafood and I am an ardent "locavore" most of the time, it's nice to go to a place where you can fish that is more off the beaten path (the last time I ate there I had the Barracuda which is still one of the best fish dishes I've ever had). The rest of the entrees and desserts were also very good. While the service could have been more attentive, they were certainly competent and pleasant when they were around.

Anyone else had any good meals there recently?

Mar 17, 2008
phyllisstein in New Orleans