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Healthy yummy food in/near Venice?

axe on abbot kinney:


if you're willing to travel to culver city, try m cafe


Nov 20, 2008
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Where do you go to buy roasted coffee beans?

as of today, abbot kinney opening is scheduled for mid-january

Oct 16, 2008
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Aussie/New Zealand style espresso?

when i said "west coast roaster," i was referring to a human being, not a machine. the west coast roaster is, in fact, from australia.

Oct 08, 2008
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Aussie/New Zealand style espresso?

intelligentsia's west coast roaster is an aussi. i'm sure several of their baristas will be more than happy to talk to you about espresso down under

Oct 07, 2008
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Oden in L.A. County?

i haven't been there in ages, but yabu on pico in west L.A. always had it during the winter.


(interestingly, if you go to the site, click on the west L.A. location, and then click on dinner menu, you'll see a pix of oden ingredients)

Jul 24, 2008
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Where to buy Medjool Dates?

i'm a big fan of the dates from flying disc ranch (in thermal). they're at the wed. santa monica farmers market (on the north side or arizona, a little west of 2nd). as we're past prime time date season, i believe they're there only every other week. but they're there every week during the last few months of the year when dates are really fabulous. and if you're in the neighborhood, you can also catch them at the ferry building farmers market in S.F. on saturdays.


Mar 17, 2008
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

uncured olives

i saw some at this last wednesday's santa monica farmers' market

Oct 20, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Hummus Bar Tarzana? Anyone been?

top notch. i haven't had better in L.A.

Oct 16, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Coffeehouse AND Liquor

i don't know if i'd call it a coffee house, but euro caffe on little santa monica in beverly hills started serving beer and wine (mainly italian) a few months ago.

9559 S. Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 274-9070

Oct 06, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Montreal to California - What would you bring?


the whole foods store in santa monica now carries liberte mediterranean yogurt. (they started a few months ago.) i'm hoping they start carrying the organic low fat yogurts. those are good!

Yom Kippur Ruined by Solly's Deli...

sounds like solly's has some repenting to do . . . .

Sep 24, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

mozza-like pizza elsewhere?

some may laugh, but i would describe pitfire pizza as a poor man's (or woman's) mozza. it's not mozza, but it's quite good and very reasonably priced. they recently opened on westood blvd.


Sep 11, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Israeli malt beer?

i assume you're refrring to what is sometimes also called "black beer." you can find it at virtually all the israeli markets in town (depending where you live, there are many such markets in the valley, pico-robertson & the fairfax neighborhoods). many israeli restaurants also carry it

Sep 11, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Intelligentsia Coffee...boring, sanitized & oh so precious

i concur with the sentiments expressed by chipman and panini guy. i'll also add that i'm a big fan of intelli's espresso, but there's no point arguing about matters of taste. if you're looking for something like caffe italia in montreal, check out the euro caffe on little santa monica in beverly hills (1 block west of beverly dr., on the north side of the street).

Sep 10, 2007
arkestra in Chains

Where to find loquats in LA?

ah, loquats! great fruit. unfortunately, not easy to find here and even more difficult to find good ones.

when in season, i occasionally see them at the wednesday santa monica farmers market. i've seen them on occasion at one or more whole foods (where they're usually overpriced and not very good). i believe you can find them at numerous armenian markets in the glendale area. i'm betting you'll find the best tasting ones at places like that. i believe i've also seen them at some israeli & persian markets

Aug 24, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Good Mid Eastern near Los Feliz?

re marouche, that should be corner of edgemont.
and yes, they have very good hummus. i also highly recommend the fattouch.
here's the website

Aug 16, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area


just adding to the list -- celestino drago's bakery:


Aug 16, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

LA weekly's best (motorcycle shop) espresso?


here are a few pix from a recent visit

coffee is first rate. no joke

Aug 04, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

palmeri brentwood

haven't been there in a while, but i've always felt this place doesn't get the attention it deserves. we've had several very enjoyable meals there. i'd give special plugs to their soups and pizzas (very thin crust).

Aug 03, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Best Coffee in LA

i believe intelligentsia beans are back at WF. i saw them there about a month or so ago, after a long absence.

