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Food that Most People Love and You Don't...

pasta, potatoes and white bread! i do not like those things. they are bland and unsatisfying to me. weird, eh?
(on the other hand, i cant seem to find a vegetable that i dislike...)

Jan 19, 2009
elenoise in General Topics

Taco Salad Recs? Fresh and Lite :)

hands down mr. natural's taco salad! its wonderful, my favorite thing to order: has lots of veggies, refried beans, vegetarian chorizo (i think...) or tofu, guacamole, and a baked bowl! you have to try it. yum.

Apr 10, 2008
elenoise in Austin

Thinking of moving from Brooklyn, NY to Austin--what would I be in for, foodwise?

central market is by and far the best place to buy cheese and also fresh baked bread (many more cheeses/ more informed staff). bakeries are sorely lacking. there is a fine amount of takeout, but very little delivery. ive found that for as many things ive had to go without, i have developed a taste for/ discovered just as many new ones here. it's certainly not brooklyn... but you CAN eat very well here. dont mind those naysayers.

Mar 16, 2008
elenoise in Austin

This might be a stupid question, but...

Hi there! I certainly feel your pain--- i am allergic to dairy. i have lots of success with restaurants around austin... they seem to for the most part be understanding of dietary restrictions. my standby everyday-type places: zen, mothers, mr. natural, pretty much all thai/japanese/asian restaurants, middle eastern restaurants, blue dahlia (love this place!), jorges, . for special outings: uchi, south congress cafe, wink, jezebel, vin bistro, and eddie v's have been especially accommodating. all of these will without a doubt take your concerns seriously. enjoy!

Mar 11, 2008
elenoise in Austin

Where to eat on a Sunday night?

eddie v's has all night happy hour! half off appetizers and some drinks. yum.

Mar 09, 2008
elenoise in Austin

Coffeehouse for Writer?

I am a spiderhouse regular myself. i also really like little city and bouldin creek. none of them near where you are... but definitely my favorites.

Feb 21, 2008
elenoise in Austin

Getting rid of that "tofu flavor"

freeze your tofu! i worked at a vegan cafe for some time... and we froze and then thawed our tofu-- this drastically changes the texture of it. it makes it into a very spongy texture, and it absorbs flavor very well. give it a try! i recommend doing this only with firm/extra firm tofu.

Jan 15, 2008
elenoise in Home Cooking

Seafood birthday dinner?

Oh! I also forgot.. Vin Bistro. I had the most amazing piece of seared tuna there a couple of months ago. I've heard Lambert's has also recently been fantastic for fish.

Jan 04, 2008
elenoise in Austin

Seafood birthday dinner?

I eat the same way your friend does (I eat only fish, and have a dairy allergy)... and my significant other is the same too. We adore Wink (!!), Restaurant Jezebel, Starlite, Uchi, and South Congress Cafe. We also love Eddie V's for a more formal throwback style dinner. All are wonderful for celebratory dinners. Enjoy!

Jan 04, 2008
elenoise in Austin

Disappointing meal at Wink: is it (still) one of Austin’s ten best?

This is a very old thread, but I felt compelled to say something.. my other-of-significance and I have been to wink ten or so times in the past year, and have Never been disappointed. We usually sit in the wine bar, and order a whole bunch of small items and a bottle of wine. Consistently delightful, innovative, well-executed meals have resulted. A couple of times the chef has come out to say hello to us, as we are recognized now. He says he would order exactly as we do, lots of different tastes. The service has never lacked wit, charm, perfect timing and ideal recommendation. The chevre cheesecake with the saracco moscato de asti is bliss. try it again, this way! really. sorry to gush, but i cant say enough good things about Wink. (on another note, one of the worst meals ive ever had was at Zoot.. another story.)

