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Best Indian food in Queens (not counting Spicy M)

one block down from 74th and roosevelt where the pizzaria is on the corner, make a right the restaurant is NEW ASHOKA, it is buffet style, choice of at least 12 to 15 different items for like 8.99 dinner. excellent treat.

May 07, 2007
SILVER in Outer Boroughs

time out mag says quaint restaurant in sunnyside is best in queens anyone been?

whats to order?

May 04, 2007
SILVER in Outer Boroughs

Best slice in Queens can be found at Caruana's aka Joey's on 69st & Grand Ave in Maspeth

make your own english muffin pizza it beats them all!

Jan 19, 2007
SILVER in Outer Boroughs

looking for excellent shrimp ceviche in queens?

used to go to a place in greenpoint called "el colonial" it has since closed, then went to one of those illegal kitchens in east ny in the basement where a lady would do about 150 lbs of shrimp a day only sat and sun and sell out by 1 o'clock.(ecuadorian)

Jan 11, 2007
SILVER in Outer Boroughs

any secrets to a great tuna fish sandwich?

even to the extent of mixing (preparing) the tuna or ingredients used or bread preparation and even type of tuna used. thank you

Jan 10, 2007
SILVER in Home Cooking

suggestions for the best mail order xmas food gifts

other than harry and david

Dec 08, 2006
SILVER in Manhattan

Munchies in Maspeth?

you are in a tough area bring your own lunch

Oct 12, 2006
SILVER in Outer Boroughs

where can i get an excellent salad in queens for dinner?


Sep 12, 2006
SILVER in Outer Boroughs