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Emerald Isle, NC

oh, and if you make a trip up to beaufort, (cute little seaside town, worth the short drive) just past morehead city, the beaufort grocery is a great little lunch spot, with both seafood and non-seafood options (their crabcake sandwich is the best around, i think). there's a nice little boat museum there in town, too.

also nice, if not food related, would be a trip out to either cape lookout or hammocks beach - both only accessible by ferry. and if you're up for a longer drive up the outer banks, the coolest campground on the coast is the frisco, nc, national (or state?) park service place. a little out of the way, but that's the way we like it, right? right in the dunes, right on an unspoiled stretch of hatteras national seashore, with a view of the lighthouse up the coast. very cool.

Jul 17, 2010
surrys in Southeast

Emerald Isle, NC

don't miss the shrimpburgers (and barbecue) at the big oak drive inn, in salter path, just down the road from emerald isle. the red barn grill, in hubert, is a terrific, no frills seafood place, and is worth a trip (just about 20 min). in morehead city, i've been going to the sanitary fish market for lunch my entire life, and though it's something of a tourist trap these days, they've still got the best hush puppies in eastern carolina, and the food is good. white swan barbecue, which is attached to a gas station down near atlantic beach, is pretty great, too. there are plenty of upscale options down there these days, but i haven't really been to any of them.

Jul 13, 2010
surrys in Southeast

Best Thai in New Haven?

rice pot and thai taste share the same menu, and the same food. the difference is in the location, ambiance, and general vibe, with the rice pot being a pleasant, sunny little restaurant, and thai taste being in the former basement space of the 'old heidelberg,' right on the yale campus. bangkok gardens, around the corner from thai taste, is also okay. but the terrace in hamden is in a different league from any of new haven's other thai restaurants. hands down the best spot in the area, and the only place that'll spice it up the way it's supposed to be.

Eastern and Western North Carolina Barbecue Report

yikes! any mention of eastern carolina barbecue really should include both parker's and bill's, in wilson. don't mess with the buffet at bill's, avoid the brunswick stew at parker's, and chase down your 'cue with some fried chicken at either place. ahhhh, carolina.

Jun 11, 2009
surrys in Southeast

Looking for South Bay upscale-ish options

I'm looking to send a couple newlywed friends out for a nice dinner in the San Jose / South Bay area - any solid recommendations / new additions to the area? Any sage advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Jul 13, 2008
surrys in San Francisco Bay Area

New Haven - looking for good lunch or brunch

a lot of places tend to be closed on sundays in new haven, but there are a couple nice options, depending on how close to yale you need to be. atticus bookstore and cafe is right on campus (chapel street, first floor of the british art center), and though the vibe can be a little busy, their food is quite good, and the location can't be beat. try their black bean soup. clark's dairy, in my opinion new haven's best diner, is over on the other side of campus, near whitney and audubon. not to be confused with clark's family restaurant, right next door, the dairy is a terrific spot for breakfast or lunch, and they make a pretty mean milkshake, too. the vibe is unmistakably diner-y. down in the ninth square, bentara is open for lunch and serves up some really good malaysian food. the vibe there is simple, but elegant. in keeping with the asian theme, you could also check out pot-au-pho, a vietnamese noodle place just across whitney avenue from clark's. a number of noodle places have landed in downtown new haven recently, but pot-au-pho's probably the best. the restaurant is quiet and a little dark, but definitely friendly. there are tons of restaurants in the chunk of new haven immediately surrounding yale, ranging from snack-y type places, to middle-of-the-road thai and indian places (howe street has three okay indian places, all with their own weekend buffets, but i'm not sure you want to do that to yourself if you don't have a bed to retire to immediately), to really pricey spots like zinc, bespoke, and the union league (all unfortunately closed for lunch on sundays). if you're able to venture a little further afield, i also like the pantry (at state and lawrence) for breakfast/brunch, where you might have to wait in line, and bella rosa (whalley avenue out in westville), a great little brunch spot out on new haven's west side.

