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Where is the best turkey burger in LA?

They're basically a sandwiches and salads place, although they do a nice little breakfast, too. Good bagels (from Brooklyn Bagels usually) and french toast. Intelligentsia coffee and tea. I live in the neighborhood and order from them for lunch and stop in with the wife for breakfast on Saturdays sometimes.

Where is the best turkey burger in LA?

I'm a big fan of the turkey burger at Gram and Papa's in the Fashion District of Downtown. Moist, flavorful. Comes with caramelized onions, butter lettuce and spicy house sauce -- homemade chips on the side. It's a well-balanced bite. They get their bread from Breadbar. I think it's even better than the pork burger at nearby Wood Spoon.

Gram and Papas is a good spot, only lunch and breakfast so far. I highly recommend it to the local folks, residents and office workers alike. It's not a place for gluttons, but foodies will be pleased.

Brunch downtown (or nearby)?

Tiara Cafe on weekends.

Tiara Cafe for dinner tonight -- suggestions?

Great write up, Ozhead. I eat at Tiara fairly often and I would've liked to have given you some advice on what to order, but that was the very first time anyone had seen the menu. Sounds like you did just fine.

I had a very good meal as well on Friday night at Tiara. The menu is a nice change of pace. Some fun, unusual, and inventive items. I had the fois gras, some fried green tomatoes and then a braised and grilled lamb dish. I hope Fred will continue to have fun with the menu and push the envelope a bit. It has the potential to be a really fine addition to the DT dining scene.

Dining downtown? please help

Then I'd go to the Daily Grill probably. As far as Daily Grill's go, it's a pretty nice location. There's also Liberty Grill, which isn't a chain but might as well be. It's tough to recommend places because part of what makes a chain a chain is that it's sort of bland and generic.

When she's feeling more adventurous, check on Roy's.

By the way, the Orpheum theatre is a gem. You'll love it. Grab a drink next door at the Broadway Bar.

Dining downtown? please help

Roy's is good because it's nothing like a chain restaurant even though it is one.

When you say she's in the mood for a "chain-like" place, what kind of chain is she talking about? Morton's? CPK? Daily Grill?

Bistro K- new Chef & Owner

Any idea where in the downtown the new spot will be? Do they have a location? Or are they looking for one?

Best PASTA downtown?

My vote goes to Colori Kitchen on 7th. Good Italian comfort food. Very friendly neighborhood vibe. Casual.

Only open for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays.

Paella Night at Wood Spoon this Saturday

Stopped by Wood Spoon on 9th and had the delicious pork burger. Chatted with the always friendly Natalia and Darius, the owners, about their plans for a weekly Saturday dinner event. Every saturday, Natalia is planning on preparing a special menu based on a theme or dish. This week is paella. Dinner starts at 630. Price is 20 bucks. Reservations are required (so Natalia knows how much food to make).

They plan on seating everybody at big tables and fostering a real community/family vibe. As a new resident in downtown, I think it's a great idea. I also can't wait to try the paella.

Langer's Hand Cut Pastrami - Overrated!

i used to live around the corner from langers and so i ate there quite a bit. every once in a blue moon (usually later in the day), the pastrami would be a little tired. 9 times out 10 it's heaven, but, sometimes, for whatever reason, it's not as good.

Wood Spoon: Brazilian Cafe in Downtown LA (Quick Review)

excellent review. i, too, live right around the corner from wood spoon and i think it's great. i've never had the kibe. i'll have to try it next time.

downtown needs more places like wood spoon.

Blue Velvet Downtown...anyone...anyone???

Took the wife for her birthday last week. Really cool space. The design by Tag front is exceptional and fun. The food was good and inventive. I had the lobster cassoulet (slightly underseasoned, IMHO) and a roast chicken with speck that was delicous. We had a caramel, butterscotch dessert that was very, very tastey.

The only quibble I have with the place is the noise. The bar area adjacent to where we were seated was loud -- there were a couple of sauced-up young ladies in there who were yelling at everybody who walked by. not the best. but perhaps not the usual. hard to tell.

but other than that, it was a very enjoyable evening. a worthy addition to the downtown/westlake area.

L'ANGELO CAFE downtown, anyone... anyone??

