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Best memorable restaurant for 15+ people

Hi all,

I'm heading to Quebec City at the end of July for a reunion with 15 or so others, including children. I've never been before and curious about:

1) A restaurant that would be a great experience for everyone - good food, atmosphere, not sky-high prices.

2) a romantic restaurant for 2 with memorable food that is unique to the city.

Thanks in advance!

W 30s quiet(ish) bar with food for 3 to meet

I'm trying to arrange a meeting place for 3 (including me) ex-colleagues and friends somewhere between W 32nd and W 45th on the west side (far west is okay). I don't know that area well at all and was hoping someone had the perfect place in mind! Thanks so much.

Jul 10, 2007
RobinBaby in Manhattan

Crispo or The Place on W 10th or Grano Trattoria or or or??

I'm meeting a couple who are old friend of my boyfriend this Saturday night. He's in town from Europe and they live in Brooklyn but will come to the west village for dinner. he hasn't seen them for awhile and we'd like to find somewhere moderate, relaxed, on the quiet end of the spectrum for NYC dining.... where the company is the dominate focus but where the food compliments the experience. Any cuisine. i had the above three in mind (never been to Crispo and afraid it will be too lod) Any other ideas?? THANKS!

Feb 20, 2007
RobinBaby in Manhattan

I'm introducing my boyfriend to my best friend!

my boyfriend doesn't like Japanese... so was just looking for other suggestions....

I'm introducing my boyfriend to my best friend!

(and her husband) We'll be in town from NYC and staying in Union Square but happy to travel a little. Any suggestions for a quiet (but not deadly quiet!), casual yet comfortable, trendy but not over-the-top, moderately-priced ($15-$25 entrees)? Most cuisines except Japanese (it's Chinese New Year that night so will be hard to get a reservation in certain restaurants - already tried Slanted Door). Somewhere memorable with a nice ambiance and where we won't feel rushed or uncomfortable. Thanks! - from a NYC chowhound!

Suggestions for NYC Chowhound....Popular but not touristy....

I'll be in town with my boyfriend, staying near union square, and would love to find a moderately priced restaurant that the locals know is great but that is not a tourist destination. Any kind of food, just an inviting/romantic/trendy vs. staid/casual yet classy/ambiance yet not too loud kind of place! Easy for you all, right? ;-) Would be great if it was in walking distance, but happy to go anywhere in the city if easy to get to with public transportation....just want a memorable eveningw ith good food and wine.... thanks!

Help me choose- inexpensive to moderate, Italian

check out Piccolo Angelino to see if it's in your price range. Great spot...

Sep 11, 2006
RobinBaby in Manhattan

German boyfriend in town for Bday - where to go??

Hi - my German boyfriend is visting for a few days - arriving on his birthday. I want to take him to a memorable and romantic restaurant somewhere downtown. NOT German food. Budget is about $75pp with wine and tax. (or less...) I was thinking of Babbo or Annisa or Blue Hill? Comments or suggestions or other ideas MUCH appreciated. thanks all! Just want it to be a perfect evening and I need some help!

Sep 11, 2006
RobinBaby in Manhattan