REAL Mexican in S. CT

You won't fine a decent SF Mission-style burrito around here, necessarily, but there's plenty of fine Mexican food, if you take the time to look for it. Check out previous threads, but take the following three New Haven spots seriously:

Guadalupe La Poblanita - on Chapel Street in Fair Haven (New Haven), they've got the best mole around, hands down (their chiles rellenos are great, too, and I dig their tamales). People tend to take basics like rice and beans for granted, but they do 'em right at Guadalupe.

Taqueria Mexicana #2 - on the Post Road (Route 1) in Orange/West Haven, this is a terrific spot for tacos. I'd avoid their entrees, and I'm not a big fan of their sides, but the tacos are delicious (and their salsas are great, too).

Tortilleria La Michoacana - at the corner of Grand and Hamilton in New Haven, this relatively new place occupies an old warehouse building, and makes some of the finest tacos in town. Their house-made tortillas are fabulous, if small, and their carnitas shouldn't be missed. Nor should their house salsas. Good stuff.

Mexican - New Haven, CT

I checked out Tortilleria Michoacana for the first time this weekend, and it's great! What a find! Located in what looks (and feels) like an old warehouse on a weird block of Grand Avenue (corner of Grand and Hamilton), Michoacana has some of the tastiest tacos al pastor and tacos de carnitas I've had in a long time. And their salsas (they served a sweetish tomatillo salsa, and a fiery hot, almost creamy chili paste/sauce that I'd never had before) were both excellent, too. Their tacos are fairly small, but at $1.50 a pop, they're the right price. Delicious! I went in on a wet, cold, Saturday afternoon at 1:30, and the place was full (they've only got 5 or 6 tables). Don't let the location and appearance scare you away - they've got a nice parking lot, and everyone uses the side door. Friendly staff, terrific food, great place. Taqueria Mexicana #2 has been my taco standard for a while, but this place is just as good.

Mar 02, 2008
surrys in Southern New England

Mexican Food Heaven

Guadalupe la Poblanita on Chapel Street in Fair Haven (just east of Blatchley) has great mole. Hit up Tacqueria Mexicana #2 on Route 1 just past UNH (small strip mall on the left as you head out of town) for some terrific tacos al pastor (but avoid the entree-type dishes). Both places have pozole on the menu, but I haven't tried it.

What happened to Sandra's???

Anyone know what's happened with Sandra's place in New Haven? I noticed that the Whitney Avenue location closed - which was fine with me, actually, the original Congress Avenue location was always my favorite - and now the Congress location has a different sign. Please tell me Sandra hasn't closed up shop for good!

What happened to Sandra


In Search Of Ground/Dried Spices in CT

If you're in New Haven, C-Town grocery store in Fair Haven actually has a really wide selection of spices, both whole and ground. I've found cumin seed at both Stop & Shop and Shaw's recently, but for the money, C-Town is your best bet. They cater to a predominantly Latin neighborhood, so you'll find all kinds of dried chilies and other herbs and spices, too - espazote, avocado leaves, annatto seed, the list goes on. And the best part is, you'll pay a lot less at C-Town than at Stop & Shop or Shaw's.

New Haven Area Mexican

I know there's plenty of information on the boards at this point about the relative merits of the New Haven areas (growing) selection of Mexican and Central American restaurants, but I thought I'd add a tid-bit on my recent trip back to Tacqueria Mexicana #2, out on the Post Road just past University of New Haven. In the past, I'd been more than pleased with the tacos al pastor, and this trip proved them to be just as tasty as ever. All the ingredients were on point and, as always, TM#2's salsas were delicious. This time, however, in addition to a selection of tacos, my party and I decided to indulge in some larger plate specials, namely the chile rellenos and mole poblano. The chile was tasty, if unspectacular, but the mole was awful. Not only did I clearly have the misfortune of being served the LAST pieces of chicken in the kitchen (half a drumstick and good chunk of the back), but their mole was obviously store bought - tasted just like Dona Maria: grainy, bland, lifeless. I'll definitely be back, but I'd recommend anybody checking out that place stick to simpler fare. For a proper mole, head to Guadalupe La Poblanita on Chapel Street.

kaffir lime leaves: sources has kaffir lime leaves, as well as galangal, lemongrass, basil, and a bunch of other stuff. On top of all that, they priority mail everything, and their prices are almost reasonable.

