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Oatmeal Doesn't Have to Be Sweet

Savory is good! My go-to breakfast is oatmeal drizzled with olive oil, then sprinkled with salt and black pepper...yum!

Feb 11, 2011
vlnmom1 in Features

First time to Puerto Rico! Where to go... what to eat...

La Casita Blanca. A tiny hole-in-the-wall family place in San Juan, smack dab in the middle of a regular neighborhood (away from hotels and chains...) Not sure about the vegetarian fare, but it was my fave when I lived there. Excellent home cooking. You may have trouble with the veggie thing as most Puerto Rican cuisine is chicken or pork based.
There was also a great place at the base of the rain forest. Can't remember the name but yummy just the same. TALK TO THE LOCALS -they will steer you right!

Recipes You've Never Heard of Outside Your Family

I have never found ANYONE that knew this one:
Mom would score hot dogs, skewer them on small sticks, roll them in ketchup, then bread crumbs. They went into the broiler and cooked until hot and crispy. Ohhhhh yum! We loved these as kids--salty dogs, sweet ketchup, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside...

Jun 29, 2009
vlnmom1 in Home Cooking

Escarole Salad with Blue Cheese Toasts

Do you really mean 1 1/2 tsp. salt? I made the recipe today and had to throw out all the dressed salad. It was so salty, and I couldn't figure out how to salvage it.

Mar 13, 2009
vlnmom1 in Recipes