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Budget vacation in Montreal over the Christmas weekend

Montreal is too quiet then as most people will be home or doing last minute shopping You might want to go to Old Montreal for old market/christmas extravaganza, believe it closes at 9pm on 24th


there will be some gourmet treats from alsace region, some grogg, maple syrup cotton candy; last year they had fires in big cans where you could roast sausages or marshmallows

Stashs (Polish) in old montreal is not too expensive, nor is brit n chips on western border, and for light breakfast or lunch of soup, sandwhich this pastry place has nice atmosphere but closed on sundays

Kem CoBa – Delectable ice cream in Mile-End

they planned to keep the ice cream just add more products....

Oysters for newbies ...

outremont is having annual oyster supper, they usually do their themed meals eg lobster well with the help of local restaurant owners.

14 octobre 19h
Souper d'huîtres annuel. Organisé par le Comité de Jumelage d'Outremont. Renseignements et billets 514 271-0959.
Centre communautaire intergénérationnel (CCI), 999, avenue McEachran.

Food to Bring Home to US from Mtl

I am heading west for thanksgiving with bags of quebec products of bio dried cranberries, wild blueberry jam, chocolate tartinade from juliette & chocolat or premiere moisson(they have more varieties), marzipan animals, quebec ice wine and the chocolate fortune cookies from suite 88

I have tried some of the new chocolate products and hot chocolate from genevieve de Grandbois but the dark chocolate used is too bitter for my taste but I do like tasting the individual chocolates.

15th Anniversary Old Montreal Suggestions/ Great Beer

I was not impressed with my visit to 400 coups albeit lunch so suggest you stay with the choice of Club Chasse et Peche for a sure thing. I think the problem is all these restaurants are doing well but just that many of us on the board do not go to Old Montreal to eat so hard to comment. You might want to check other boards where tourists who do eat in Old Montreal post their critiques.

"Soul Evident" French Kitchen in Montreal

I was going to suggest bagels but recently read that something in the water in brooklyn (special in ground filtering from catskills...) makes their bagels unique and outstanding! Maybe keep breakfast simple or fast for the la grand bouffe...look forward to your critique!

New Yorker seeks BEST EATS in Montreal for friend's birthday

I think you would be happy with Figaro for breakfast as not far from downtown and although not full of old men reading papers it is a popular neighbourhood place (in Outremont, mainly french area) that reminds me of when I lived in France and frequented such places. In late October it will be too cold to enjoy the terrace, many of the other places are kind of far and often too cramped-- who likes to stand outside in line for just breakfast. I have been to Cartet a couple of times, way too crowded and noisy for my tastes. Olive et Gourmando has disappointed me when I had their pastry, sandwich, and the fig bread I bought, and service is hit and miss but the place is kind of cute and no competition in old montreal. Café Olimpico or Club Social are too rundown in look for me-I prefer nearby Pâtisserie De Gascogne. I would not go out for poutine, just share a dish of poutine with foie gras at PDC. Why fill up on poutine when you can sample more restos. In October the leaves should be spectacular up on the mountain in the middle of the city so I would go to pastry shop or take some cheeses/fruits and have breakfast at beaver lake, following the road biforks off of parc, stop at the lookout and then park further at beaver lake (really a pond). You can get coffee/tea, yogurts, at the snack bar in the pavillon. Kind of oasis in the city. There is a neighbourhood cheese store where you can stock up on a few quebec cheeses and the owner is happy to let you sample to make your choices, it is located on bernard in Outremont

Check opening hours as some places close on Sundays, others on Mondays.

Olive et Gourmando
351 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Montreal, QC , CA

Premier Moisson

M cafe is near your hotel on de maisonneuve and is pleasant place for coffee, dessert, breakfast. if proximity is priority. If its just a coffee, tea, hot chocolate there is suite 88 nearby. Other than that favourite patisseries tend to be further away.

Au Pied De Cochon Reservations

the times we have gone were without reservations but it was later in evening, just depends how busy they are if bar seating is available, but they close late. You can always take a chance- we have had friends from outoftown who landed there without reservations and snagged a table, but best to have a backup plan if doesnt work. We actually found the time we sat at bar more interesting but of course you have less space than at a table.

L'arrivage with toddler and baby

Holder is better for children, other is open crowded room.

Montreal... one more meal, please

on bastille day they started a french cocktail celebration every tuesday at suite 701 (and free airline tickets to be won every week), goes on til sept. and nice view from up high is a plus!