Dec 28, 2007
elenoise in Austin

restaurant jezebel review

Okay guys, bear with me.. first review. I should write more of these...

my gentleman-friend and i called at ten till 9 on saturday night, hoping we would get reservations at jezebel, but thinking it would be unlikely due to the events downtown/lateness/saturday-night-ness. However, they said they had a table at 9 waiting for us. so Zoom! We arrived (seven minutes later) to a less-than half-full restaurant (eyebrows raised)...but i was still excited. the menu looked ambitious, the ambience perfect (candles, artwork, crisp white linens, perfect music choice/volume). We were both a bit sleep-deprived/ recovering from everyday life.. (read:
completely indecisive).. and right off the bat we were completely enchanted with the excellent service.. advice on wine was spot-on (we had a fantastic white burgundy via the advice of our waiter). we generally enjoy getting many appetizers and splitting a main-- the highlights of the evening involved the sashimi trio, the heart of palm salad... and perhaps some of the most well executed crab-cakes i have ever had (and my mother is a chef. crab cakes are her favorite....). no detail is overlooked by restaurant jezebel-- a little purse-holding device was immediately brought to my side, (i was later told by my date..) every time my napkin was displaced (im notorious for napkin-flinging), it was discretely replaced.. the waitstaff didnt miss a beat, and also was unobtrusive (which seems a delicate balance to achieve).
In any case, we will be back very soon.. and hope you will too. if not for delicious food and great wine list, for the service and ambience.

at the end of the night, it had us saying 'what an experience. we are lucky to have this little piece of ideal reality."

Jun 04, 2007
elenoise in Austin

Casey's New Orleans Sno-Balls

I lived just a couple of blocks away from caseys, and tried many, many flavors. but the second i tried spearmint (really!) i was addicted. its so refreshing and wonderful. give it a try!

May 30, 2007
elenoise in Austin

34th street cafe

has anyone been recently for dinner? thoughts? advice on what to order?

thank you!

May 23, 2007
elenoise in Austin

Tell me a shi-shi brunch place for my bday!

For my birthday brunch, we went to Starlite... it was completely fantastic! the food and drinks were delicious, and the service and atmosphere were great as well. I highly recommend it...

May 22, 2007
elenoise in Austin

Best High End Chocolate Bar

oh! the dolfin pink peppercorn is really at the top of my list lately. a perfect and unexpected taste combination! have you tried the earl grey?

Mar 27, 2007
elenoise in General Topics

Best High End Chocolate Bar

My favorite bars are made by vosages. they are all really wonderful.

Mar 24, 2007
elenoise in General Topics

[Austin] Which restaurant do you patronize the most?

oh! forgot eastside cafe and moonshine for brunch with family members.

Feb 13, 2007
elenoise in Austin

[Austin] Which restaurant do you patronize the most?

For us, hyde park grill, quality seafood, asti, (the first three are in walking distance from our home), along with el chile, z'tejas, and elsi's all fall heavily in rotation.

Feb 13, 2007
elenoise in Austin

Best restaurants in LaFayette, LA

Hi! My beau grew up in Lafayette, and these are his recommendations:

Poorboy's Riverside Inn (hard to find, but fantastic)
since it's almost crawfish season, he says The Boiling Point (which is actually in Henderson-?- is where it's at

Mulates in Breaux Bridge (famous/loud and touristy)
Don's downtown (good food, sanitation practice leaves a lot to be desired)

Will get back to you with more as he thinks of them.
We do always eat well when we go visit his folks!

Chocolate or cheese?

I couldn't give up chocolate! I am not a cheese-eater. Daily I have a small piece of dark chocolate (my current favorites are Vosages bars), and it is one of my most savored moments. Chocolate as a sentiment abstracted means more to me than just a sweet treat. I have no such emotional attachment to cheese. (ha...)

Feb 09, 2007
elenoise in General Topics

Ararat closing

No! I wasnt aware they were closing... I live a block away from Ararat and have celebrated many occasions there...every time the food, service and atmosphere have been wonderful. We often chose to sit in the tent/gazebo in the back, and byob makes the whole experience perfect. their portions are enormous and the food is presented beautifully ( myself and my beau are mostly vegetarian, so we have tried all of their veg options, cant speak for the meat..). Hope this is helpful, I would really recommend trying Ararat before they close. A worthwhile experience.

