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Advice for Petaluma,Novato and Sebastapol

Thanks everyone for the kind assistance, but it looks like our trip has gone up in smoke, as a result of my wife getting the flu. Will use the suggestions for our next journey.

Advice for Petaluma,Novato and Sebastapol

Will be in the Petaluma,Novato and Sebastapol area for the upcoming Presidents Day Weekend and could use a few recommendations on favorite eateries. Thank you.

Bring Wine, Pay Double

After all restaurants are businesses, and need profitability to stay afloat. One can only hope that special bottles are brought in for corkage. I feel up to $25 is pretty fair for fees. If you buy a bottle from the list, you should be able to get corkage fees waived.

Apr 20, 2007
CabernetFrank in Features

happy hour at the Tonga Room

The Tonga is what it is, a pretend world. I agree it is always better to be pre-drunk when entering. Sometimes we
all could use a little Tonga.