Jul 21, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Is Intelligentsia Open Yet?

not yet. a couple weeks ago, a reliable source told me "julyish."

Jul 16, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Concord Grapes

one of vendors at the wed. farmers' market in santa monica always carries them when in season. (he's on the north side of arizona, about midway between 2nd and 3rd.) he comes down from the fresno area and his concords are quite good. if memory serves me correctly, i believe he may even have seedless concords, but i may be confusing his grapes with concords i had in vancouver (which definitely were seedles and were out of this world).

Jul 16, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Sushi in Little Tokyo?

i would add R23. order one of the lunch specials (about $15):
a little hard to find if you don't know where you're going, but it's a beautiful space and the sushi is quite good.

Jun 14, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Is it possible to find a Montreal style bagel in Los Angeles

about 10 years ago, someone opened a montreal-style bagel place in west l.a. (corner of beverly glen and santa monica). it had a wood-fire oven (it may even have been called woodfire, but i don't recall). it wasn't st. viateur (or even fairmount), but it wasn't bad (certainly better than the wonder bagels you get at most places). unfortunately, it didn't last very long.

in the meantime, i'll have to try the bagels at pasquale's mentioned above. (however, a family friend is set to arrive from montreal tomorrow. he usually brings st viateur bagels, along with liberty cottage cheese (another montreal must), so maybe i can put off the pasquale's visit for a while.)

Jun 14, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Lunch in West LA

it's about a 5 min. drive from where you'll be. good food, casual, light, and quite a few vegetarian options:


May 17, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

New USC student in search of SUSHI

not if you go for lunch (weekdays only) and order one of the lunch specials (such as assorted sushi).


Apr 18, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Funnel Mill on Broadway in SM???

i'll have to try this place. re the origins of the vacuum pot, see



Apr 17, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Another coffee suggestion: Gourmet Coffee Warehouse

my bad. when i said "has always been," i meant only that it was never groundworks.

Apr 13, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Another coffee suggestion: Gourmet Coffee Warehouse

"groundworks" is now (and has always been) "groundwork" :--)

they have 2 locations downtown (one on main near 2nd, and the other on traction). only the main st. location has the clover

Apr 13, 2007
arkestra in Los Angeles Area

Best Coffee in Montreal?

Although I don’t have his palette or verbal skills, I’ll take up Carswell’s offer to share my impressions of some of the coffee establishments I experienced during a recent one-week visit to the city. Two things stood out. First, there are many places where one can get a very good espresso. (Coming from Southern California, I definitely appreciate that.) For example, you can walk into any of a number of places around the Jean Talon market and get a really nice espresso. Second, IMHO, Caffé Art Java stands out, head and shoulders, above the rest.

Caffé Art Java opened a couple months after my last visit to the city, so I was really looking forward to going there. I headed to the original café on Mount Royal, where I had breakfast and a couple of espressos. What a treat! Lots of crema without any bitterness. It was like drinking fine dark chocolate. From Art Java, I drove straight to Caffé Italia which, until now, had been my favorite place. Was the coffee bad? No, not at all. It’s just that when compared to Art Java, it’s not in the same league as far as I’m concerned. And coming straight from Art Java, it really stood out. (I went to Caffé Italia a couple more times during my visit. The shots were better, but still nowhere near as good as Art Java’s.) Later in the day, I found myself at Café Olympico, which I also enjoyed during prior visits to the city (though not as much as Caffé Italia). This time, I was disappointed. The coffee seemed a little bitter and was pulled a little too long. Of course, it was only one shot. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to go back a second time.

I really enjoyed the first two places I tried with Carswell – Café Union and Bar Sportivo. I felt the shots were pulled a little better at the latter, though the raw material (i.e., coffee) at the former was better. And then there was Art Java’s new branch on Pres. Kennedy. Another real treat. Although it’s very hard to say, if pushed I’d probably have to say that I preferred the shots at the new branch over those at the original Mount Royal location. (It’s also worth mentioning that because all orders are placed at the bar, it’s much easier to go in and order only coffee at the new location.)

All in all, some great coffee in a great city. Here (I hope) are two photos I took. The first is from Caffé Art Java. Not a great picture, but check out the crema (some of which had dissipated by the time I got out the camera). The second is from Bar Sportivo.