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Best devils food cake for sheet cake

Something with some density but not dry. Thanks!!!

Jan 19, 2014
swms122456 in Home Cooking

Taverna di Bacco (Ludlow St.)

Was just there on Saturday! We had reservations somewhere else and they ran out of food (!) so we ended up here. Everyone was so nice! I had octupus ragu with pasta and bf had lamb ragu...both fantastic. Lots of great bread and good fruity olive oil....had prosecco but they seemed to have a nice wine list....i live in the neighborhood and had never been there before. We would definitely go back. hope that helps

Oct 17, 2012
swms122456 in Manhattan

Where can i buy Cotija cheese in Manhattan?

yes, Essex Street Market has it all! i had checked there and saw every other cheese besides that was hiding! Thanks everyone!

Aug 01, 2012
swms122456 in Manhattan

Where can i buy Cotija cheese in Manhattan?

thanks chowhounders!

Jul 31, 2012
swms122456 in Manhattan

Kefir leaves

Any idea where to get them? I tried a few stores in Chinatown

Jul 01, 2012
swms122456 in Manhattan

Nice lunch place near LIRR

meeting a long lost friend, she will come from LI....a nice lunch place kinda near LIRR, but we could go up/down/west east, just not too far....not fancy, just a nice place to talk and catch up.

May 01, 2012
swms122456 in Manhattan


Yes Italian not the polish restaurant. Christina's not Christine. Thanks

Jan 28, 2012
swms122456 in Manhattan


Just a little neighborhood place that we loved, nothing spectacular, but the people were so nice and it was around a long time They seem to be all closed up...anyone know what happened?

606 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10016

Jan 27, 2012
swms122456 in Manhattan


thanks so much everyone!

Jan 20, 2012
swms122456 in Home Cooking


I love the mushroom barley soup at different dairy restaurants here in NYC. I want to recreate it at home...all i can find is recipes that seem to have a clear broth. Anyone have a great recipe for a creamy mushroom barley soup...maybe make a roux?

Jan 19, 2012
swms122456 in Home Cooking


meeting up with some old friends...want a bar in the city that is kind of quiet and not too crazy on
a Thursday night because we want to catch up. We would like to stay on the east side, but anywhere up or downtown... Any ideas chowhounders? Thanks!!

Aug 24, 2011
swms122456 in Manhattan

APL on the Lower East Side

has anyone been? Space looks interesting, but not sure about the food?

146 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002

May 27, 2011
swms122456 in Manhattan

Maryanne's Chelsea

seems closed...anyone know what happened?

Mary Ann's
116 8th Ave, New York, NY 10011

May 19, 2011
swms122456 in Manhattan

leftover Matzoh

i made several batches of chocolate matzoh crack but still have lots of matzoh leftover. What should I make?

Apr 20, 2011
swms122456 in Home Cooking


going tonight but with partner who is a big eater...i understand portions are small. Should he
eat before going? :)

Sep 28, 2010
swms122456 in Manhattan

Plumpy’nut peanut food to combat starvation

There was a special on ABC I think about 4 years ago about plumpy nut. i thought it was fascinating...and more interesting that there are hardly any peanut allergies when this is used.....hummmmm? not sure what that means.
Thanks for sharing the article, i had missed it

Sep 20, 2010
swms122456 in Food Media & News

Spekuloos spread

They sell it at the truck...saw it at the one at the Seaport on Fridaay

Sep 20, 2010
swms122456 in Manhattan

BEST wedding caterer? of their specialties is pot pie! They are awesome.

Sep 09, 2010
swms122456 in Manhattan

BEST wedding caterer?

Try Cleaver Company in Chelsea Market. Mary Cleaver has always been at the forefront of using local/regional/organic ingredients. They are top notch, friendly and easy to work with.

Sep 09, 2010
swms122456 in Manhattan


Trying to find a great greek restaurant in Astoria? Look no further than Aegean Cove. Tucked away at the end of Steinway street, everything about it is great. Beautiful room, but we were lucky
enough to sit upstairs among the herbs and candles on a warm night. Started out with sausage (home made) wonderful hummus and red pepper dip, octopus, baked feta! Shrimp simply grilled and swordfish....dessert was wonderful greek yogurt with honey/nuts, baklava and walnut cake. Fantastic greek wines rounded out our meal. We will be back again and again.

Aegean Cove
20-01 Steinway St, Queens, NY 11105

Sep 01, 2010
swms122456 in Outer Boroughs

lal erie perch or walleye?

as a former Ohioan, I am desperate to get some good perch walleye when I visit in a few weeks. Cleveland or west (lorain county, vermilion, etc)
Any ideas?

Jun 21, 2010
swms122456 in Great Lakes

Ever have sand tarts???

my nana made these too! I make them every christmas!

Cream together 2 cups butter abd 2 1/2 cups sugar
Add 4 cups of flour and two eggs.

She would roll these into large logs and cut into cookies. I roll the whole log in
sugar and then sprinkle with sugar after I cut them
Bake at 350 for 12 can also sprinkle with sugar after baking.

Enjoy! they are so decadent because of all the is the holidays!!

Dec 06, 2009
swms122456 in Home Cooking

Best Black and White cookie??

Glaser's Bakery, 83rd and First I believe. Been around forever and make the best black and whites

Aug 05, 2009
swms122456 in Manhattan

Looking for restaurant to spend 30th wedding anniversary

thanks so much!!!!!!!!!

Looking for restaurant to spend 30th wedding anniversary

Want to buy gift certificate for my sister wedding anniversary. Don't know many restaurants in Rhode Island, Providence area. Any ideas? Want something really nice and special.

Need veggie dish to go with pasta and sausage

help!! broccoli....asparagus...want something different!

Jun 12, 2009
swms122456 in Home Cooking


Walked by the place last night in my neighborhood. My boyfriend said it used to be Dash Dogs?
Anyway, great burritos. Boyfriend had steak, fresh tortillas and guac that was really good.
I had the special burrito, tilapia with black beans and mango, I think. Delicious.

Jul 11, 2008
swms122456 in Manhattan

Going to Apizz - Any Recommendations?

One of my favorite places. My favorite is the Ravioli Con Zucca open ravioli, ricotta, mascarpone, caramelized butternut squash, brown butter and sage, Husband likes meatballs and short ribs. Pizzas are fantastic. Nice wine list. Nice people.

Apr 08, 2008
swms122456 in Manhattan

Mozza's Butterscotch Budino recipe online!

41 grams of fat in one serving! No wonder it is so good

Mar 19, 2008
swms122456 in Home Cooking

If you're buying a cookbook as a gift, don't go to Barnes and Nobles

I bought a book there about two weeks ago (not cookbook) and they told me when I paid that the return policy was changing, which I appreciated.

Mar 03, 2008
swms122456 in Food Media & News