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Must Eat In Astoria/Queens?

dont be sad about emack and bolio's. just call coldstone on broadway----they will DELIVER---free. enjoy.

Mar 26, 2007
astoria90 in Outer Boroughs

Fish Store - LIC / Astoria / Sunnyside

MARINOS is the ONLY way to go.

Dec 22, 2006
astoria90 in Outer Boroughs

Place for Lobster

in either Brooklyn or Manhattan? thanks!!!

Nov 14, 2006
astoria90 in Manhattan

Elias Corner in Astoria

dont waste your time on elias. hasnt been good for many years. kyclades is the place to go. really fresh, friendly service excellent food. i go there all the time and always recommend to friends. have 2 sets of friends that live in new jersey who make the trip just to go to kyclades. give it a try-you wont be disappointed.

Oct 06, 2006
astoria90 in Outer Boroughs

Les Sans Souci,Astoria(aka the food museum) in 2 words- DONT GO!!!!!

went last nite had a 7:00 reservation for a party of 3. all were anxious to try for the first time. were seated promptly, off to a good start there. perhaps 3 other tables were already seated. menus arrived promptly offering the 19.86 specials in addition to the regular menu. so far so good. server takes our drink order, drinks arrive promptly. 15-20 minutes go by, waiter arrives to take our orders, begins this process and then excuses himself to fetch water to fill our water glasses. after filling the glasses takes our orders. this is where things take a downward spiral.
fast forward 1 1/2 hours......... we are still waiting for ANYTHING to arrive!! not a bread basket, not another round of drinks, not another glass of water, NO CONTACT FROM OUR SERVER who is whizzing by serving tables around us (who arrived after us) and these folks are now up to dessert!! so now we get up and speak to "the person in charge" who tells us they are very backed up and our food will be out in 5 minutes. ok, we wait. 20 minutes go by and the folks at the table next to us are served their mains but alas---they cannot actually eat the food since they have no silver!!. i remedy this by giving them ours since we wont be using them because we still havent been served!!
at this time the decision is made to request our check and leave. so we chase down the server hand him some cash and head for the door. much to my surprise a female voice shouts after us as we are walking to the car to ask if there was a problem with the CHECK---no we tell her, the problem had to do with the fact we had been there for 2 hours and had not been served a morsel of food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but she did offer a solution---an insincere 1 word reply "sorry".
so if you arent hungry and have 2 hours to waste, i highly recommend Les Sans Souci-The Food Museum since you can look at the food but cant actually eat it!

Sep 29, 2006
astoria90 in Outer Boroughs

disappointing meal at Stamatis! where's the real Greek food in Astoria?

kyclades, kyclades, kyclades,

Sep 08, 2006
astoria90 in Outer Boroughs

fish market near Ditmars/31st st. in Astoria?

quality is poor. dont waste your time. MARINOS is the only place to go.

Sep 08, 2006
astoria90 in Outer Boroughs