Tous les mardis jusqu'au mois de septembre la Suite 701 propose les soirées Apéritifs Parisiens en collaboration avec Corsairfly.; also created a special drink for the occasion "the french touch"

Food Events 2011

pig festival, past drummondville

Held in Sainte-Perpétue every year, the Festival du Cochon has four different pig races, each unique in the world! Whether small, fat or wild, the pig always succeeds in awakening the pride of its adversaries, who put on a zany show. The pig festival is known for its festive, educational side. Its entertaining side will make it possible for you to see Kaïn, Rachid Badouri, Marie-Mai and many others. The site features an elevated permanent outdoor stage that allows the audience to enjoy an unrestricted view! During your stay, find out more about pigs and go rub shoulders with them at the small farm, by passing through the ride area. The festival is also the perfect place to savour Quebec pork products as part of a table-d’hôte meal, grilled, for breakfast or with a Mexican flair. Festival du Cochon

August 3 to 7, 2011

Fetes gourmandes, Laval; various food products, cooking demonstrations, degustations

Cet événement devient donc un rendez-vous familial, qui aura lieu du 27 au 31 juillet, au Centre Laval, à seulement quelques pas du métro Montmorency....Les Fêtes Gourmandes Internationales de Laval accueilleront 100 exposants qui proposeront des mets uniques et originaux provenant de partout dans le monde. Les secteurs agricoles, avicoles, brassicoles et vinicoles, des plus traditionnels aux plus exotiques, seront représentés. Bref, de tout pour plaire à vos papilles gustatives !

Le Québec sera dignement représenté grâce à un secteur réservé exclusivement aux produits du terroir. Un must pour les épicuriens


There was a big Peruvian festival (with food specialities) in Jeanne Mance Park today (opposite tamtams), annual event so can bookmark for next year! Parking was impossible....


click on gastronomie section to see chefs and restaurants participating and food pictures!
you can also read all the regulations listed that kiosks have to meet as per municipal standards

Restaurant Openings in 2011

across from archeology museum boutique is a sign that Indian resto Taj Mahal will be opening

Inexpensive date ideas

I think thats a great idea a newzealand/australian meat or veggie pie and delicious cakes, could even have free entertainment on Sundays when tamtams occur.

4 Days in Montreal - Feedback please!

here is some coverage of montreal restos including cinquieme peche (2nd vignette), although focus on the seal dishes .....

we ll be looking forward to your feedback of your foodie weekend in Montreal.....

Great, casual bar/bistro?

heres some photos of T and F etc during jazz fest, now less hectic with smaller festivals on horizon.

Blind date.....

can"t comment on sushi as never eat it. I think I would go to ferreira on peel and ask for table near front. It is more lively than milos and the ambiance and street view sort of fills in any lulls in conversation. I ve only had the cod and sardines but checking out the menu I see a lot of choices re seafood, + i just happened to notice an appealing dessert on menu which i will have to go back and try: Warm fig cake with Madeira, sweet potato ice cream, yum! Since it is a blind date I would give him some suggestions and let him decide: his choice might tell you more about him! If you want to really impress him take him to chuck hughes new resto le bremner in old montreal, they have a covered terrace. And the whole area of Old Montreal is romantic, quaint at night and quiet as you go towards waterfront in old clock area.

this website has a picture of door, as you can miss it which I did!

Montreal restaurant recommendation

If you want the best and willing to dine at noon you can take advantage of the business lunch deals (usually weekdays) for example at toque (old montreal)you can have a couple of lunch dishes for 25$,

or laloux which is central , menu changes often, even more reasonable at lunch (but you could also go there for evening menu


but if only evening dining is what you are looking for choices are more limited

A challenge for Montreal CHers - no reservations AND kids.

I went last week to Apollo to their front terrace --the one on university, near ste catherine- and there were large family groups -they just push tables together, I just dont recall if there is anything childfriendly on their terrace menu; you would not likely need reservations as new place and terrace/patio is large. This would be good to have as backup idea and you could call to see what they provide for children, the terrace menu is not expensive but is not yet posted online; centrally located

we used to always go to the terraces/patios (some are back courtyards such as jardin nelson) just to give the children some freedom to move around; also the tables in montreal restos are usually very close together!

