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Shoprite on Long Island

I understand the attraction to ShopRite. It carries merchandise a lot of other supermarkets don't, and also has some very good sale prices.

There are two in Plainview -- one on Old Country Rd. just west of Manetto Hill Rd. (i.e. near the Fairway) and one on S. Oyster Bay Rd. There's also one in Uniondale -- a bit off the beaten path, next to the WalMart there. So depending on where in Nassau you're planning to be, that may be more convenient. The two Plainview ShopRites have good delis and a very deep selection of kosher products (packaged, fresh, frozen -- including pre-made meals and fresh kosher meats). I find the one on Old Country Rd. to be less chaotic. The one in Uniondale is big and clean and carries more Hispanic products.

If you follow the advice from others and hit Fairway as well, then you would do both in Plainview, or do the ShopRite in Uniondale and the Fairway in Westbury. Either way, there's a Trader Joe's nearby if you want to do the trio.

Aug 12, 2013
met in New York State (exc. NYC)

Suggestions for Victor, Farmington NY area? (E of Rochester)

Have to go there for a few business trips over the next couple of months, and would like to expand my colleagues' horizons beyond what can be found in the "upscale" chains at the Eastview Mall.

Would appreciate a few suggestions along the following lines:

--Good, authentic homestyle or ethnic food, any cuisine, within 5-6 miles of Victor or Farmington (food important, ambience not) and

--Someplace reasonable, not fancy, but nicer, to take a customer out to eat for lunch or early dinner -- an alternative to defaulting to P.F. Chang's or Cheesecake Factory or something. Yeah, yeah, I know... Something white-tablecloth in the area could be an alternative, too, if you have a good suggestion.

Rochester proper and Henrietta appear to be "too far", and I don't know the local area well enough, so your help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Feb 22, 2009
met in General Tristate Archive

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island

ShopRite, a cooperative of independently-owned supermarkets, has a couple of locations that are most like the "appetizing" counters from back when Waldbaum's was independent of A&P. Specifically, the Greenfield ShopRite stores in Plainview have great homemade rice pudding, good store-roasted turkey breast, a number of prepared items you don't find in a "vanilla" supermarket deli (kasha varnishkas, anyone?), etc. The deli in the Hauppague (sp?) location where 347 meets 111 doesn't have the same Jewish vibe, but is also good.

Dec 15, 2008
met in New York State (exc. NYC)

Little Mexico - Westbury, LI

280 Post Ave, south of the theater.

We, too, went by it a few days ago, gave it a try today.

Definitely a come-baker. I had a thin-ish black bean soup fragrant with cilantro. Wife loved the tortilla soup, which had a float of fresh avocado slices on tip (nice!).

Chicken tacos were well-stuffed with flavorful white meat chicken, for 2 bucks apiece. Tamales verdes, also 2 bucks each, lacked a little spice (not that tamales are ever that spicy anyway), but there were a couple of good, hot salsas brought with them.

Had a champurrado to drink -- don't see that around here often.

Note that the salsa with the chips, good tomato flavor, is on the medium/mild side. They have hotter if you ask.

Daily specials are on a greaseboard behind the counter. All in Spanish, but easy enough to translate.

Now that we've tried some of the standards, we'll explore more of the menu next time.

Feb 10, 2008
met in General Tristate Archive

Bad Bob's finally open!

Also stumbled on Bad Bob's, on Monday. Had the BBQ Brisket sandwich and wife had the Yardbird (sense a pattern here?).

Definitely a go-backer. Brisket was really nicely flavored, as was the Chicken, and neither was dry. Fries were dusted with the rub, and good. Vinegar slaw was super. They were out of the fried pickles, so that's a must for next time.

Staff was really friendly, and seemed open to suggestions for improvements (we requested that they offer real utensils instead of plastic).

A good meal the first time out, and the place seems to have real potential to get even better as they work things out.

There's another location in Pt. Washington, different franchisee. Haven't tried it yet.

Sep 06, 2007
met in General Tristate Archive

New 'cue near Gettysburg

Don't know...never tried Chubby's (not from the area). But we're back in Gettysburg next month for the History Meets the Arts festival, so we'll give it a shot and compare.

Mar 16, 2007
met in Pennsylvania

New 'cue near Gettysburg

Just came back from a good Texas-style barbecue meal north of Gettysburg.


Hoffman's Bar-B-Que Shop, 2194 Biglerville Rd. (Rt. 34), about 4 miles north of the center of town.

Open only 3 days a week (Thurs. - Sat.), 11-7

Wife and I both had the brisket sandwich plates. The meat had great flavor from the smoker, and was trimmed very lean -- not overly fatty as some BBQ brisket can be. The tomato-based sauce (optional) was sweet and slightly spicy. I also had the chili -- no beans, lots of heat, with nice flavor. The 3 sides we tried (beans, apple crisp, smoked potato) were all good. First time I'd had a smoked potato -- essentially a baked potato cooked in the smoker -- and it was quite nice.

Family place. Owner Paul works the register, wife Debbie does a lot of the cooking, and their daughter does the baking.

No tables (they said they're thinking of adding some, and there's a picnic table outside -- but hey -- it's winter!). So, eat in your car, or there's a bench inside if you can balance the go-tray on your lap (which we did).

If you want ribs, you have to go on Saturday. It's Thursday, so we couldn't try them. The every day meats are: Pulled Pork, Sausage, and the aforementioned Brisket. Thursday it's also Meat Loaf, Friday it's Chicken.

If you're coming from Gettysburg, take Business 15 North from the center of town, and stay straight on 34 North when Business 15 turns off to the right near Gettysburg College. If you're watching the numbers on the mailboxes to find the place, be aware that though the mailboxes are on the right, the place is on the left, set back from the road, and easy to blow by if you're going too fast.

Mar 08, 2007
met in Pennsylvania