Are New Moon and Angelique changing their hours?

I had brunch at Angelique a couple weeks ago and the waitress didn't seem to know much about the hours. I love the area so far. I am a big fan of Tiara and Wood Spoon.

Purgatory Pizza

I had purgatory last week. I thought it was fair to good. Interesting that it's a former chef from Nicky D's. I though the pizza was somewhere between Nicky D's (when they're on their game) and Dominos. The crust was a little doughy to me. Nicky's as I think of it has a crust that's a little lighter. Sauce was nice, herby. I didn't try a specialty pie so I can't really comment on the toppings.

L'ANGELO CAFE downtown, anyone... anyone??


I just moved into the Eastern Columbia as well. Or maybe you could tell from my screen name.

Anyway, glad to see a fellow foodie in the building.


L'ANGELO CAFE downtown, anyone... anyone??

There is a restaurant called L'Angolo at the corner of 9th and spring, and next door to Woodspoon. I have only eaten at L'Angolo once and it was serviceable. I just had a Cobb salad so I can't really offer a fair review. To my knowledge, they are not open for dinner. The owner seemed very nice. The menu did seem a bit odd. They specialize in italian pasta and seafood.

I just discovered the Persian restaurant on 9th and Hill. It's called Shekarchi and they are now open until 8 pm on weekdays. It's in the old May company parking garage (which is getting a million dollar facelift). I have not eaten there yet, but plan to soon. I spoke to the owner's son and he was very affable. Apparently, they have been there for 14 years and just recently decided to try staying open for dinner. In googling the place, I found that it got very favorable reviews and is seemingly "the" place for persian businessmen to have lunch in downtown.

1 day alone in downtown- on the go

On 9th on the edge of the fashion district, I like Tiara Cafe (Fred Eric whimsy in a funky fairy-tale setting) and Wood Spoon (A little Mom and Pop Brazillian place with a clean, casual modern interior).

For a coffee shop, I love the little, tiny Bishop Coffee and Gourmet at 816 S. Grand. Tasty homemade treats like curry chicken salad and soups from scratch. They also have great baked goods. It's very small so, unless you're at one of the couple outdoor tables, it's maybe not the best hang out coffee shop ever.

Whenever considering a DT restaurant always double check the hours they're open.

Pete's Cafe on Main St (downtown)... LOUSY service!!

I'm not a big fan of Pete's myself. I like Wood Spoon which is right next to L'Angelo on 9th street. Yummy Brazillian comfort food. Very nice, young couple run it. They're working on getting their beer and wine license. It's a great no attitude place. Simple but nice-looking interior. I believe they are open until 9 pm most nights.

Also, I had a very nice omelette at Angelique on Sunday. It's pretty good spot for brunch.

Classy/Nice spot for drinks (maybe food) in downtown or ktown?

The Royale on Wilshire. Sit in the courtyard. I assume it's open on Sunday's, but check ahead of time.


Check out Wood Spoon on 9th between Broadway and Main. Casual, little Brazillian place with tastey food. They're open until 9pm during the week.

Chichen Itza on 6th is open and it's delish!

2501 west 6th street, just east of 6th and rampart. they are in the ground floor of the Asbury apartments, a classic 1920s building with a red neon sign on top. can't miss it.

Chichen Itza on 6th is open and it's delish!

i live upstairs from the restaurant. Yesterday was their grand opening after months of delays. i wanted to see what all the chatter was about on the board here. so i ordered the panucho and the cochinita pibil. they were fabulous. just so damn good i can barely stand it. it's the next day and i'm still thinking about it. i'm going to get very fat living above the restaurant.

Staples center dining - Zucca?

what about blue velvet? i've heard good things about this new place.

Any Chichen Itza (6th St. location) news?

I live in the building. They are not open yet. Can't be sure when they will be. I believe they have had trouble with the endless red tape provided by the city inspectors. basically, they have had to manage to get up to the current codes in an historic building that was far from up to code to begin with. hopefully, they will be open soon.

Chichen Itza on 6th Street

I live in the building where the new Chichen Itza is. They are NOT open yet. I don't know when they are going to open. From the looks of things, it will probably be a couple weeks.