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Finding box wine in Manhattan

Does anyone know of wine shops/grocery stores that carry ICE COLD boxed wine? Most of the stores I've been to keep out on their shelves at room temperature.

Jul 14, 2009
Aaron L. in Manhattan

W 114th St: good eats nearby?

For anyone else using this thread as a guide for Morningside area eateries, I second the endorsement for the new Italian place Campo (B'way btwn 112th and 113th) and highly recommend Silver Moon Bakery (105th and B'way) for pastries, breads, coffee etc.

Jun 02, 2008
Aaron L. in Manhattan

Where to find Items for 6' Sub

I would love some recs for the best, cheapest places in Manhattan for quality cold cuts (soppresata, mortadella, sharp provolone etc) and a 6 foot sub.

Doesn't have to come from the same place and I'm willing to travel--my friends and I are putting together a superbowl feast but trying to keep it on a relatively modest budget. Thanks!

Feb 01, 2008
Aaron L. in Manhattan

Restaurant week is upon us...

Any noteworthy lunch experiences thus far? Particularly interested in places that still have tables available... unsurprisingly, most of my top choices are booked solid.

Jul 17, 2007
Aaron L. in Manhattan

Sezz Medi, Pisticci, or Piatto D'Oro II?

Hey hounds,

I'm looking for the best Italian within walking distance of 125th and Frederick Douglass. I'm leaning toward Piatto D'Oro II because of good reviews and better prices (no item on the menu is over $15). However, I'm not looking for good or better--I seek the best. Please advise.

Jun 06, 2007
Aaron L. in Manhattan

Cuban Sandwich

Has anyone been to Calidad Latina (9th Ave btwn 18th & 19th)? It looks tasty...

May 29, 2007
Aaron L. in Manhattan

Pio Maya

It's still closed--DOH. Would love to go there if/when they reopen. What does it look like on the inside? Is there enough room to sit and eat comfortably?

May 03, 2007
Aaron L. in Manhattan

Waffle Fries in Chelsea?

Yeah, the Chelsea Grill on 8th Ave. closed in August '06. Gyro II on 33rd and 7th has them--may have to head up there to satisfy my craving... thanks all

Apr 19, 2007
Aaron L. in Manhattan

Why are the Shake Shack burgers so salty this year?

I figured they were just going for a more "seasoned" patty. They do taste a little bit saltier, but it hasn't affected the quality IMO.

Apr 19, 2007
Aaron L. in Manhattan

Waffle Fries in Chelsea?

I have a huge craving for crispy, salty, delicious waffle fries. Where can I find them within walking distance of 23rd & 6th?

Apr 19, 2007
Aaron L. in Manhattan

Ramen King on 38th--closed?

Is the 38th St location of Ramen King still open? No one is answering the phone over there.

Mar 14, 2007
Aaron L. in Manhattan

Looking for best BYO below 14th...

I'm specifically looking for a good value French-themed BYO in the Village/Soho/Tribeca area, but would be interested in hearing about any place worthy of mention. I've read disappointing things about Ivo & Lulu, but Chez Brigitte (as recommended by Nosher: has caught my eye. Any other places I should check out?

Mar 09, 2007
Aaron L. in Manhattan

Pho Thanh Hong - Closed?

Vietnamese place on E. Broadway--I've heard it's closed (indeed, the listed phone number is disconnected). Anyone know what the deal is with this place?

Feb 12, 2007
Aaron L. in Manhattan

Ressie Maes Soul Food to Go

Anyone have a reliable # for this place? I called the number posted on urban spoon (212-382-3886) and it is disconnected...

Feb 06, 2007
Aaron L. in Manhattan

Le Jardin for anniversary dinner--any thoughts?

I've heard some disappointing things recently about Le Jardin and I'm hoping for some reassurance that our anniversary won't be a disaster. Would appreciate suggestions on what to order, where to sit or if I should book somewhere else on late notice. Thanks, all.

Sep 11, 2006
Aaron L. in Pennsylvania