At complex desjardins opposite place/quartier des spectacles there are some family friendly restaurants such as st hubert, eggspections on ste catherine st.and some wide open spaces for children to run around or play in dancing fountain. If its hot you can zip into underground shopping area for cooling off.

4 Days in Montreal - Feedback please!

I had changed it right after writing it! the heat wave has gotten to me (:

4 Days in Montreal - Feedback please!

August 1 is a holiday in Quebec for some workers but not a universal stat day.

We have gone a few times to le cartet and not been impressed, too crowded/noisy/slow service for my tastes, enjoyed more l arrivage in archeology museum, 3rd floor, really nice if you reserve and get table on small balcony as overlooks old port.

The food was good in both places, maybe more breakfast choices at cartet and at arrivage there are also lunch options in the brunch. If you walk down from cartet towards silos you will come across cute muvbox which sells Ile des madeleines(defrosted) lobster in sandwich roll, pizza and in front are the locks/les ecluses--but wise to avoid fish in Montreal cause no way a Vancouverite would be impressed!

au cinquieme peche should not be slanted into slot of serving seal meat as it stands well on its own without suggesting that is reason to go there, in fact i do not mention that to friends as they might then avoid it!

If you have room or just want to check it out guillaume is just around the corner from lawrence

It is the big holiday period for Quebecers and tourist peak season so I would make reservations before coming and cancel if you decide to change later.

Rotisserie Laurier

It is starting to look more dressed up on outside: two metal signs up (although covered with black plastic), glassed in menu box (no menu yet), plant boxes with greenery and next door juliette et chocolat is building a terrace jutting out into street! So can go there for meal and next door for dessert!

Inexpensive date ideas

its been awhile since I ve been to the flamenco shows at club espagnol but seems nothing changed except they have a terrace out back, the tapas might add up but other choices below 20$

--maybe someone else can vouch prices still modest


you can check out a la carte menu here, paella, pasta, meat including rabbit at $17 and of course sangria!

One more restaurant please!

maybe a resto in old montreal like the new bremner (seafood), or chasse et peche if either are open on sundays, this way you have covered more areas of the city!

Inexpensive date ideas

if you want to dine early

bejing or vip in chinatown, sharing dishes

Renoir, Derriere de Fagots, Deux 7

au cinquieme peche has moved to st denis below mont royal and family members enjoyed a recent dinner there.

any suggestions for dinner in the old part of Montreal Friday and Saturday evening in July and lunch near Parc Royal on Saturday?

as for lunch on/near mountain, other than picnic you might go to one of the restaurants on laurier avenue such as lemeac and not far from there along cote st catherine is the road that cuts across mountain where you can stop at beaver lake (misnomer, and will undergo a cure which is badly needed) and then one of the lookouts. There used to be a restaurant there but never did well.

If you wanted to take picnic fare up you could to to a place such ian perreault to stock up and there is a nearby cheese shop-both on bernard in outremont

But maybe you meant the parc not the mountain itself, that too is a problem for resto nearby but le filet is a restaurant that is a couple blocks away from the parc at bottom of mountain but reservations a must

Renoir, Derriere de Fagots, Deux 7

F bar is along side of contemporary arts museum and quartier des spectacles where the comedy festival is occuring so that could be a plus or a minus! If you want to check out the free shows at the festival

The free gag films are fun to watch. There are usually kiosks on site where you can get crepes, quebec cheeses and wine and other snacks.

Brasserie T is less expensive than F bar and i do see a seafood platter that looks interesting has been added at brasserie t. They offer more rustic/comfort food than what you might expect.

Reservations right now would be a must because always full at festival time.

Renoir, Derriere de Fagots, Deux 7

I have been a few times to le renoir in evenings (but not recently)and always enjoyed the meals and service--they often have special extras for mothers day, valentines day etc. The patio is very busy with this summery weather. Here is an article from new edition of montreal centre ville magazine

they advertise a high tea for $20

New BYO Tandem

good point, I feel powerless to watch the tourists checking out menus in old montreal as they would not know where to search out places like le local, chasse et peche let alone restos without signs in old montreal! I have even tried some of the restos in main square and nearby and was shocked by poor quality (how about cans of corn, beets and beans for advertised buffet) and value in the tourist traps which are so well located to catch these tourists let alone hostesses/hosts on streets to rope in those who might hesitate. I can understand why people want to eat in old montreal but they really need to research ahead of time a choice of restos On that basis alone they would discover some good meals in the plateau area and other areas if they did think to venture out of main core of city..