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Mandrake in Beverly Ma.- any recent experiences?

I have to say that my husband and I went on a "Beverly Night" last week. Started at the bar at Soma. It took quite a while for someone to acknowledge us. We each ordered a Martini, which was delicious and large but felt the menu was very limited. So we moved on to Mandrake. The bartender was extremely friendly and helpful. We had some wine and each ordered an app. I got a fabulous beef salad with fresh motzerella and beefsteak tomatoes. It had an aged balsamic dressing that was out of this world. My husband had "mild" buffalo tenders. They were so hot, he couldn't even eat them. I would have liked to try other things, but we were on a quest that night. I especially liked the atmosphere. We then moved on to tryst. Again, more apps. Onion and goat cheese tart was delicious as was the eggplant something my husband got.

Beverly has a lot of wonderful places to eat as does the entire NorthShore. If we head toward essex, we go to Riverside, and toward Salem, it's always the Grapevine.

Sep 08, 2006
baked in All New England Archive

Riverside, Essex

I am new here and must say that my family has been frequenting Riverside for a couple years now and do see many of the same faces who also frequent. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to experience Conomo Cafe, so I can not compare. I do have to say that I have not had a bad experience at the Riverside in fact, quite the opposite. Pizza?? I think the pizza is teriffic!! Love the crust and the creative toppings. I too make pizza at home every saturday night and do know that when you put many things on top of a pizza, the crust does tend to droop in the middle. We've also had many other dishes here and have been nothing but satisfied. Food, service and mango martinis meet up to our standard each time. How can you beat that view? So bottom line is we all have different experiences and different tastes. That's what this is about. I don't see the "vested interest". - or the goat cheese.

Sep 07, 2006
baked in Greater Boston Area