Feb 07, 2007
elenoise in Austin

Good Tasting "Lite" Foods

My favorite salad dressing is Girard's lite champagne vinaigrette--- I put it on everything, it is really delicious!

Jan 28, 2007
elenoise in General Topics

Best pre-mixed marinade spices or rub mixes

My very favorite spice mix/rub company is Colorado Spice--- their flavor combinations are perfect! I especially adore their ahi tuna and sweet salmon rubs. I have never found one that I didnt like. You can find them here:

Nov 24, 2006
elenoise in Home Cooking

Mars or Moonshine??

Cost really is not an issue, we just want to have a wonderful dining experience.. thank you for recommendations!

Oct 23, 2006
elenoise in Austin

Mars or Moonshine??

So, if not either of those... where would you recommend for a romantic dinner?

Oct 22, 2006
elenoise in Austin

Mars or Moonshine??

My beau and I are celebrating our anniversary... and we cant decide between the two restaurants-- we have never been to either. which do you prefer? suggestions?

thank you!

Oct 22, 2006
elenoise in Austin

Unususal food combinations

people look at me very strangely if i mention my favorite omelette combinations:
-morello cherry jam with sprouts
-asparagus with red currant jam
-sweet onion jam with pear compote and shallots
-beets, cranberry relish, watercress

-gingersnaps dipped in fresh carrot juice.
-paprika or barbeque potato chips dipped in jam (specifically apricot)
-tunafish, sweet pickle relish and cranberry sauce (mixed) on a blueberry bagel

Sep 30, 2006
elenoise in General Topics

Good eats in Brevard County?

Hello! I grew up in brevard county, and my mom is a chef (she owns a bed and breakfast there...)

my favorites:

-The Mango Tree (cocoa beach, fine dining-- I grew up eating here. a wonderful experience, gorgeous dining room.)
-Pizza Gallery and second Bizarros (multiple locations, pizza gallery has a million different pizza toppings to choose from-- everything from mashed potatoes to spagetti, etc artist-themed pizzas, local art. really fun place. Bizarros pizza just is simple, new york style and completely delicious)
-Asian Gourmet (melbourne--hole in the wall asian restaurant, delicious! next to a health food store i used to work at-- nature's market, and they have great smoothies and fresh juices)
-Salt and Sweet (melbourne/eau gallie, polish food mmm..)
-Agree with Petty's market! also the green turtle market in indiatlantic-- but its not as good as petty's
-Dixie Crossroads (titusville, renowned for consistantly good seafood)
-Another vote for Pineda Crossings
-for sushi-- Hiokis (palm bay, off US1-- really in a league of their own, they have been around forever. wonderful waitstaff. my aunt and uncle have been going there for ten+ years
-The Strawberry Mansion/Mr. Beaujeans (melbourne--THE WAFFLES. the best you can find ANYWHERE. really wonderful to eat out on the patio for brunch on a beautiful day. )
-there is a great indian/thai market off of US1 in melbourne, very helpful people.
-Yen Yen (chinese, cocoa beach... been around forever. tasty.)
-Cafe Margeaux- cocoa village, french cuisine/fine dining Not To Be Missed!
-Cafe Coconut Grove
-Bacco- off wickham road (wonderful. wonderful italian, great wines. truly nice people)
-Captain Hirams (us1, an old standby dive, great seafood)

if i think of any others, i will let you know! enjoy brevard county...!!


Sep 20, 2006
elenoise in Florida

Home Slice pizza in Austin - no slices?!?!

It is right next to (?) or near the Kerbey Lane on Kerbey... from what i understand..

Sep 15, 2006
elenoise in Austin

Home Slice pizza in Austin - no slices?!?!

has anyone tried the new joint, River City Pizza? aparently the owner is the nicest guy you could possibly meet and ive heard he knows his pizza pie. just curious, as my beau had a flat tire on his bike the other night, and the owner stopped to help him. we will check it out in the next few days and let you know.

Sep 11, 2006
elenoise in Austin