Desperately seeking good Mexican food in New Haven area

Definitely check out Guadalupe la Poblanita on Chapel Street, in Fair Haven (drive down past Wooster Square, under the highway, and over the bridge - Guadalupe will be on the right, a block or so past Blatchley). Their mole is terrific. It's in an unfortunate location, but easy to get to, and the food can't be beat. Also, try out Tacqueria Mexicana #2, on the Post Road (Rte. 1), just past University of New Haven, in West Haven. It's in an equally unfortunate location, in a small, run-down strip mall, but their food's pretty tasty.

Liquid smoke...or not?

If you don't mind a little zing, grab a small can of chipotles in adobo sauce, chop them up and include them in your sauce. They'll impart a nice smoky flavor and add some heat, too. Smoked paprika works nicely, too, though I prefer either canned or dried whole chipotles to any pre-ground/-powdered option. Of course, this won't give your meat the flavor of having been smoked for hours, but it'll beat the hell out of liquid smoke, guaranteed.

May 04, 2007
surrys in Home Cooking

Mexican in New Haven (Lower Chapel Street)

I, too, love Guadalupe. Their Mole is terrific, as are the Chiles Rellenos and tamales. They close around 8, however, and don't take credit cards. They're on Chapel Street in Fair Haven, just past Blatchley.

Mezcal-New Haven

For decent Mexican, you really need to head much further down Chapel Street to Guadalupe La Poblanita, in Fair Haven. It's not Tex-Mex, but it is delicious. Try their Mole, Chiles Rellenos, and Tamales.

girls night out in NEW HAVEN

I'll second Roomba. Make a reservation though. It can get crowded on the weekends, and it's a small spot. But check out Barcelona, too. It's a newish tapas place on Temple street. Good food (it's tapas, so even if everything's not out-of-this-world great, there'll be enough on table that is), very trendy interior, and totally convenient to Crown Street bars and clubs.

FIRE New haven

I've only been to Fire once and found the place to be entirely mediocre. Not that the food was bad, just boring and overpriced. For a few dollars more, you'd be better off going to the Union League, Zinc, or Bespoke (though all of the above are pretty expensive, too)

Charlottesville dinner during UVA graduation weekend???

Hey, all:

I'm looking for a good place in the Charlottesville area (within 15-20 minutes of C-ville) where we might still be able to get a table during UVA's graduation weekend (May 20-21). It doesn't need to be fancy, just delicious, and should be able to accommodate a group of around 12. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Apr 17, 2007
surrys in General South Archive

Best Dried Chiles in New Haven Area?

I'm looking for a good source for dried chiles (e.g. ancho, pasilla, guajillo, etc.). I've tried the ones at C-Town in Fair Haven, and haven't been terribly excited with their quality. Can anyone recommend a good chile source in the New Haven Area? Thanks in advance.

Lunch in New Haven

Despite being quite expensive at dinner, the Union League Cafe is a remarkably good deal for lunch, and usually isn't too crowded during that time of day - they can seat large parties, and it's a fine place to sit around and chat during a long meal.

Bentara, an upscale Malaysian place on Orange Street, is also quite nice and shouldn't have too much trouble seating a large party at lunch time. As always, it wouldn't hurt to call ahead, though I can't imagine you'd have any trouble at lunch.

A little further afield, on Chapel Street in Fair Haven, there's Guadalupe la Poblanita, a fantastic Mexican place serving authentic Poblano fare. Their space is huge - way bigger than they can ever come close to filling up - and the food's great. Of course, it's not downtown, and there's nothing around it, so if you're hoping for an after lunch stroll, it's probably not your place. Also, they don't take credit cards. But the food's great, the woman who runs the place is a sweetheart, and you won't have any trouble seating 12 people.

Then again, most places downtown are hardly ever packed at lunch time, so you can almost take your pick.

Mexican - New Haven, CT

Guadalupe la Poblanita is definitely the best (and most authentic) Mexican in the New Haven area. Grand Avenue - also in Fair Haven - has a couple decent spots for Latin Cuisine, too. Try El Coqui for some good Puerto Rican style fare. But definitely hit Guadalupe. Their mole is excellent!

Sep 13, 2006
surrys in Southern New England