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Is there good pizza in Seattle?

I had good pizza, for those who like it italian style, at Il Fornaio.

I went there twice with my girlfriend and I tried the pizza Vegetariana, the Contadina and the Fradiavola, all of them really good and real (I am Italian). Service is a bit slow, but good, and the restaurant is very nice once you get inside, although it is in a shopping mall, which I don't like. If you stick with the pizza without anything else, your bill will be under 25 bucks for two persons, that I find good for that quality.

Sep 06, 2006
etapbeta in Pacific Northwest

Great Lao food in Seattle

My girlfriend and I have been to an excellent Lao restaurant in Seattle. My girlfriend is Lao and she found the food great and real Lao. We had green papaya salad as appetizer. You can have it Lao or Thai style, that means with "pa daek", that is a very pungent fermented fish sauce (Lao) or with normal fish sauce (Thai sauce), that is less pungent and how normally foreigners (including myself) are able to eat it enjoying it. Then we had green curry and tom kha, that is a soup with galanga, both with tofu, and larb salad with chicken. Tofu was the fried one, that is more tasty than plain one. Larb is a very popular Lao salad made with minced meat or fish, lemongrass, mint, toasted broken rice and chili, that you eat with sticky rice. Sticky rice was excellent too, and served in rice baskets like in Laos.

The atmosphere is nice and Lao-like, and service is good. The prices are very convenient, we were three, we were not able to finish all the food, and the bill was about 40 bucks. The only downside is that these guys close at 8 PM, I believe because they work mainly with take-away.

The restaurant's name is Viengthong Lao-Thai restaurant and it is in Martin Luther King Way, somewhere near McClallan road or something like that. If you go there, let me know if you enjoyed it.

Sep 06, 2006
etapbeta in Greater Seattle