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Road trip (NYC to Savannah,Ga)

I am planning a road trip from NYC to Savannah, with a possible stop in Asheville, NC along the way.

I am looking specifically for places to stop to eat, as I am a chef in NYC and love to sample the food of the south.

I am already done the Charleston trip so this time down I am looking to stay a little more inland.

Any suggestions would be helpful.



May 14, 2012
kwulguy in Southeast

Road trip from NYC to Charleston

Hey Everyone.

I am taking a road trip this Labor day weekend from NYC to Charleston, and I am looking for eating recommendations for the trip. The general theme of the trip will be BBQ so any suggestion in that realm will be appreciated. I would also love any other "can't miss" eating places.

I am a chef in NYC so I am willing try almost anything, and really appreciate when food is done really well. I will be driving and I am open to leaving I-95 if it is worth it. The loose plan is to spend one night in NC maybe in the Raleigh area but that is open to discussion, and then spend the final 2 nights in the Charleston area.

Thanks for any suggestions in advance.


Aug 17, 2011
kwulguy in Southeast