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Stumbling Out Of The Gates - Deep Fried Pork Cutlets at L.A.'s new specialist Tokyo Tonkatsu Kagura (and The Loss of a Kaiseki Restaurant) [Review] w/ Pics!

Torihei charges $15, yes. I usually bring two to three 22 oz bottles. I'd highly recommend it

1757 W. Carson Street, Torrance, CA 90501

Stumbling Out Of The Gates - Deep Fried Pork Cutlets at L.A.'s new specialist Tokyo Tonkatsu Kagura (and The Loss of a Kaiseki Restaurant) [Review] w/ Pics!

Seems you're not the only one with Tokyo tonkatsu experience who had a great meal at Kagura. I had quite an extensive meal tonight with three friends. We ordered Filet, Rose , the Millefeuille with cheese and shiso for and the grilled lion for pork. Along with the fresh sesame seed and tonkatsu sauce, we all really enjoyed our food. The texture, flavor and consistency were all spot on. We also ordered the jidori katsu, spicy chicken karage, kaki fry, kani cream croquette, hotatte carpaccio, nasu miso, salmon skin salad, agedashi softshell crab and grilled duck. Everything ranged from good to excellent. Kaki fry and the croquettes were fantastic. The only disappointment was that the Omu Rice is served at lunch only and that the beef tongue was sold out. They also wouldn't allow me to bring in my own beer, unlike Torihei, Musha torrance, Raku etc.

The place itself is clean and spacious.

I will be going back, although it's proximity to Torihei might delay my return. Especially since Torihei won't force me to drink their crappy Japanese beers and they don't mind me bringing my own IPAs to drink.

Raku Restaurant
11678 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

1725 W Carson St, Torrance, CA 90501

1757 W. Carson Street, Torrance, CA 90501

6324 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim, CA 92807

Has Father's Office gone downhill?

I'll never eat a burger at CC FO again. Santa Monica or bust

ramen sadness

This post should be archived.

Totally agree with what you said

bsquared2's post, that is

ramen sadness

Santouka Ramen is by far the best Ramen in Los Angeles.

Daikokuya has been going downhill for the last 5 years.

You should REALLY go to Santouka if you claim to love Ramen

Anyone into Persian food?

none of those dishes are persian AT ALL...My mother said the first time she ever ate hummus was after she moved to the US from Iran.

It's like recommending chinese food when the OP was asking about sushi

Anyone into Persian food?

agree with you on both counts...the fresh bread at Shahrzad is incredible. best persian on the westside

Burgers Revisited

You might like the burger at Hinano's in Venice. Very decent old school burger

Underwhelmed at Father’s Office

are you suggesting I ask for the burger to be cooked rare, multiple times? lol

Underwhelmed at Father’s Office

Great post.

Another reason why i only go to FO SM...A rare burger is actually cooked rare. Culver City seems to think rare=medium

Looking for a REALLY GREAT burger place and New York Style pizza place

The Golden State has the best burger. Vito's has the best pizza by the slice.

I ate at both places yesterday :-)

Best Burgers in Los Angeles

PDC is in my top 100...if Im hungry at 4am

The Golden State and FO (SM ONLY...LA NEVER cooks my burger rare as I request...SM always seems to nail it) are my favorite burgers in LA...Bradley Ogden in Las Vegas (an extension of LA) is my favorite in the country

My review of Bar*Food. Home of the $0 hot dog

Their beer list is the equivalent of a fisher price my first beer...terrible

Golden State - 3 strikes and out

Closed on mondays :-(

Golden State - 3 strikes and out

haha well put sir.

to say the burger costs $20 is asinine

Golden State - 3 strikes and out

You did not pay "almost" $20 for the burger. The burger comes with any of the five sides offered for $10 + tax. Keep your facts straight.

$10.98 for the burger+ $6-8(no tax) for any of their amazing micro brews is a great deal.

Stuck in LA

uhhh....I'm going to have to disagree.

Din Tai Fung -- wheat free dumplings?

DTF is not the place for you. Everything good on the menu contains gluten. Sorry

Best Upscale Burger

Try the burger at Bradley Ogden next time you're in Vegas. It's mind blowing

Best Koobideh/Lula and Kabobs in LA?

You're not gonna find better Koobideh in LA than Raffi's. That's a fact

well, unless you get invited to one of my uncles BBQs ;-)

Date night Friday -- Animal, Church & State, or Ludobites?


I really enjoed Ludobites actually. However, the pork belly sandwiches at Animal are just too amazing to miss

Underwhelmed at Father’s Office

"Most of the time, any attitude I see is from customers who think they're meant to be waited on hand and foot in a bar."

Spot on...It's a BAR. They don't allow kids for a reason. It's just unfortunate for me, somebody who loves beer that I have to put up with so many clueless people who wander into this place looking for somebody to seat them or bitching about ketchup not being available.

I actually prefer SM to be honest. The burger just seems better in comparison. It's a real shame since I live so much closer to the Helms location

Date night Friday -- Animal, Church & State, or Ludobites?

One Word:


Underwhelmed at Father’s Office

This is the most dragged out topic in CH history...

Father's Office is a Beer bar. They have great micro brews in addition to a very good burger. If you like your burgers rare/med rare and great beers, fathers office is the place for you. If you're the type to ask for a ton of modifications to your well done burger and a glass of ice water, just go somewhere else.

Somewhere along the line, people who have attended FO have totally lost the plot hence the frivolous complaints.

salt honey is my new favorite flavor

Congrats to Golden State/Scoops for kicking some serious ass at the beer float competition. The imitators were put in their rightful place it seems. Justice was served!

salt honey is my new favorite flavor

Salt Honey is currently available at The Golden State!

Mori Average Meal and friends left angry

Spicy Tuna Taco????????

Joe's Pizza on Sunset Strip!

I went to Joe's on Sunset this past Monday...The Pizza is exactly like Joe's SM, which I think is good...But not quite worthy of all the hype. The homemade meatballs at the WH location were bland and a major letdown. I live on the westside, so if Im ever in WH i'll continue to frequent Vito's

8 oz. or Umami or ??

"One thing is certain: The burger, made with aged Harris Ranch beef, blanketed with cheese from the Central Valley’s Fiscalini, often considered the best cheddar in America, garnished with bacon and cooked to a dripping, bloody rare if that’s the way you like it, is among the best in Los Angeles."

Jonathan Gold

8 oz. or Umami or ??

Lamb burgers at Golden State are only served on Thursdays